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  1. Most probable the platform scans just the % change (and perhaps last and volume data) for all symbols subscribing and unsubscribing until a list is created, filtering only the first 50/100 gainers and continuing only with them subscribed. You can easily check both platforms. Ninjatrader its free for papertrade and agenatrader its free the first month to try. You can use my IB papertrade account as datafeed. Honestly this ability is what really MT needs to be a standalone platform for all kind of traders. As today, momentum plays are not playable with MT without an additional software/scanner. And of course there is the problem of the number of ticket for each datafeed; having this capability a 100's datafeed should be enough . I think you and Jerry are underestimating this need.
  2. No MIke; Ninjatrader do that with the same datafeeds ( IQfeed, IB etc etc) . I have another platform called Agenatrader and the same, i just use ib datafeed with only 100 symbols to run it. Yes, must be reloaded to update the symbols, but its possible to set an autoreload every x minutes. I dont say its easy, but yes its possible.
  3. But MT needs the ability to create gainers/losers list to be a truly standalone platform, Perhaps its time to project it Jerry? Pls
  4. merlin8121

    Level 2

    You can have an account not for trading and still use their market data on MT. You dont need a funded account, you just need an email. Just pay for lvl2 total view (after their free month).
  5. Jerry Jerry! Pls move up in the todo list "TOP GAINERS / MOVERS /LOSERS" lists, Same way as for example Ninjatrader has. MT is like a runner without a leg without those lists Jerry!
  6. IB gives one month free trial for every news services; you can try those with the "via API" and check if its good for you.
  7. Only news Subscribed (with a payed subscription) , with the specific label "API" , are visible in MT.
  8. To be sure you're not using more than 100 symbols, connect MT to the IB API. If you have TWS open while using MT, every symbol count and add to those in MT ; portfolio, watchlist, scanner etc. Try connecting the with the API alone (or try creating new desktop in tws but leaving it it empty)
  9. There is another possible combination, using quotemedia datafeed for 120 symbols (about 28 usd) and subscribing Trade Ideas (about 85 usd using a 25% discount coupon). This combination is perfect to have a complete scan of the market at all hours using Trade Ideas, and charting/trading with MT (Trade Ideas have a special feature to link their windows with MT windows, so its possible to select a symbol from one of their list and automatically load it in MT (using the fast quotemedia backfeed or even Webull which is free.) . For momentum traders is probably the best combination due to the fact that Trade Ideas scan all the market symbols, and MT dont need a big list/datafeed.
  10. Neither Teletrader, they do not have premarket at all. Its Iqfeed the only who reset the day early (at 6 am if i remember). Quotemedia at 8 am. Of course the costs are higher. But there is a way to see in a list those stocks moving in premarket , using the alert system set to show volume last min > 0 . Not the ideal but efective and altmost free. (Btw, i'm using a very big list of symbols and its all ok)
  11. Webull since a few days have their best lvl1 free (from 2,99 ) and lvl2 (totalview) at 2,99 usd from 27,99 usd. Its not fast as iqfeed, but its reliable anyway and for that price is a gift.
  12. Hi Jerry; perhaps you can take a deeper look at Lenza and partner. They have special bundles for customers partners platforms at very convenient prices, as you can see in the example screenshot and with NO symbol limits. They dont have lvl2 right, but MT is multidatafeed, so its easy to get lvl2 from brokers and the rest with Taipan.
  13. merlin8121


    Yes, this is why i copied the formula linked in "help" for that indicator.
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