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  1. $ISSU (advance / decline from TDAmeritrade) is not updating. Other symbols are working fine.
  2. Using TDAmeritrade as the data source, I'm not able to get price quotes (Last price) for @RTYM19 (Russell 2000). The Bid and Ask appear to be updating correctly, but the Last Price is frozen. Thanks.
  3. TD Ameritrade futures quotes are not working as of yesterday. They worked well last week. Stock quotes are still working fine. Specifically, I get no quotes for @YMZ18, @ESZ18, @NQZ18 and @RTYZ18.
  4. If I have a fixed text box (fixed to the screen) and scroll backwards in time, the text box disappears if I click on it. It is totally gone even if I scroll back to the original date / time.
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