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  1. Hi Jerry, Is it possible to have an option to not show the empty spaces between trades on charts during extended hours trading? thank you.
  2. bigdec

    web browser

    Hi Jerry I'm not too tech savy, Would it be possible to have a feature that would send symbols to a web page like finviz. Tc2000 has a feature www.tc2000/cloud thats can send symbols to CNN money ,msn money, yahoo finance etc...
  3. bigdec

    web browser

    Hi , Would it be possible to integrate a web browser in MT so that we could send symbols to finviz or any other news site? thank you
  4. bigdec

    About data sources

    Hi Jerry, I'm waiting for quotemedia,Do you have a ballpark timeframe?,
  5. Hi, How do I get the buy and sell icons on the toolbar? thanks.
  6. Hi Mike, the indicator posts the value of the lets say the 50 daily sma and the 200 sma like you put pivot points on an intraday chart,the value of those sma's is the value from the day before...doesn't have to be exact to the current day.
  7. Hi Jerry, the most watched daily sma's are the 50 and the 200...that is why i'm asking for that feature....the 50 and the 200 daily sma could be an horizontal line on the intraday chart it is a very valuable indicator in TOS.>>> Dailysma in TOS
  8. hi Jerry, the point is not the alert ..It is the ability to put a daily simple moving average on a intraday chart
  9. Hi Jerry, Would be nice to be able to put a dsma on a intraday chart as a line with an alert
  10. Hi Jerry, my bad, everything is updating normally both US and Canadian.
  11. Using Stockwatch as datafeed I seem to be getting only news on Canadian tickers in my "all news window". I have to "restart news sources" to update news on US tickers. thanks.
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