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  1. makincash

    Questrade Login

    Update...... Cache clearing did nothing but cause a new problem message since the browser window Medved spawned (IE) lost it primary authentication with Questrade, had to open IE and login to questrade.com with secondary authentication question to fix this. Fix seemed to be going into Questrade.com disabling the API integration and re-enabling it. Supposedly Questrade is investigating potential issues with the new firewall they implemented.
  2. makincash

    Questrade Login

    Response from Questrade: " We introduced a Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocking page that is hosted on the Questrade.com domain. This is an added security measure to protect the data on both Questrade.com and the Questrade customer site. 1) The Web Application Firewall protects against the most critical web application security risks such as illegal access. 2) The WAF examines web traffic to Questrade.com or the Questrade customer site. If the traffic is classified as illegitimate according to rules determined by Questrade, the WAF blocks this traffic and redirects the user to an Access Denied page. It is important to note that this WAF blocking page is something that can occur sometimes for clients, but this is more of a side-effect of providing additional protection to our website. If you ever do experience this issue for an extended time period, then clearing cache and cookies should immediately resolve this redirect issue. Alternatively, a different web browser or device should be a quick workaround, as well. "
  3. makincash

    Delayed market data (Stockwatch)

    I am seeing (and have been for quite some time) delayed market data at open, up to 30 seconds now. It seems to be slowly getting worse. I just tested another machine at another location with a simpler layout with stockwatch and there was not delay on data coming in at market open. I will try tomorrow another machine at my current location with a basic layout and then the next day a full layout on the second machine. Is there anything in the logs on my slow machine that might help figure out what is going on? If so let me know and I can upload a full backup with data. Thank you, Jeff
  4. makincash

    Questrade Trade Window (Anon)

    My bad. I thought I had set all my accounts to anon for defaults. When I checked last time I only checked one account and it happens to be one of the few I don't have tickets loading for when Medved starts and the rest were not set. It is working. Sorry about that. Jeff
  5. makincash

    Trade window auto populate share count

    Another thought maybe turn the words buying power or the dollar amount into a button that would autopopulate your trade window with the max share at the defined limit price or current market price, depending on the type of order you have selected.
  6. makincash

    Questrade Trade Window (Anon)

    I have my trade window defaults set to use anon and market. But every time I launch medved I have to change back to limit and set anon then switch back to market.
  7. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    Sent in additional help logs for another occurrence of the issues a coupel hours ago, forgot to post here. Jeff
  8. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    I loaded the updated version and when I opened Weed:CA historical I saw Sept 20th but then it autobackloaded and all the data was there. I also tried a few others and noticed the same thing occur. I'll let you know if I see the issue reoccur. Did you find something or was it just due to me restarting medved that WEED:CA did the backload ie same as the first round with APH:CA? Cheers, Jeff
  9. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    Sent Medved still open if you need me to do anything else.
  10. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    Include quote data?
  11. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    Just opened another historical chart and it is missing data from Sept 20-Oct 10 as well. I have left the window open at this point. What did you want me to do to trouble shoot? Jeff
  12. makincash

    Missing historical chart data

    I clicked the backfill button manually once and then did a backfill using... and selected stockwatch as well. If I see this again should I increase logging before doing the backfill?
  13. I have seen this multiple times in the past. I loaded up a historical chart for a stock that I have an intraday chart open on my screen everyday (never close it). There is missing data in the historical chart. In this example its for APH:CA and the historical data jumps from Sept 20 to Oct 10. I tried backfilling, backfilling and selecting a specific data source (stockwatch), closing and reopening the historical chart and it stayed the same. I then made a backup whcih caused Medved to restart. After the restart the data now shows up in the historical chart. I then took another backup. Added screen shots and added a screen shot of the intraday which was showing the correct data even though the historical wasn't. On dropbox folder: 2018-10-10-APHHistoricalmissing data
  14. I am still having issues with Medved where it seems to lock itself in front of other apps/windows. Mostly happens when it launches but occasionally see it occur well its running (as it just did now) I think its when its minimized and you restore it. Basically I can see part of the other window where I don't have any Medved windows and I try and click on it but it doesn't come to the foreground. Most of the time if I click the window then click on a Medved window then go back and click on the other window it then comes to the foreground. Sometimes I have to do this a few times to get it to the front. Currently (as per the screens shots I attached) I can maxmize/minimize, move chrome and explorer windows but they stay hidden behind the Medved windows. I have placed a backup on dropbox and put screenshots there as some have my account numbers in them. Note as soon as I clicked the log level to turn it to 200 the windows started working correctly.
  15. makincash

    Single depth chart hanging medved

    I must have taken the backup after. It was a busy day wasn't sure. New backup uploaded to dropbox. Has " PossiblePreAUSABUG" in the filename, I "think" this one was a private backup though ie for my account only. Is that still helpful? It's from 2 days before so might have the hidden AUSA window ie behind other windows.