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  1. The problem for lvl2 with IB is that only Total view is usable, so if you plan to use lbl via IB api, subscribe only Total view. (If you use lvl 2 via TWS, the is ok because their windows aggreagate all lvl2 subscribable options )
  2. you are a genius , yes its what i need , thx!
  3. Its possible to add filters to choice which alert see in each window? . So i can use one for each kind of alert instead of all alerts togheter like in the image (with a big list of symbols, alerts runs very fast if all togheter)..
  4. Se ti serve aiuto con qualche settaggio mandami un msg; e provo ad aiutarti.
  5. Puoi sempre farti un conto Directa , che funziona pure meglio per il mercato USA di Fineco.
  6. Hi ! Its possible to add the volume filter (min volume per min) to the moving up/down % change alert? (as in the Volume %change alert) This is to avoid getting alerts from low liquid stocks. (I'm using a 1180 symbols list , using the Webull subscription datafeed (for only 10 usd). Thx!
  7. I agree with that, its a must for an easier use.
  8. No more discounts applied. Now they charge the full price. 123usd for 1200 symbols with nasdaq, amex and nyse. At this price is not feasible to use as a scan with a big datafeed, compared to Trade Ideas (about 80 /month , or tc2000 from 45usd). I think a feature similar to Ninjatrader market scan to filter gainers/losers , unusual volu etc is needed asap. With a feature like this , a 300 symbol datafeed should be enough to handle the entire market.
  9. Thx 1 (the idea is to just have an alert when a sudden change in volume is happening, similar to the "volume burst" scan in Trade ideas).
  10. Pattern detection could be a very good addition to the scanner. Ascending triangles, flags etc.
  11. How can i make a scanner to see a volume burst , as example 400% plus than the prior candle ? its possible?
  12. Currently testing the scanner with the 1200 symbols subscription. The results are fantastic. I made some videos (without sound) to show the scanner running. Considering the cost (with about 25% discount applied for the datafeed) , its even better than Trade Ideas in some ways.
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