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  1. ok, thanks. I like to assign a value to a horizontal line so hopefully that will come in the future. Thanks sir
  2. Hmmm, ok. I did save a template, but when I add the horizontal line it is definitely on more than that chart. I have checked it several times. I sent the file you requested.
  3. Done, thank you. I think we must be talking about 2 different things. Once I add my moving averages to a chart, I should not have to add them to each chart right? They should show up on all my daily charts. I appreciate your help sir
  4. If I put an indicator on say AEO, it is also on BXG & IOVA for example. My moving averages are on all daily charts ? What am I missing?
  5. Jerry, I see that but that puts it on all the charts, I need it for individual charts to show a certain area. Am I missing something? Thank
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. I much appreciate it. Look forward to exploring your software
  7. I am new to your software via Scottrade to TD Ameritrade. I really like what I see so far. I have a couple of questions for you. When I draw a horizontal line I do not see anywhere in the parameters to enter a specific value. It is tough to do with a mouse looking at the value on the right side. Also how do I go about getting scans for say MA crossovers, prices closing above MA & prices making new highs, such as a 20 day or 50 day high or low? Thanks
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