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  1. makincash

    Draw line vs alert line toggle

    Can we create our own hotkeys? If not could one be added for this? I find its something I constantly want to flip between and QAT are at a premium
  2. makincash

    Draw line vs alert line toggle

    Is there a quick way to toggle between drawing a line and an alert line?
  3. makincash

    Mouse focus

    Would it be possible to have mouse position activate the focus instead of waiting for a mouse click? Would there be negatives to this if it's possible... overhead, etc. Any reason someone would want to keep focus on the prior window after moving the mouse away?? The only thing I can think of is if someone wanted to use arrow keys to scroll up and down a watchlist or news list and still be able to use the mouse roller on a chart window. Or now that I think of it maybe someone would want to use a hotkey in trade window to execute a buy well having your mouse elsewhere (this in itself might make my idea or mouse controlled focus a bad one).
  4. makincash

    Mouse focus

    Not sure if this is a bug or by design... When I move my mouse from one chart to another I can use my mouse wheel to scroll on the new chart I moved to without clicking on the chart. This is what I expect/want to happen. But If I keep my mouse in the new chart window I can use the scroll wheel and the new chart moves but if I press control-H to get a historical chart I get the previous charts historical chart. Any way to make the focus fully change to the new chart when the mouse moves to the new chart? Currently it's not until after I click in the new chart that pressing control+H brings up the new charts historical chart.
  5. makincash

    Cancel all order (Questrade)

    Nice selecting all works for the individual accounts. And new orders placed in Questrade also show up immediately in that window as well. This leads back to one of the other requests I put in around a view of all accounts as this window would be the ideal place for it. In the window you have which shows positions, transactions, balances would be cool to be able to see combined output for each tab. Thought might be to.... in the account drop down tab have an ALL option and have check boxes beside each account so you can combine the view for all or specific accounts by clicking the check boxes. Would be really flexible and gives as great view when you are working out of multiple accounts, this way you can see total holdings, single view of all stock positions combined, and all current outstanding transaction so if you want to do a bulk cancel you could from there. Currently I have a window of Questrade open with my account view so I can see the combined balances and combined market value etc of securities I own since I am buying and selling across multiple accounts at the same time. From there I can cancel all orders as well. Questrade is quite unstable at times so getting this in Medved would be great but I imagine some of this would be a lot of work... Cheers, Jeff
  6. makincash

    Cancel all order (Questrade)

    Wondering if there is a way to cancel all orders for either a single account or all accounts from Medved even if they were not ordered in Medved?
  7. makincash

    Accountview - Consolidated view of all accounts

    Poking the thread.
  8. makincash

    Multiple order window (multiaccount trades)

    Poking the thread.
  9. makincash

    Delayed market data (Stockwatch)

    Poking this thread, any thoughts Jerry. It seems a bit better now that I have cleared out sdata and started fresh.It was upt o almost 2 GB, now sitting at 500meg. I will pay more attention the next couple days.
  10. makincash

    Questrade Login

    I'll pass that you saw it on to Questrade as well. I have been ok since last wed. Let me know if you see it again.
  11. makincash

    Questrade Bracket orders

    Does Medved support bracket orders for Questrade? If not is it something that could be implemented?
  12. makincash

    Questrade Login

    Update...... Cache clearing did nothing but cause a new problem message since the browser window Medved spawned (IE) lost it primary authentication with Questrade, had to open IE and login to questrade.com with secondary authentication question to fix this. Fix seemed to be going into Questrade.com disabling the API integration and re-enabling it. Supposedly Questrade is investigating potential issues with the new firewall they implemented.
  13. makincash

    Questrade Login

    Response from Questrade: " We introduced a Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocking page that is hosted on the Questrade.com domain. This is an added security measure to protect the data on both Questrade.com and the Questrade customer site. 1) The Web Application Firewall protects against the most critical web application security risks such as illegal access. 2) The WAF examines web traffic to Questrade.com or the Questrade customer site. If the traffic is classified as illegitimate according to rules determined by Questrade, the WAF blocks this traffic and redirects the user to an Access Denied page. It is important to note that this WAF blocking page is something that can occur sometimes for clients, but this is more of a side-effect of providing additional protection to our website. If you ever do experience this issue for an extended time period, then clearing cache and cookies should immediately resolve this redirect issue. Alternatively, a different web browser or device should be a quick workaround, as well. "
  14. makincash

    Delayed market data (Stockwatch)

    I am seeing (and have been for quite some time) delayed market data at open, up to 30 seconds now. It seems to be slowly getting worse. I just tested another machine at another location with a simpler layout with stockwatch and there was not delay on data coming in at market open. I will try tomorrow another machine at my current location with a basic layout and then the next day a full layout on the second machine. Is there anything in the logs on my slow machine that might help figure out what is going on? If so let me know and I can upload a full backup with data. Thank you, Jeff
  15. makincash

    Questrade Trade Window (Anon)

    My bad. I thought I had set all my accounts to anon for defaults. When I checked last time I only checked one account and it happens to be one of the few I don't have tickets loading for when Medved starts and the rest were not set. It is working. Sorry about that. Jeff