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  1. They offer the "Consolidated Quotes" as an option to obtain the data for Alternate trading exchanges in addition to the TSX, TSX-V, CSE. Everything is priced A la carte. The alternate exchanges trade a large amount of daily volume, often more than the Base exchange. Will probably try it and see what happens?
  2. Can MT utilize the Canadian Consolidated Quotes from Quotestream? (includes all the Alternate Trading Exchanges)
  3. Upgraded but still same problem. Log settings sent.
  4. Jerry tried the update but still same problem. From We July 03 thru Thurs July 04 is blank space. (ES chart Timeframe: CME Globex and "Always show extended hours") Friday's session starts at 22:00 MST on Thursday July 04 and chart data working fine for Friday. Just the gap on chart screws up continuity.
  5. The intraday ES- NQ charts have blank space for July 05. on the default timeframe for Globex The Holdiay schedule between Good Friday and Christmas day 2019 are not checked on. Extended hours is set to "Always" ....?? (Using Yahoo data) Upgraded the Beta this morning
  6. Did all the Win 10 updates but didn't fix the problem.
  7. When I minimize a chart it seems to be positioned on the Windows desktop, which is partially visible. I am unable to restore the window to original size or right click and move. Nothing happens when I click on the minimized window??
  8. Thanks Jerry...is there a downloadable user guide?
  9. Is there a way to set a blank margin on right hand side of chart offsetting chart bars to the left of price scale?
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