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  1. Dang! That's it. I didn't know I had to set the port # on Settings / Data Sources / Config Accounts. I thought my selecting the Source to Interactive Brokers, it took care of itself. Thank you very much for setting me straight! I had been running with existing accounts for so long, before accidentally deleting my Simulated acct, that I forgot about that setting.
  2. OK, I think I'm going nuts, and can't figure this out. Per above, I changed my TWS IB Simulated account to Port # 7495 (from default 7496). I changed Simulated Config session on TWS to match that port #. When I fire up TWS Simulated and try to connect MT to it, I'm not getting any data feed data. If I look in Sources in MT, IB Simulated is listed as "Streaming", and IB Live is listed as "Faulted". When I switch back TWS Live/MT Live all works fine. When I go back to TWS Simulated/MT with port # restored to default port 7496, it appears to be working fine. I'm sending you my log file; if you get the chance, I'd appreciate if you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. TIA.
  3. OK, I just wanted to be sure, because I regularly use both Live/Demo. Bottom line is if I'm logged into TWS demo on the back-end, and MT connects, there is no way I can submit a trade to the Live back-end TWS in that scenario, correct? The reason I ask is that the MT account config looks exactly the same to me, except for the possible enabling of the "read-only" flag. Again, I've been using this for awhile, but I inadvertently deleted my MT IB demo account somehow. I tried changing port # for the IB demo acct (just to be safe), but couldn't connect with MT last night. I'll try again, after hours today.
  4. Just want a confirmation on this to be sure please: I had 2 MT IB accounts set up (Live and Demo), and somehow I must have deleted the IB Demo Account in MT. So, I re-created the Demo account in MT. I seem to remember in the past that the Live and Demo IB versions had distinct API Port #'s, but logging into IB Live/Demo back-ends respectively, they seem to use the same API port # now, by default. Just want to make sure - there is a "Read-only" flag associated with accounts. By setting this flag for my IB Demo acct, will that ensure that any trades made against it, when my IB Demo account is the selected acct for trading in MT, will: 1) Go to my IB Demo account? 2) Allow me to simulate trades against this account? Thanks in advance. P.S. As an aside, I tried changing the IB Demo account API Port # to a different # from the default 7496, but MT didn't connect to it. Maybe you guys are always assuming the default API Port #.
  5. LOL, thanks for humoring me! I do grab news from my TD Ameritrade feed, so that makes sense. Thanks again!
  6. Sorry, stupid question, but on news windows there is a column which is sometimes clear, sometimes red, sometimes green. What does the Green or Red signify? Thanks in advance.
  7. Not sure if this is intended functionality or a bug. Just to add some context: Depending on whether there is a Trending vs Range bound market, I like to use OTA vs. OTOCA conditional trade types on the DOM. The initial MT config values are used initially for each conditional trade type which is fine. However, due to market dynamics during trading day, I may want to switch between these 2 conditional trade types (and may want to alter config values for each trade type at any given time). I notice that when I toggle between the 2 during a session, the current config values of the session are not persistent for each trade type, and revert to MT default config values. As an example: 1) I bypass MT config values during a session for OTA type trade and click OK; 2) Later I switch to OTOCA and modify config values from the initial MT defaults; 3) Later I switch back to OTA trade type and the bypassed config values from Step # 1 are not preserved; they revert to MT default config values. Is this intended functionality or a bug?
  8. Thanks. One thing to add, it's only' when I hit the "OK" button coming out of the OTOCA config screen (regardless of whether changes are made or not). If I hit "Cancel" from within the OTOCA config screen, the problem does not occur.
  9. I am running latest Beta. I am set for Conditional Order Auto -> OTOCA, so that orders will be executed via Limit Orders (my default order type). When I go into OTOCA config on the DOM to either change or inspect OTOCA actions, and click on OK, the default order type, goes from "Auto" to "Market", thus changing my order type from "Limit" to "Market. Am I doing something wrong to cause this?
  10. Hi guys, Trading MES futures on IB with 5 minutes bar/volume chart. Please see pic below. There were between 3k-5K contracts traded during the 5 minute period where the volume chart shows a spike. It was displaying fine, but I shutdown MT and restarted, and upon re-start of MT, the current volume bar that was active shows this large spike volume bar, which is incorrect. I tried backfilling and also tried spike removal on this volume chart, all to no avail. I also tried removing/re-adding the Volume indicator, again this didn't help. Also, when I mouse-over this erroneous volume spike, it does not display the volume amount, whereas all surrounding volume bars (that are scaled to this big volume bar display-wise) do indicate the volume amount during a mouse-over in a rectangle box. Additionally, on the OHLCV display, the erroneous bar indicates a Volume for that 5-minute period of the total contract volume of the day. Here's what is looked like. I'll send log file over as well.
  11. Ok Mike, great, and thanks!
  12. Yes, an enhancement to provide an audio alert and/or visual alert (maybe blinking) when a countdown threshold during bar formation is reached, would be nice.
  13. Yes, correct! I can live with switching symbol during live trading in the interim then. Thanks in advance for looking into it.
  14. Jerry, Just executed this morning and sent log file after first starting MT. I'm aware of how AUTO mode can be a Limit or Stop order depending on price execution; that is not the issue here. Not sure if your Log file is cumulative for the day or not, but please LOOK AT 2ND LOG FILE that I sent you, since this contains the "Flatten" action (forgot to do this before sending 1st log file). So, here's what I did. 1) I hovered over a Sell price which was displaying "LMT 1" correctly. Market price is below this hovered price; 2) Market price rises above the hovered Sell price. Still displays "LMT 1", when in actuality it is really a "SELL STP 1" at this point; 3) I execute the Sell trade. Trade fires off as a LIMIT trade (which is fine for me since I want this trade to fire at this price). 4) IB executes fine, and creates the pending Buy Stop Leg fine. Your transactions screen (see picture below) looks fine with Limit Order executed and 1 Buy Stop order pending. 5) However, note that 2 Buy Stop Orders (at the same price) appear on the DOM (incorrect). When I subsequently flatten, 1 STOP still appears on the DOM (and I can't get rid of it unless I restart MT). However, MT Transactions screen and IB back-end don't know anything about this rogue Stop order. It is a DOM issue only.
  15. OK, I did find a bug today playing in Paper Mode on IB using the DOM. Trading 1 contract of MES. Trading OTA AUTO. On a Short, when I hover cursor in Sell column (but don't click to execute OTA Limit Order) where hovered price is above current market price, MT correctly displays "LMT 1" for this potential trade. While continuing to hold cursor over that price, the Market price subsequently increases (overtakes) this pending hovered Limit Order price. While the market price is above this hovered cursored LMT price, I click to execute the order and the Limit order is executed since the price is below current market price. However, in this scenario, MT creates "2" OTA Stop Orders on the DOM (which is incorrect), while in effect, only one Stop order is sent to off to IB (which is correct). If I Flatten or cancel Stop Order, the one correct Stop Order is correctly canceled in IB back-end and on MT, but one rogue MT Stop Order remains on the DOM (there are no Stop Orders on the IB back-end at this point), which cannot be canceled or removed from the DOM without restarting MT. Analogously, on the Buy Side, the same issue occurs, and is readily repeatable. Not sure, but I'm guessing that other conditional types may exhibit the same behavior. I'm sending a log file over to you if this helps at all.
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