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  1. Playing with some of the new chart-based Candle Patterns, and the Doji Pattern seems to miss some candidates and also give off some false positives as well. Not sure what threshold you are using for the Open-Close delta relative to the share price. But here's a sample hourly chart of MSFT, where a couple of bars are giving false positives, and several bars in this chart would have been better candidates, but weren't designated as Dojis:
  2. Have an Alert Log tied to my other screens via a Symbol Link Group. At times, when I click on a row in my Alert Log, my other screens tied by my Symbol Link Group update properly, and at other times, they do not. UPDATE: Look like I need to click explicitly on the Symbol column of an effected row on the Alert Log screen, to trigger the Group update. Clicking anywhere else in the Alert Log row, doesn't trigger Symbol Group update.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug, or just a minor annoyance (to me!). I use the default User Save Path to store my Screen and Chart templates. On the Portfolio Scanner screen, when I click on Params->View/Edit and select a folder that contains some sound files I have (and actually select one) and Apply it, when I subsequently want to Load or Save a template, the default User Save Path becomes the folder that I selected the Sound file from, instead of the original User Save Path. After hunting around for path for these templates, I discovered the default path for these templates from Settings->General.
  4. Purely a nice to have: TD Ameritrade has CNBC window integration in several of their platforms, and I thought that might be a nice addition if you could somehow frame internet-based CNBC and/or Bloomberg feeds within the MT environment, in an MT window.
  5. Thanks, but still getting the "Attachment Removed" message, whether I specify the 10 digit Tele, or the 10Digit@vzwpix.com.
  6. Yes, that worked. I Emailed myself at ##########@vzwpix.com, with a Subject, some text, and a .jpg attachment, and everything got sent to my Message app correctly. Did the same thing to ##########@vtext.com and got the aforementioned "Attachment Removed" message. If memory serves correct, I think Verizon introduced their SMS-to-Email gateway address from "vtext.com" to "vzwpix.com" for images a year or 2 ago. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys, I spoke with Verizon (my cell carrier) on this, and they don't see any settings that would be causing this on their end. I have a historical chart (100 bars/1 day) with 3 SMA's, Volume, and RSI displayed, and I'm attempting to text it (SMS) to myself. I specify Verizon (USA) as the carrier, and have tried specifying my tele # as: 1) 10digit# and 2) 10digit#@vzwpix.com (SMS-to-Email gateway). Both of these attempts send a text to my phone from alerts@medvedtrader.com, but in both instances I'm getting a Verizon "Attachment Removed" message, with no image rendered. Could this be an issue with the size of the chart image that I'm trying to SMS?
  8. I never said it was simple! I’m struggling to implement some of these. Let me work on trying to define specific criteria.
  9. Hi guys! Any plans to introduce any Pattern Recgnitions in your Scanner? For example, Double or Triple Bottoms? Thanks in advance.
  10. OK, on the 2 Bracket Orders. Hmmm, have to check on IB TWS on modifying quantity for one leg of bracket only. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, IB user here. So I Buy a stock for price X, and I subsequently enter a Bracket Sell Order, with a specified Limit Sell Price and Market Stop Price. By default, the # of shares of my stock purchase appear on both sides of my Bracket share sell orders, which is fine. If I subsequently modify the # of shares to be sold in my Bracket Limit Sell Order to be, say, 1/2 the # of shares of original purchase (want to take 1/2 off at stipulated level), the # of shares associated with the Bracket Market Stop order, also changes to the # of shares that I changed in my Bracket Limit Sell Order. Ideally, I'd want my Bracket Stop Market Order to reflect my entire purchase position, the Bracket Limit Order quantity to reflect the amount I changed it to, and if my Bracket Limit Sell Order is hit, I would hope that the associated Bracket Stop Market Order quantity would be decremented by the quantity stipulated in my filled Bracket Sell Limit Order. I could then subsequently enter a new Sell Limit Order for my next profit target. The way it works now is that I would need to change quantity on Bracket order, which would only reflect 1/2 the original quantity, and once hit (Profit or Stop), both halves of the order would go away, and I'd still be left with 1/2 my position, but no orders active. Alternatively, I could ignore entering a Bracket order altogether, and enter separate Sell Limit and Stop orders, after my purchase, but this ismore work, more clicks, and more time risk. Am I missing something here - is there a way to accomplish what I want with Bracket Orders as currently implemented? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. I discussed this in a thread when I first started looking at MT a month ago, but wanted to make a formal request: Can you guys support IB Bracket Orders? By definition, " Bracket orders are designed to help limit your loss and lock in a profit by "bracketing" an order with two opposite-side orders. A BUY order is bracketed by a high-side sell limit order and a low-side sell stop order. A SELL order is bracketed by a high-side buy stop order and a low side buy limit order. " I believe Jerry called this type of order OTOCA, where the price of execution (at a Stop or Limit Price) is specified, and once executed, the opposite side Limit and Stop price orders (brackets) are automatically executed. In other words, the initial trade and bracket orders would be an all-in-one. Currently, MT bracket orders are a separate order that needs to be executed, after a trade completes. What would be real nice addendum to this is if R:R ratios could be configured in Settings and used as a basis for the subsequent bracket pricing, based either on points or %. Thanks in advance for considering.
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