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  1. Then it looks like this: Bid Ask Lines I would like it as a label with the mid price on the vertical scale. Probably me that changed something to make it look like this.
  2. Hi I'm probably just missing some setting but I've been through them multiple times now and I can't find the setting for bid/ask line. All I have is a mid price label on the vertical scale. Is this be a problem with my data feed? I don't think it is since when I loaded to default they are back and as soon as I switch to my preset it's gone. I could just do my chart settings all over again but would be nice to know where the setting is. Thanks
  3. Can't trade options with MT through IB API. "No security definition can be found for the request" Anyone else has this problem? Thanks
  4. XOXO


    Hi! Please integrate CFDs to Medved. Pretty please. I bet a lot of more European traders would use your platform if you did. It's such a amazing platform with so much functionality that it's a bit sad that CFDs aren't there. I would love to be your long term customer but the only thing holding me back is the CFDs. Other similar platforms to yours are severely lacking in function or are way to pricey . You could be the only cheap complete product to use with IB if CFDs gets included. Quantower have it, but you have to pay 1400USD for it. MotiveWave have it, but you have to pay 1400USD for th
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