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  1. I'm trying to find what you did to smooth out the slow stochastics. I looked at your description and it says,"Slow Stochastic - the smoothed version of the Fast Stochastic." What numbers did you change. What is the equation? Thanks.
  2. I tried trading the futures last night but couldn't execute a trade. My broker is Ally MBT. I tried trading E7U18. The hours are open, but no trade would go through. Is this a problem with Ally or do I have a setting wrong in MedVed?
  3. How do I turn on previous high and close in the indicators? I can't find it.
  4. lehula

    default quantity

    I'm not seeing where to change it from 7 to 1.
  5. How do i change the default quantity of shares/contracts to buy or sell? Mine is defaults to 7 contracts everytime I load up my main account.
  6. I contacted MBT. They fixed it. Thanks.
  7. IT fixed the trial alert, but now I can't get backfill or updated pricing. All my setting are set to MBT. Any ideas?
  8. Hey, I just refunded my account. But it says I'm still on trial mode. Is there anything I need to do to get premium?
  9. Now when I try to place a limit order it won't stay. I looked at sources and it say's "idle". What does that mean?
  10. How do I get ride of these vertical green lines that show up everyday at midnight and 4pm?
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