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Yesterday when I opened up my Medved Trader, the login box popped up saying to log in. I log in with my TD Ameritrade account information, and it's usually automatic, so I don't have to put in the information every time I open MT.  But yesterday when I put in the Ameritrade login information, it didn't work.  The box just kept popping up again saying to put in the username and password. I emailed Medved Trader twice during the day and never got a reply. And still today there is no reply to my two emails asking for help. So this morning just now, I tried opening MT again and I got the login box again, but this time I put in my Medved Trader account email and password (instead of my Ameritrade account info)  like what I use for this website here. Then I got all kinds of Setup steps, as if I was starting MT for the first time.  I could see that all my regular Portfolios were gone! I had 0 portfolios!  Wow, I hope I haven't lost all my portfolios!  Please help. I don't know what to do and where to go on my computer to retrieve my backup portfolio information. I'm not that computer savvy or MT or technical trading savvy, etc. 

Please help!


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