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  1. Great! Can you give me an email for contact for that?
  2. I thought I would post this question here as it's not a request for a new "feature" per se but I wanted to ask if you guys would be willing to implement integration with another brokerage. Or at the very least allow receiving their Level II data from their service? I have recently begun trading with them using a broker (Colmex) outside of the US through an investment firm called TEFS and through Tradenet. I have tried searching around a bit here but haven't turned up any mention of them but there are thousands of us using their system as is and while their software is very effective as a meat & potatoes trading platform their charting pales in comparison to MT. I don't how involved it would be but was told that their technical team might be willing to provide the information for other charting software. I wanted to inquire here first before moving forward with an email to them. Thanks!
  3. Oh I see, so because they link the number of simultaneous quotes to the number of subscriptions available through the API I would have to pay extra to get access to say, 4 of those. And while there may be many people who use 4 subscriptions there aren't going to be many who are paying for more than 100 symbols. So there isn't a very large user base who would be able to take advantage of it. Then you'd have to pick and choose which three to implement and even then you'd only satisfy those who would be happy with that. And, admittedly, I would need the 4th. That's a really wonky restriction they have. Thanks for clarifying. I'll have reconsider finding a way to use another data provider.
  4. By saying that IB limits the API to 3 Level II subscriptions by default, do you mean that they would only permit API access to, for example, NYSE OpenBook, NYSE ArcaBook and NASDAQ TotalView, but wouldn't then allow access to Cboe BZX Depth (BATS) at the same time without paying something extra to IB for the API access? Would that imply that the guy who did it above was only subscribed to 3 of of those? I have just over $60 worth of subscriptions with the 4 major ones above for data through IB and I use maybe, maximum of 2 Level II windows. I do know they require some Level I subscriptions that are rolled into that amount. I'm not sure specifically what they are requiring and maybe this guy on Youtube is paying something extravagant to achieve what he has there but it just seems there must be a different approach at work or something to be able to get what would appear to be exactly what I would see in TWS from API. And he seems to be getting access from NASDAQ, Arca, and BATS. I have stuck with IB data as I'm concerned with not being able to use their SMART order routing, concerns with data consistency and the higher prices with a couple of providers that I checked out in the past. It's a bummer as IB is one of the few larger brokerages that MT works with.
  5. Jerry, have you tried poking around on the TWS API Users Group for how to get Level II to work properly with the API? There are a lot of active developers there well versed in many of the API issues. They insist there is a way to get it working and others have done it. Here is the link: https://groups.io/g/twsapi Also, check out this guy on Youtube... He created his own trading platform in C# using IB's API and in the video you can see in his Level II window all of the MM names showing properly with streaming data. Here is the link: This isn't some sort of advertisement by me. He isn't selling a trading platform and seems to be just sharing his coding and information on his sight.
  6. Yeah, after posting it occurred to me that I could manually calculate the percentages. I'd still want to fish for a more direct way to access other symbol data. Using the second symbol as an "indicator" and running any calculations manually is a simple but roundabout way of dealing with it that wasn't obvious to me. Thanks for the help.
  7. I can reference it but scaling issues arise. Specifically, what I wanted to be able to do is have something like the SPY plotted, as a secondary symbol, on the same chart as the main symbol and then measure, in code, the distance (probably best measured in units of the main symbol) between where the lines are drawn for each symbol on the chart at each candlestick. Although I don't NEED to have this depicted precisely on the chart (I haven't been able to get, for example, the SPY as a simple comparison indicator, plotted properly as a secondary symbol). I thought a practical approach to this might be to access the percentage of change since open of the secondary symbol so that it could be compared to the percentage of change since open of the main symbol. The idea is to track the relative strength of one symbol against another, whether it's an index or regular stock. This way you could measure the correlation or divergence between the two throughout the trading session. It's also occurred to me that beta could be used to achieve something approximate to this but I don't see any quick access to that in MT and calculating something like that in paintbar code would still require access to data from both symbols, would require mathematics that could get very complicated very quickly and would be a very hacky way to approach the problem..
  8. Is there any way at all that I could access data from one symbol within paintbar code that's being used as an indicator in another symbol? Let's say that I have an indicator that I want to trigger an alert but only when the SPY is moving or down. Or that I am interested is measuring the percentage of change (up or down) since open of one symbol against the change of another symbol. Is this possible? I would think it would be since it's possible to plot one symbol, as a comparison indicator, on top of the chart of another symbol. Thanks!
  9. Ahh, thank you! I glossed over that icon since it was greyed out in the watchlist window. Never thought it was active and could be modified since I hadn't added parameters to the code.
  10. I know that if I apply a paintbar to a chart as an indicator that I can customize it's notifications to play a sound. But how do I establish in the paintbar code that it should play a sound and produce a popup when used as a scan on a watchlist of symbols? I can't seem to find any way to do this. I also need to customize how long the message set as the scan result is displayed. Thanks.
  11. Okay, after upgrading to the beta it's working now. Thanks!
  12. Okay, was afraid it was something simple like that. Sorry for the hassle. Thanks.
  13. Okay, it hasn't worked. Going to send the logs now. Thanks Jerry
  14. I have updated but can't see any candles prior to when I first opened the chart.
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