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  1. Fred F

    TD AMERITRADE Issues - DNS problems, workaround..

    Thanks Jerry, Working great again,
  2. Fred F

    Raw Data Not showing trade volume

    Still no raw date volume showing
  3. Raw Data window is working showing bid and ask change, BUT it is not showing the trade Volume.
  4. I just text TD and they said: Sorry for the inconvenience. We have been told there is an issue but it is being worked on as we speak. It will be corrected very quickly. Thanks, Jerry Have a nice day.
  5. I've been using Yahoo to update, until TD Amertrade gets their site back up.
  6. I notice my portfolio is not updating either. TD Amertrade must be down, that's not good.
  7. Fred F

    RAW data not showing

    Raw data now working showing Volume. Thanks,
  8. Fred F

    RAW data not showing

    Let me know. Thanks
  9. Fred F

    RAW data not showing

    Still the same not showing raw trade data, volume column empty I think it happened 2 updates ago. Fred
  10. Fred F

    RAW data not showing

    Yes, Charts are showing data as the price changes.
  11. Fred F

    RAW data not showing

    Everything working fine except RAW data when linked. Filter off and it still doesn't show raw data. using the symbol link group.
  12. FYI, RAW data not showing trades
  13. Fred F

    TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    Thank You, I've been with you a very long time Jerry. Great work. Have a nice day.