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  1. In the news window, can you add functionality so if you start typing a symbol name when you have the symbol column selected it will jump to the symbol or first match of the text typed? Currently nothing happens if you start typing a letter(s).
  2. Could you add next earnings date to the detailed quote? Is it possible to add next earnings icon (E) to the historical chart as well for events? My guess is this would not be that simple as it looks like even though you add white space on the rigth side of the chart the date doesn't go any further then the current day. Same request for the historical chart for dividends icon.
  3. Is it possible when you select an account in the account view tab that the account box stays selected unless you click on a stock in the lower list? I am trying to cycle through the list of accounts with my arrow keys (so I can F5 each) but it automatically selects the stocks of the account I just clicked on and goes up and down the stock list. Also is it possible to add a refresh button for all accounts? I found that sometimes the account info was not up to date ie blank and I have to go through the list of accounts and manually F5 each account. With the problem I listed above this is quite tedious if you have a large number of accounts. Would still love to have a ;consolidated view of all accounts as well Can still do it in Questrade but would be cool to have it in Medved.
  4. Not sure why but it's really hard to click on the link in the help in the screen shot below. Box keeps disappearing when you try to move the mouse close to it, you have to move and click super fast. Also this link doesn't work for the indicator, took me here https://mahifx.com/blog/this-is-goodbye-mahifx-and-hello-hftrading/
  5. Most of the time works., but sometimes I find it's not selected.Haven't figured out what makes it happen and it isn't the best visually (distracting) when you are trying to investigate a specific area as the lines extend. Idea was to do something similar to trading view ruler and other apps where you draw a box and it gives you info.
  6. Is there a way to temp make a measurement on a chart and have it auto disappear after you release your mouse button? I can only do this buy drawing a line which shows a bunch of stats % change etc and then I have to go and click the line and then press delete. If not I can put a feature request in for a new drawing tool. Is right click drag used in Medved, if not maybe this function could use it and be enabled all the time?
  7. Just wondering if you can add a button to hide all the currently displayed indicators, ie override each individual indicators setting. This way we can turn all off and then back on to the previous state with a button click. Ideally this would not change each indicators setting of display or not. I could then add to the quicklaunch for easy access
  8. Could you increase the rate at which the Y-Axis mouse drag changes the scale? Finding it moves to slow and have to unclick and grab again.
  9. Help comment for this feature "Bring all windows to front when one window is clicked" says: Please note: if this option is not selected, then the program must show separate task bar icons for all windows such as portfolios, charts, etc. Otherwise they would get lost behind other windows with no way to select them. Wondering if a button could just be added to the dashboard window that would perform the bring all medved windows to front function when pressed. There could be a secondary item in the settings to either display all task bar icons or not so the use can decide what they want. I am asking for this because every time you switch from another application back to medved every window flashes instead of just the ones which need to be brought to front. Eg if you have 5 portfolio windows on top of each other you see medved flip through each on. If you do a lot of flipping back and forth between browser/other apps this becomes a nuisance and probably application overhead. I like having the portfolios separate but don't want every window to be in my task bar as it's just too many. You also can always go to the dashboard windows to hunt for specific windows but a bring all the front button would be better, maybe beside the minimize all medved windows button in the dashboard title bar.
  10. Questrade lets you maintain USD and CDN in a single account so when you are trying to autoset your QTY you need to use the correct currency or your QTY count is wrong for available cash/buying power depending on if you are buying a CDN vs USD stock. Could you add a button to the trade windows (and potentially account windows) to flip the account between CDN and USD. Currently you have to go back to the settings->Configure trading accounts to make this change. If you make a change in settings from USD/CDN in any of your Questrade accounts or at the top level it changes for all of your Questrade accounts, is this by design? Not sure why the USD/CDN setting shows in the accounts settings instead of just at the broker level. I think it is probably ok to leave the USD/CDN switching at the broker level instead of the individual account level as the overhead to maintain/code at the account level would probably be a lot more then just a button to flip at the broker level. The ideal situation would be to do it at the individual account level and have this be able to be a linked field which changes across all pinned windows when one is changed but like I said probably a lot of work. Be nice if the label USD/CDN was displayed by the dollar amounts in the trade window bar and account balances as well so you know what currency the balances are in. Thank you
  11. @RTP Are those in the keyboard presets in settings? What section, I am not seeing them...maybe I am just blind
  12. Split news notification out from others Would be really useful to be able to split out news alerts and chart alerts so they could go to different screens/positions on the screen. I find that I want to allow my news alerts to stay up so I can get around to reading them when I have time, however many of my price/chart alerts I have set to automatically disappear after X second. The problem is if my monitor is full of news alerts I haven't read I never see the price alerts as the drop off the list after X seconds and since the screen is full they never even pop up. Multiple alert line buttons: Another feature that would be really useful is to have two different default alert lines you can draw. Basically it would allow for some priority on the alerts. Eg. if I am just watching a stock I can set a price alert which disappears after x seconds, but if I am in a position I would like the alert to not disappear and have a different notification sound. What I was thinking for this was just another toolbar icon maybe with a red exclamation mark in the icon. Then the Yellow / Red icon alert buttons could be linked to different default alert setting profiles. Cheers, Jeff
  13. Hi, Just wondering how Medved will act with Questrade if you have CDN and USD in your account since each account can maintain a USD and CDN balance. Medved has you select a currency for account balance display balance, mine is set to CDN. I also have both CDN and USD funds in my account. Now I am looking to purchase US stocks and am wondering how Medved will interact with the API and then in turn my account at Questrade. Will it use the USD balance when making that purchase of US stocks? Does Medved do anything with currency during the API call for an order or is that all on Questrade once the order is sent to it? Thank you,
  14. Would it be possible to make it so that if you double click on an alert line it goes to the edit alert window. Currently if you double click on the alert line the chart window maximizes or goes back to window mode.
