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Options Chart and Setting Up OTOCA Order with Peg to Bid


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I am trying to setup a shortcut OTOCA order. The order will have three legs and float till executed. 

First leg:
LimitPrice: peg(Bid,+0.0) <this floats the button on the bid till I send

Second leg: (take profit target)
LimitPrice: +20% <sets my take profit to 20% of entry price

Third leg: This is the part that isn't working. I want the stop to be -5% of the bid. But when I drop the button onto the chart, this doesn't float and uses whatever the bid is set to when it lands on the chart. I can go onto the stop capsule and adjust it to peg price and set that to -5 and everything floats correctly. So the limit buy, limit sell, the stop limit are all floating until I click send. 


This is the button on the chart and manually adjusting the stop to peg.

I have tried the following and when the chart is live, it doesn't work. Both peg and pegpct


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