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  1. Mr. Medved, what is scan code for placing the symbol column data in the alert log description? It can be done in the precoded alerts in MT alert editor by right clicking on Note. I wish to do the same for my new scans. Can you provide a sample code. Also, where can I view the code for the precoded alerts in the alert editor? Thanks, Roger
  2. Mr. Medved, hello. Is there a way to send a symbol to my watchlist from the portfolio without copy/paste. Or when I drag symbol over to watchlist, it removes it from portfolio. I noticed that other programs have a one click send to watchlist function. Thanks, Roger
  3. Mr. Medved, where can I get an app that would connect to MT and Interactive Brokers API so: I can do scans within MT, and when the scan condition is met, detect that notification via an app connected via the API and then send whatever order I want, via the API. (From your previous comment last year) I have tried to code one, but having trouble. MT is a great product and would be even greater with the auto trade bot. Thanks, Roger
  4. Hello Mr. Medved, How can I sort the note column in my portfolio numerically? I have manually entered stock float values for all the stock in my portfolio and wish to sort lowest number to highest number. Or maybe even create another column "Float Value". Users can then enter float value manually and sort. Thanks, Roger
  5. Mr. Medved, would it be possible to make all or most of the column choices that are available in the portfolio column chooser also to be available in the alert log window column chooser? Price, volume, change, %change, change from open, %change from open, shares outstanding, volume, pace, and others. This would allow users to instantly see the impact of the news and possible trade opportunities. The more I use MT the more I am impressed with what you have created. Thanks, Roger
  6. Does Quotestream Connect provide news? Is Level 2 available yet? Thanks, Roger
  7. I just noticed the default settings on the scan setup. Thanks, Roger
  8. Jerry, worked great. How do I change the default period and average period of the scan results to match my chart pace settings? Also how can I eliminate the digits past the digits? Results example: 4791.08449 Thanks, Roger
  9. Hello. How can I set my default DOM to have only 2 digits past the decimal in the price ladder column? Now it always shows 4 digits past the deedcimal, causing the ladder to have to move up/down a very long distance between buy and sell. I have to set it to 2 digits every time I open a symbol that I have not opened ever before. Example: 20.15 this is better. not 20.1547 takes too long to scroll to buy or sell Thanks, Roger
  10. Hello, Would it be possible to put a Pace column in Portfolios? Thanks, Roger
  11. Mr. Medved, -- Scanz is a very fast scanner with loads of data available. Can you make a trading inter-connection with them? www.scanz.com Thanks.
  12. Mr. Medved, yesterday after I downloaded the latest upgrade, the text at the top of each window was Black, and I thought you had made a fix in that update. Now this morning the text is back to white again. Can you check this? And if possible make this text font larger? I am a 66 year old guy, with poor eye sight. Thanks for a great product.
  13. Mr. Medved, I always want to verify I am trading the correct stock. Can you place the stock symbol on the Source Name Panel in the DOM in front of the Brocker Name? Thanks for a great product.
  14. Mr. Medved, I enjoy using your program. Sometime the symbol logo makes the chart hard to read, but I like it on the screen to verify I am on the correct chart. Can you make the symbol logo size adjustable? (Larger or smaller). And can you make the symbol logo position moveable within the chart? This way I can move the logo from directly behind the candles. Thanks for a great product.
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