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  1. narbassi

    Request for Beta

    Jerry Can I request a copy of the beta. Thanks Narinder
  2. narbassi

    Request for Beta

    Jerry I wanted to try the software on my laptop also Can you please send me the link to beta software Thank you Narinder
  3. narbassi

    Cntrl + T : Trade - Does No Action

    Jerry Just noticed there is Cntrl + T but it does nothing. Thanks Narinder Bassi
  4. narbassi


    Jerry Do you know far away we are on alerts development Being using the product for 3 months and it is excellent Thank you
  5. narbassi

    Options Quotes

    Jerry, Are there plans on adding Options data for quick view like it was in QT. Thanks Narinder Bassi
  6. narbassi

    Multiple Historical Charts

    Jeey, One of the features that MT and QT are seriously lacking is. The ability to see more than 1 History chart for a symbol. The reason for this is, say you want to see Monthly, Weekly, Daily view of a symbol, it is not possible. Can you please see if you can code this into future versions. Whenever other professional traders do seminars they always show Monthly,Weekly,Daily view. In MT it becomes cumbersome to keep switching and I personally have to resort to other software. It would be brilliant to see this functionality in MT. Thanks Narinder Bassi
  7. narbassi

    Indicator - Trix

    Jerry Can we please have Trix Indicator Thank You Narinder Bassi
  8. narbassi

    IB Symbols In MT Not Same As QT

    Jerry For IB I am struggling with the Forex Format In QT = IDEALPRO:#EUR.USD (works) I have read the beta instructions. Still cannot get the data. I have tried EUR.USD:IDEALPRO EUR.USD and a few others The Software is really good, impressive Thanks Narinder Bassi
  9. narbassi

    IB Symbols In MT Not Same As QT

    Jerry, I used to enter the following into QT for IB datafeed. FOREX IDEALPRO:#EUR.USD Dow Jones : 'ECBOT:@YM JUN 14' S&P GLOBEX:@ESM4 NASDAQ GLOBEX:@NQM4 FTSE (3Months) LIFFE:@ZM4 Now In MT - they are not working. I am subscribed to the data feeds. I tried other combinations too, ie Forex EUR.USD. EUR.USD. Thanks Narinder Bassi
  10. narbassi

    Request the MT beta download

    Jerry I was originally using QT via Datek called Wall Street. Then Ameritrade brought Datek. I than changed to Ameritrade + QT. Then found Ameritrade data feed crap. Then went to Interactive Brokers + QT. So when Ameritrade brought QT from you, I thought, that was the end of QT sooner or later. Ameritrade have a history of screwing things up. I see that you have a price tag of 150 dollars for MT. I think there are other people in the group who would not mind paying a higher fee, so that it is a WIN WIN situation for you and ourselves who have been using QT. Also once a person is dragged into Financial World, hardly anyone gives it up. So we are all in it for the long haul. I am still using QT with IB although backfill no longer works. Also without warning Ameritrade took away Integrated trading for IB. Can I please join the beta group. Thank you, for such excellent software Narinder