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Button in continuous Selected state


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Concerning Dashboard/Settings left panel:
The Data Sources drop down button is always in the Selection(ON)mode color, no matter what is selected. Even if the drop down button is shaded, rolled up or not. Makes me think I have unfinished business in that drop down section.

Further, Light up all buttons:
This is not really of critical importance to MT. I just noticed it happening to me when using multiple programs and sliding in and out of the window to work on something else. May be more a MS environment problem and not a MT problem at all. Here's how:
Sliding the mouse down the four selections; Application, Data Sources, Charts and Trading activates (SelectionOnMode) each button changes fine. However if you hover over one of the selections momentarily the button changes color (SelectionOnMode), then if you quickly nudge the mouse pointer to the Virtual Style button in the right panel and swipe out of the window that button remains on. You can do that to each and all buttons. The Data Sources button still remains (SelectionOnMode) colored.

Way too long winded. Sorry for that. Screen shots sent.

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