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  1. When you extend the parallel of the base line the tool gets "stuck" and will only extend a fixed distance away from the initial line. Notice the white dot. The parallel line should pass through that point.
  2. Hello, I have been trading using Medved Trader to trade but have been unable to execute a "buy put" order on a stock named ARWR. I get a "Hyperlink - URL missing" error every time. Yet I can place call orders for the same stock without any issue.
  3. Woops forgot the link to the thread, but I included the symbols with it and a description of the error.
  4. The "Events" tool has a bug where, if you select "Clear All Data" for a historical chart and then backfill using any source, the Events "Earnings" and "Dividends" (and maybe "Splits", not sure) will be lost permanently.
  5. May seem like a small thing but, having the bid/ask in relative positions around the center column would make it more intuitive to read, similar to how the mirror button in the Level II window makes it easier to read the bid/ask for equities. Thanks for reading. The attached file is just a screenshot of how I have the options chain currently set-up. To give an idea of how it might benefit.
  6. Thank you Jerry P.S. Just to clarify, the big circle dots shouldnt show between the waves either, after you use the tool it will only show the 5 numbers of the wave, and if you choose the lines. The dots are showing in that image because i have the drawing selected.
  7. Hello, I would like to suggest 3 sort of related things: 1) Allow user to remove the criss-cross pattern shown on extended areas of a chart when you expand area to the right of a chart. Image shown below for context. 2) Allow user to expand the chart further than 29:30 for intraday, and 100 (?) bars for daily. This one is weird because sometimes the charts lock down how far you can expand to the right (giving the user only maybe an inch or two extra), and sometimes they let you expand a lot more than that. Not sure under what circumstances the charts allow large extensions of the chart, but I've noticed intraday charts rarely allow those larger extensions when compared to the daily charts. 3) Allow the user an option as to whether they want to see the current price label on the right. The price label is usually bolded in yellow and can just barely be seen in the image.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to add an elliot wave sequence drawing tool to the chart, where upon selecting the tool you would be able to make multiple clicks of the mouse, each one corresponding to a wave in an elliot wave sequence. For example, the drawing tool "ABC" would require 3 clicks, and each click would draw the A, B, and C of the tool. The lines connecting the waves can be chosen by the user to be hidden or shown. Below is an image of what the buttons might look like and do on the chart (i have chosen to show the waves in between, although i don't like showing the lines usually).
  9. Hello, I have been trying to draw a channel that is straight vertical with exactly 1 additional parallel line (3 lines total) using the channel tool, but a few issues arise when doing so. 1) You cannot use Shift + Drag to make the line be at a perfect right angle like you can with the trendline tool. This results in losing control of your drawing, and the channel remains at the same angle as when you had first clicked on the Shift key and 2) When you do get the channel tool to be vertical in nature by a very slow process of trial and error, more than 50% of the time the drawing becomes invisible. Zooming in and out causes the drawing to fade in and out of existence.
  10. Hello, Firstly, I was wondering if we could make the Quick Access Toolbar a little bit more easy to use by allowing us to drag and drop items inside it to different positions. For example, if I were to add "Color sets" into the Quick Access Toolbar, it gets added to the very far right of the Toolbar. However, if I wanted it to be more to the left hand side of the toolbar so that it is easier to see/use, I would have to delete every other piece on the toolbar that precedes it and then re-add them to accomplish this. Secondly, I wanted to ask if we could add additional % levels for the fibonacci expansion tool (and fib retracement tool). As of now, it goes only up until 200%. Levels that I might suggest would be: 2.618 3.000 3.382 3.618 4.236 Thank you,
  11. How do i delete all the settings? And i would like the old settings from August 29 if you have those too.
  12. Hey Jerry, I've been getting this issue to come up again. I've tried restoring from the oldest backup, as well as deleting the quote data, but it is not working to get rid of the issue. Everytime i update MT some of my indicators / drawing tools get this 100x problem. Some of them I can go in and fix by right clicking and editing the parameter values, but others it just pops up an error (i.e. Fibonacci retracement won't let me change the messed up values). If I were to reinstall medved, is there anyway I can save my layout/chart annotation data and back it up to the new installation? How could i do that?
  13. Ok the rollback worked, did the import/restore from yesterday, worked like a charm! Thank you!
  14. Hi Jerry, I just updated my Medved trader to the newest version 1.1.8350, but now when I open it, none of the settings are being imported into it (it's as if medved trader was hard reset - no portfolios, no charts, no color sets are appearing when i open it. Just the Medved trader dashboard. EDIT: I did do the thing you requested in the email, about clearing the quote data. EDIT2: Actually the color sets do appear there. That's weird. But none of the charts/portfolios
  15. Jerry, I updated my Medved to the newest version (8275) and am having problems when it comes to adding indicators to the chart, noticeably the MACD, MA, and OBV (those were some of the only ones I tested, it seems all of them have the same problem for some reason). The Moving averages or indicator line thickness values are all 100x the normal amount (i.e. before i updated, i had a SMA(20) and SMA(50) drawn on my chart. After update, it became SMA(20) and SMA(5000) for some reason. I was able to fix that). Here's what the intraday chart looked like after update, for example, just to get a glimpse (it's normally an EMA(200)). It's 100x too large: Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the reason this was problematic was because with the MACD, OBV indicators it wouldn't let me change the values to something smaller, it just kept popping up the same error that the technical indicator doesnt have the correct value and i should contact medved trader support to fix the issue or something. I don't know what exactly I did honestly, but the issue sorted itself out automatically. Like, i had stored layouts and when I initially clicked on them they were all messed up with the 100x value bug, but now they're all fine for some reason (working as originally intended without me changing the values back down by a factor of 100). I just wanted to bring this up in case this issue may pop back up sometime in the future.
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