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  1. No problem. I guess I COULD setup an email ALERT ... and write my own "external" receiver program to TRIGGER from an inbound email. That would be good enough for now. Sincere thanks! //W
  2. Well .... no.. this is not a FLUKE. Suddenly ... at 4PM ET ... there were thousands of BUY and SELL events ... must have been automatic trades triggered from something ... Today, Tuesday ... we clearly see google price is DOWN. Interesting... You may DELETE this post from BUG forum. Thanks!
  3. Excellent! Very cool functionality. I read through the PaintBar and Scan documentation ... and have a follow-up question... Can the C# programs somehow call some other "external" Windows Function that is outside of Medved ? I believe I read somewhere that Medved can NOT have an ALERT actually exercise a BUY or SELL of stocks or options. Thoughts? Sincere thanks for an outstanding product! //W
  4. Is it possible for my Windows PC to somehow "see or read" the Medved Live Chart Data Feed ? I use Tradier as my broker ... I was planning on writing my own live feed analysis tool that looks at prices and indicators... But, I see Medved already has (visually on charts) the indicator data I'm looking for such as RSI. Can I get to the raw data "under the Medved Hood" ?? Sincere thanks! WB3
  5. Greetings. I'm new to Medved ... and use the Tradier brokerage for data. Everything was charting fine until about 4PM ET ... The GOOG chart I was watching suddenly went into some wild buy/sell loop and flashed +15 and -45 ... The chart lines went wild and were 2" long with a solid color of green and mixed red. (SEE attached image) Is this typical for charting after hours ? OR was this just some fluke related to GOOG which was really UP today ? Thanks! //W
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