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  1. Hello is it possible to remember the same "Sliding window" settings for all charts (and for each symbol) when launching MT all the days ? NQZ19 set to 140 ESZ19 set to 50 YMZ19 set to 400 etc, etc.... for example At this time, when i close MT, All sliding window settings are lost and when i start a new session MT, all charts are set to "dynamic". Camillo
  2. there is a problem with the forex trading chart it is not possible to adjust the order to tick by tick it's possible only 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, and not 1.1485, 1.1486 etc, etc.... I forgot something to configure ??? See my chart
  3. Camillo

    Remove Grid area

    perfect ! thank you very much
  4. Camillo

    Remove Grid area

    Hi Jerry is it possible to remove (or reduce) this grid area where there is no candle?
  5. in charts axis parameters add an option "Sliding Windows Size" in %. It should also be remembered at each MT launch. it allows to have graphics with always the same amplitude
  6. Thank you very much it works great. Camillo
  7. Another question I have 2 computers including 1 laptop. Is it possible to run a second MT session on my laptop and retrieve market data from the TWS that is running on my other computer? The 2 computers are on the same network. Sorry for my bad english.....
  8. Hi Jerry What is the code in MT for CFD ? For exemple (broker IB) : CFD Nasdaq = IBUST100 CFD Dow : IBUS30 Thank
  9. Debugging paintbars is something we're looking at. Thank you for that Another question : If I write this code : HMA3 would be represented by a line on the graph such as HMA (22) and HMA (50)
  10. Is it possible to write something in the graph with the advanced mode ? For example the value of some variables of the paintbar for debugging. See my attached image :
  11. HI Jerry longtime QT user, would like to try out the beta of MT, broker is IB. Thank Brico
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