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  1. wow thank you you guys are great, so far i am really happy with you guys and the medved trader. Thanks! Salvatore
  2. I cant add my paintbar i am using.
  3. hi, Jerry I am still having problems with the COG is giving me different signals on diferent days than the QT totally different. (7,2) Thanks Salvatore
  4. Thank you Jerry. I see works fine now. you are DMAN. the signal only need to be able to have like 1.5 it goes to 1 you can fix it whenever you have time not a big deal for now but thank you very much for all your support. Thanks, Salvatore
  5. Hello, I see that the COG now has the signal but it gives a flat 0 for signal and some ^212,^34 numbers even if edited 20,3, can you please check it thank you very much. Also you guys are great. Thanks! Salvatore
  6. Salvatore


    hello, i need help with this from QT to Medved. i am doing everything manually since there is no import for the paintbars, I have this on the QT paintbar and i need converted to Medved. Two rules: if (ABS((Bar Open - Bar Close) / (Bar High - Bar Low)) <= 0.35) and (Bar Low < EMA(30)) set color to White if (ABS((Bar Open - Bar Close) / (Bar High - Bar Low)) <= 0.2) and (Bar Low < EMA(30)) set color to White I have this for Medved: Ema_Line parameter 30 Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks Sal
  7. the center of gravity is missing the setings for the signal. i am moving from quote tracker this is the example. if ((Bar High > Bar High[4]) and (Bar High > Bar High[5]) and (Bar High > Bar High[6]) and (Bar High > Bar High[7])) and (Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Main <= Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Signal[1]) and (Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Main[1] > Center of Gravity(7,1.5).Signal[2]) set color to $00E3E3 the problem i have is how do i put the signal or there is something else i can use. Thanks Salvatore
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