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  1. NH11

    Bold a Row

    Ok that works. Many thanks
  2. NH11

    Bold a Row

    Hi Is it possible you can add the ability to highlight or bold a row in a watchlist (as you can a column). thanks
  3. OK, many thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Jerry One last thing. Under the parameters for Horizontal Line, what does "Show only Last Day" mean? Thx
  5. Brilliant! Works great, many thanks. ☺️
  6. Hi Is there a way to scan for when a stock is above the prior day's high? I can see "SymbolData.PrevClose" for prior day's close but not the high. Many thanks
  7. NH11

    Data Sources

    Brilliant. Works ok now thanks. 😄
  8. NH11

    Data Sources

    How do I delete Data Sources that I no longer use. I've got datafeeds listed on the Source tab of the Dashboard that are old but can't delete them. It keeps causing error messages to pop-up saying I'm not connected to them. Thx
  9. Hi, currently trialling IQFeed. The data of course is quality and backfills are fast but it is pricey (well over $100pm). How is Quotestream? Is it a good alternative you think? Thx in advance.
  10. Ok, thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi Is it possible to run two scans at once but with the same list of stocks and if I add/delete a stock on one scan it automatically adjusts on the other. I want to run the same scan but with different timeframe frequencies. So if I can avoid having to input the same stocks twice that would be great. Many thanks Nat.
  12. The circles at the bottom with the share quantity.
  13. Can a new option be added to include the Company Name, eg. Symbol, Name, Period, Frequency. I would rather not use the Watermark feature.
  14. Sometimes Filled Orders overlap on the chart and you can't distinguish between the two. Can it be altered so that one is, say, positioned slightly higher than the other.
  15. Hi, when I create multiple rules in a scanner it only seems to be recognising the first one and ignoring the others. I want the scan to test all the rules and if they all satisfy then return a positive result. If at least one fails then return a negative result. Thanks to all.
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