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  1. No problem. The tile-based indices panel in MT is, as it is, comparable in size with the indices panel in QT.
  2. Follow up to my previous post --- would it be possible for the purposes of an indices panel to include an option to scale up the whole tile (i.e. all tiles in the indices grid), leaving the relative layout unchanged, but making the tile as a whole bigger?
  3. Hi Jerry, I've bene trying out an "indices panel" based on the tiles. Is it perhaps possible to change the font size within the tiles? I don't see an option for this in the "View" menu. I normally set Indices fonts larger than other symbols, if I can, partly because they are way off at the top of a non-central monitor and partly just for general noticeability. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jerry, Just found the tiles option while searching to see if the indices panel was on its way. Will be trying the tiles out over the next day or two. Looks like a great addition / innovation.
  5. texar

    "Restart" MT

    Hi Jerry, Would it make sense to include a "Restart" option along with "Close", as an alternative way of exiting MT? Saves a little time if you have to restart the software once or twice a day, as I occasionally do.
  6. Hi Jerry, Another fairly minor detail . . . Clicking on a ticker symbol (which may already be linked to charts via a group) sometimes causes another "unwanted" chart associated with the symbol clicked to open, no doubt because I inadvertently "double clicked". Obviously this is user error, but I thought I'd mention it as it happens fairly frequently when I am scanning charts associated with a list of symbols in a group. Is there any way to turn off "double click on symbol invokes chart"? I haven't been able to find it in chart settings so far. Thanks.
  7. I haven't gound a way of turning off the highlighting but I managed to change the border to a color that matches my MT color schene fairly well. That way the highlighting is no longer very noticeable. In Windows 8 go to Control Panel Select "Appearance and Personalisation" Select "Change the colour of your taskbar and window borders" Chose a color and in a second step adjust the intensity. There's also a color mixer if you want.
  8. Ok just checking, thanks. If I can find a solution will post.
  9. Hi Jerry, This is probably more a Windows 8 / MS Office than an MT problem, but I can't find a solution. I am running Windows 8.1. In MT when I click on a window in MT (say a watchlist) the border of that windows changes color (highlighting the window). This is not necessary and can be a distraction when rapidly clicking through a number of MT windows. Is there any way to switch this effect off? I can't find a switch off command in Windows 8 though there may be such a command in Windows 7. Thanks
  10. Hi Jerry, Would it be possible to include in the intraday chart caption options the option "Symbol/Last/Type" without bid and ask? Thanks.
  11. Thanks, I overlooked the FILE/Settings in the Portfolios. The pushpin issue may be something to do with my Windows 8.1--- its onscreen length is about 1 cm.
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