  15. I am seeing a few intraday charts with their scale values and the right crossed out... eg attached
  16. For any of the commodity futures symbols here https://finance.yahoo.com/commodities/ I am able to pull them up in Medved by assigning a portfolio to yahoo which is showing current price information. However the name column doesn't populate, is there any way to have it populated? I don't see any historical chart data for them either. For example I have had XAUUSD=X in my watch list for quite some time but the historical chart is empty.
  17. Would be less of a concern if there was some way to group minimize /maximize trade windows seperate from the rest of medved. But currently if you have 10+ trade windows open it is a pain to try and minimize each one then if you need to trade quickly be able to go back and maximize them all.
  18. That means if you want to trade fast you can't or you have to go back into the setting and adjust. My thought about a lock/unlock button that is easily accessible is so you can temporarily lock out any accidental trades across the board. Eg kid jumps in your lap and is going to try and start hitting keys or clicking buttons. or you are working on something else and go to minimize a window to get back to what you were working on in medved which is still open on some windows so you can keep an eye on it in the background. If you turn on confirmations you are then prompted every time you make a trade and if you have many accounts and trade windows for the same stock across which you are trading at once then you would have to deal with a confirmation for everyone all the time. Just a thought... would be really useful for me.
  19. Would it be possible to add a button to lock/unlock being able to action trades? Quite often I am working on other things during the day and could accidentally click a buy or sell button when I minimize another window or move one. A lock button would be great as a safety feature. Thinking just somewhere in the dashboard window. Even one in each trade window that worked independently would be cool but probably overkill.
  20. Screenshot shows the second example using Trade ticket button in the dashboard. 2019-01-31 23_22_02-.png Right side the Tan pin trade windows Across the top to the left of the tan are 4 trade windows created left to right 3rd one I changed to yellow pin but still got the 4th one white. This was a second round of testing where the new windows seem to be stuck to white now instead of the original tan as described above.
  21. Sorry missed getting back to you on this. From a pretty basic initial problem. I have my portfolio window linked to the blue pin, chart linked to the blue pin, both are displaying stock SCU:CA. I have 8 trade windows for ACB:CA all linked to the Tan pin displaying for diff accounts with current share counts for each account. If I activate SCU:CA in the porfolio window so its on the chart as well then right click on SCU:CA in the portfolio window that has the Blue pin and click trade I don't get a new trade window, but all my Tan pinned trade windows now display SCU:CA. My expectation would be that I would get a new trade window for SCU:CA either linked to the blue pin since the porfolio I right clicked on was blue or not linked to a pin since its new. Seems like maybe since my default account has a trade ticket open for the tan pin already the right click trade SCU:CA is using my default accounts pin and just activating it to the new symbol instead of creating a new ticket? Expected behavior? I also then just made sure SCU:CA was selected in the blue portfolio window then went up to trade ticket in the dashboard and selected a new trade ticket for one of the accounts that had a Tan pin that already had an open trade ticket and was showing ACB:CA and got a new trade window for it. Then I changed the pin to a new color (white) and tried to create a new ticket again and got a tan ticket. The next time I got a white one and kept getting white ones even if I closed all white pinned trade ticket windows. very confusing... I would expect here to get a new blank trade window not linked to any pin. Screen shot in Dropbox
  22. I have multiple trade tickets open for a single specific symbol across multiple accounts all tagged to the tan color tag. I have another couple trade tickets open on my screens for another couple accounts (some over lap) for other symbols which use other colors Red, pink, etc... If I go to my portfolio window/watch list and right click on another stock that I want to open a trade ticket for and click trade for some reason instead of opening a new trade ticket all the trade tickets for the Tan color tag are set to the new symbol. As well the share counts are left the same as the were for the previous symbol. I already tried changing the tag on the Tan colored tickets in case something else was using the Tan color but that didn't change what occured. If I try and use the new ticket button on the main dashboard It creates a duplicate of what looks like the first ticket, even thought there may be multiple tickets for that account opened. Even if thje last thing I clicked on was another newer ticket for that account. I actually just deleted the first ticket which kept getting duplicated and it got recreated even though there was another ticket for another symbol for the same account opened. Basically I have no way to open a new blank ticket for an account or open one for a specific symbol....
  23. When you click on the dollar value for buying power or cash in a trade window it doesn't follow the rules for the account to round the share count. Could it be configured to do this?
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