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  1. merlin8121

    Gainers / hot lists

    MT scanner needs a way to create a watchlist of "gainers and losers" , possibly similar to Ninjatrader (who uses same datafeeds).
  2. merlin8121

    Happy New Year 2019 !

    Happy New Year to Mike , Jerry and all the MT's community!
  3. merlin8121

    Horizontal line

    Ehehe, sorry didn't knew abou the feature shift+draw to make an horizontal line i usually draw a line and fix it horizontally each day i learn something new. PS: anyway, to put the choice in the drawing tools could be usefull for newbies as me
  4. merlin8121

    Horizontal line

    Good morning. Its possible to ad a feature in the right click menu to draw an horizontal line? (i know its possible to paint it with the mouse, but could be much faster with a "right click+selection" ) Horizontal line is largely used by all to draw resistances levels and alerts lines. The faster the better. Alternatively, in the Draw menu, an option for an horizontal line specifically) Thx!
  5. merlin8121

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    Pls Jerry pls, give as lvl2 quotes from QM ! (and if possible also their aggregate newsfeed which usually includes also sec filings) .
  6. merlin8121

    Medvedtrader using Quotestream datafeed

    Any news about the lvl 2 feed from Quotemedia?
  7. merlin8121


  8. merlin8121

    Charts Social sharing

    Ahh ok; i know nothing of the technical issues/programming
  9. merlin8121

    Charts Social sharing

    Jerry, the reason to insert those shortcuts/logos /even if they just open the window for shring only) is esthetic and for "advertising". Who will see the charts will see the sharing feature in it. Will be and advertising itself.
  10. merlin8121

    Charts Social sharing

    Also a shortcut on the chart (a mini logo of facebook twitter ans stocktwitts ) could be grafically cool
  11. merlin8121

    Charts Social sharing

    I was trying the new feature and is working good! . Should be very usefull to add the option to send the same message to all socials at the same time. Also, if possible, the option to capture and send all the screen (very usefull to send a chart gallery with a possible watchlist) Great!
  12. merlin8121


    Thx!!!! now is perfect
  13. merlin8121


    Done Jerry, but there is an error , the red zone shoul be under -200 This is the one using -140/140
  14. merlin8121


    Thx Jerry!
  15. merlin8121


    Its possible to add levels -200/200 in the CCI settings ? Thx!