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  1. yes I realise that now, just emailed you lol when you chart the two the scale changes to % and uses 0 as a reference. I wanted the scan to tell me when the coin was below 0 and the compare symbol was above can this be done? An alternative is price change of coin from UTC 0 to current time is less than, price change of compare symbol from UTC 0 How would I do that?
  2. ok no problem, in the meantime, is there any other way I could achieve the same result using different coding? Incidentally can you use a wild card when setting a rule for a scan like *.btc or *.usdt rather than just one coin pairing so that it applies to all pairings in your watchlist that obey that rule. Then you could have mixed pairings in the same watchlist and apply various actions just on certain pairs that fit the rule as opposed to the whole watchlist
  3. Can you show the updated pictures, youve copied the same pic twice lol
  4. Hi I'm trying to create a scan that will compare the coins in my watchlist all btc pairs with price increase above #btc.usdt using compare symbol, but I get an error everytime. Ive got the individual charts with this set up, it shows % difference of each coin from 0 UTC against btc.usdt using compare but I am having to manually check each chart The error is object reference not set to an instant of an object Heres the code if (Close > CompareSymbol_Line(#BTC.USDT)[1]) { SetColor(Color.White); TriggerAlert("BTC LOW", @"BTC LOW"); SetScanResult(@"BTC LOW"); return; } Also I would prefer if it could show me only if any btc pair in my watchlist increases for instance 1% above btc.usdt price The idea being transferring trade from btc.usdt to other btc pair when this scan shows positive result
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