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  1. Still constantly seeing this on the historical charts for the Zigzag indicator After disabling the indicator and re-enabling it.
  2. If you disable the trace in settings There is no way to get the alert line price to show when you move the line. Even if you use shift which brings up the trace normally, it disappears when you grab the line. Could you make it so that the price on the Y-axis will always show if you grab and move the alert line so you can see the price you are dropping the line? This is with shift held.
  3. I am seeing data in the intraday chart for FX$USD/CAD but the historical chart doesn't have anything after June of last year. Any idea why this would be?
  4. Didn't know about those.. that is very useful. Thanks!
  5. Got the latest beta was testing the keyboard shortcut. When you the shortcut to disable the trace box. you also lose the crosshair trace lines on the chart and x/y axis values. Are they linked so you can't just remove the trace box info and keep the trace lines/corresponding values on the y and x axis with the shortcut? My thought with the request was 95% of the time you don't really look at the trace box with all the details but sometimes you want to see the trace box details if you are looking at something specific and flipping it on with a keyboard shortcut would be very convenient. Also the trace details box takes up chart screen real-estate on small charts.
  6. Could you add a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable the trace panel?
  7. Even just being able to enter $ and it changes to dollar would be more intuitive then % to change back to $. Putting $ was the first thing I tried.
  8. Solution: put cursor in trade window stop box and press %, which changes it back to $ offset.
  9. I have a trade window stuck on % for the conditional order stop market. How do I get it back to $? (Questrade trade window)
  10. I will post a few videos on dropbox for you so you can see the difference before the medved restart vs after. This happens each day as medved is open for an extended period of time. Also sending logs now post medved restart. videos should have time stamps. CPU 5-10% control-roller to zoom in and out of the historical charts become unusable and even pauses and takes a bunch of time before it catches up. I'll post once I get the videos added after market close.
  11. Think I am good. I deleted the Questrade trading accounts entirely in Medved and let it reload from scratch. The accounts come in grouped by account type and users account come in order as well. Not ideal to have to remove them to add them back in order but it worked.
  12. I guess there is nothing to sort from if I was to delete them and re -add questrade either since you are probably just capturing account numbers to set the initial order right? Temp solution might be for me to manually swap things(names/account#s), is there any risk to doing that?
  13. Is there anyway to sort the trading accounts? Ideally by the account nickname name you set.
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