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Advanced Bracket Orders Similar to ThinkorSwim - Multiple Profit Targets and Stops



After talking with Jerry and seeing that this is not possible yet, it would be great if Medved support advanced bracket orders similar to thinkorswim.  It's a big advantage to have multiple take profit targets when scalping intraday. 

For example: Orders would contain a

1. Buy limit

2. Sell Stop

3. Sell limit target 1

4. Sell limit target 2

In TOS, this is known as a Trigger with 2 brackets (In this example and they have up to 3 brackets):
In the example below, the order is showing a limit order to buy 4 contracts at $1.00 and a sell stop -5% or .95. Take profit target 1 is 10% above or $1.10 and last take profit target 2 is at 15% or $1.15. This is just an example using round numbers in this puts chart.

The orders should also be dynamically adjustable on the chart after being placed. When you do this in TOS (works on the chart or the ladder), it basically cancels and resends once you confirm the entry. Medved should work the same way. If I want to move my stop up after price starts climbing, I should be able to drag the stop limit up and then be prompted to confirm via a prompt. I like using medved over tos, just because its faster for me to get in and out trades. But this is kind of a hang up that orders aren't more dynamic. 



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