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Adventures In .NET


After using MT for about a month, I've compiled a small list of features I'd like to see.

  1. Link Order Parameters (Qty, TIF, Sp. Ins.) between windows of the same color group. It's easy to change the quantity in one window and then accidentally select another window with a different order size, and then execute a macro that sends a buy/sell order.
  2. Different highlights/formatting for "at bid/ask", "below bid", and "above ask" in Raw Data window. Being able to use Custom Color Set for this rather than the custom XML file.
  3. DOM price highlight should filter out sizes smaller than the block size specified in the raw data window. I set my block size filter to 100 to ignore all those 1-share, and 10-share size orders. Those small orders cause the last price highlight in the DOM window to excessively flutter. I like to have quick reactions based on orders that can move the price while watching the highlight. Filtering out the small sales would make this easier.
  4. Raw Data block trade size based on average volume per row (block = % of average size). I have the block size set to 3000. When I'm watching a mid to high-priced symbol, this is fine, but if I switch to a low-price symbol, almost everything gets highlighted. I was thinking that maybe it could work by specifying a percentage of the average last volume size. A setting of 100% would highlight those at average size or above. A setting of 200% would highlight those that are 2X the average size. It could even have multiple % settings with different colors for each. Another option would be for the Block Trade size to be saved per symbol.
  5. Have DOM auto-scroll speed options. This is a low priority, but it would be nice to have an option for faster more responsive auto-scrolling.
  6. Compute approximate transaction profit using a simple option based on the average share price that can be shown in the Transactions window. 


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