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  1. Darn! Right you are; I was just about to post that. I changed the TIF in the DOM, and all works fine. I didn't realize that "Day" is not pertinent to round-the-clock futures. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi guys, Strange behavior tonight (does not happen during normal daytime trading hours). Paper Trading CME micro (MES) using the DOM. ONLY when I attempt to execute a BUY or SELL STOP order, I get the following error returned on the DOM (Limit orders work fine): My IB Preset->Futures configuration is set to allow trades after normal market hours. I'm using default MT timeframes for Futures, so all should be covering fine. Immediately, upon attempting to execute the STOP, my STOP order appears on my linked Charts and also appears on my IB TWS screen correctly. If I subsequently cursor over the errored STOP order on the DOM, the STOP order then appears on my DOM correctly as well. However, when the price action goes past the STOP price point, the STOP order does NOT get executed. Additionally, if I cancel the STOP order on the DOM, it removes itself from the DOM, but the STOP order remains on my linked charts and on my IB TWS order screen. Again, this behavior doesn't occur during "normal" EDT trading hours - it works fine during those trading hours. Any ideas here? TIA
  3. Apologies, @MESM19 does get data (I was using @MES19 - typo). However, same problems above occur on DOM when trading symbol @MESM19. Again, I'm using @MESM19:*5 now, and all works end-to-end.
  4. @MES19 is not recognized as a symbol by IB in MT. That's why I was appending the ":Globex" suffix.
  5. P.S. When I use symbol "@MES19:*5", then the DOM and Charts behave fine. Is that the symbol nomenclature I should be using for the micros?
  6. On account view screen, the symbol is showing as "MESM19:*5". Not sure what the "*5" signifies other than the dollar value associated with 1 point/1 contract of MES. All of my screen are Linked, btw.
  7. Jerry, 1) Both my charts are enabled for Trading; 2) The submitted order does NOT change color. 3) The DOM does NOT show that order is filled. The original limit order (which never changed color) is remaining in the BUY ORDER (or SELL ORDERS) DOM column. Also, it does NOT hide after 20 seconds (which is my default setting). So, I used DOM with ticker SPY, and all works correctly. The problem is occurring with IB symbol @MES19:GLOBEX.
  8. Hi Jerry, I'm paper trading the MES eMicro on IB. When I add a limit order on the DOM and click the GREEN checkmark to submit order to broker, the order is delivered to my broker fine, but several things are not happening: 1) The Limit order is not displayed visually on either my intraday or historical chart; 2) The Limit order on the DOM remains in the BUY ORDER (or SELL ORDER) column. and does not display as it should in the BUYS (or SELLS) column; The Limit Order executes at defined limit price at IB, shows up in my MT and IB ACCOUNT VIEW OK, but the order remains in the DOM in the BUY ORDER (or SELL ORDER) column. Any clue here? Thanks in advance.
  9. No, makes no difference. I sent over the log report to you, referencing this URL. BTW, although I receive these emini market data live with both IB Live Trading acct and IB Paper Trading Acct logins, I tested with both accounts, and get same results. Thanks for looking into this.
  10. Jerry, apologies in advance if I'm being dense here, but in my portfolio I am set to Smart Source for my backfill. For @ESM19 symbol, in both my intraday and my historical chart, backfill is also set to Smart Source. Without me doing anything OR if I try to force backfill on either chart, I don't get backfillED prior to 4/29, which is my portfolio create date (see chart above). Why am I not getting backfilled data from the beginning of the contract date from IB? P.S. For fun, I created a new portfolio, and added symbol @ESM19, and I'm limited to backfill to 4/29 (MT probably smart enough to use symbol data from other portfolio). I added @GCM19 to this new portfolio, and I'm only getting backfill data from today (since the overnight, that is).
  11. OK, now I see why I had my very original question. Great that @ES (without expiration in symbol) provides backfilling ability on both TD and IB, but unfortunately, you cannot trade on symbol @ES using IB. That yields an error in that IB requires the expiration in the symbol to be traded on (@ESM19, for example). No problem with that. However, if I want to trade on @ESM19 in my portfolio, I cannot backfill that symbol from IB either historically or intraday, before the creation date of my portfolio. The Chart above shows the historical backfill that I get when I try to historically backfill @ESM19 from IB, where 4/29 was the creation date of my portfolio. Is this a bug or is there an alternate way to achieve this?
  12. Oh Wow, I thought futures symbols had to be expressed with associated expirations in the nomenclature. This works great. Does this method (@ES) automatically take contract rollover into account?
  13. Sorry to belabor this issue, but I still have questions here. I created a portfolio that contains several of the CME/CBOT eMini's and the forthcoming eMicro's. I had this portfolio created and active the last 5 trading days. Below is my 1 day Historical chart for the ES mini for ALL DATA. 1) When I do a historical backfill (from either IB or TD), why is it that volume bars are not displayed correctly for 4/30 and 5/2 below? 2) Why is it that I cannot backfill this futures contract (using either IB or TD as my source) prior to the date of the creation of the portfolio? The same limitation doesn't exist for equities. Does IB put a restriction on futures backfills (to maybe the current day only?) or is MT imposing this backfill limitation? Thank you again.
  14. OK, duh, it was NOT started. However, my portfolio was updating all day, and charts were updating, as long as I was focused on symbol. I did alternate my data source several times between IB and TD, so not sure how that affected my portfolio updating. Let me play with it tonight when the futures sessions re-start. Thanks for your replies.
  15. HI Jerry, No, these are real-time CME and CBOT level 1 quotes (live). It's the cheapest of all the Emini market data plans ($ 1.25/mo for each). As long as I'm focused to an Emini in my portfolio, my charts update in real-time fine. However, when I switch to a different Emini in the same portfolio, there is a gap in my chart (from the last time I was focused on that symbol), until I do a manual backfill - and it usually updates missing pieces of chart within a minute or so. I was just wondering if there is a restriction on futures backfill either with IB (that you know of) or with MT, given these real-time Level 1 market feeds.
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