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Scanner Issue on Simple RSI Scan

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I have a portfolio of 1,100+ stocks, and have created a simple RSI scan consisting of one paintbar line as follows:

if (RSI_Line(14, 2) < 35 {TriggerAlert(); SetScanResults(true); }

I have the scanner set for Intraday, 5-minutes, No Extended hours.  My Alert is set to jingle a tune for a filtered match.  Auto-backfill is checked.

I have an intraday, 5-minute chart set up with a corollary RSI(14, 2) indicator graphed at bottom of chart.

I run the scan against the universe of 1,100+ stocks, and get NO filtered results, yet there are definitely some that should be showing up.

As an example, I have the symbol YRD in this list which closed today with an RSI(14, 2) on 5-minute bars of 20.5485, yet this symbol doesn't show up on my scan.

I must be doing something silly here, can you please shed some light?

Thanks in advance.


Edited by Doug Hayman
Added reference to Auto Backfill being checked.
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It appears, and I will verify this on Monday during market hours, that the culprit may be the "Extended Hrs: Never" selection that I made on the Scan Chart Settings.  I set this back to "Extended Hrs: Default", and it now it appears to be working OK, although I'm testing this during non-market hours.

Not sure why the "Never" setting, during market hours, would have exhibited this result.

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