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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for confirming.
  2. Jerry, Just verifying that the TDA API still does not provide a paper trading option, correct? Setting up an MT TDA account and checking the "Read Only" flag doesn't accomplish this, right? Thanks
  3. Mike, to be clear, the SetColorandShape works correctly, and labels the Engulfing correctly on the Chart as a RED dot; that's not the issue. In my Scanner tab of my portfolio, the above code which flags the candle pattern correctly just displays the bearish result in the Scan Result column in color GREEN. I don't think that I have control over the color that is displayed in the Scan Result Column; that must be something you do by default, depending on whether the Candle Pattern is bullish vs. bearish. Given that the "Engulfing" function handles both Bullish and Bearish cases, I'm guessing that you're not displaying the color correctly in the bearish case. [Sorry, when I cut/paste my code from the Advanced Paintbar window, the forum S/W cut off the code and my explanation originally] Again, I don't think it's a function of the scan code. If you still need it, let me know, and I'll send it to you via Email.
  4. Mike, I included it in original message, but for some reason it didn't get posted (I cut/paste from Paintbar editor): if (CandlePattern.Engulfing() == -1) { SetColorandShape("Engulfing", PBShape.Circle, Color.Red); SetScanResult("Bearish: Bearish Engulfing); }
  5. Small display (color) bug: yields a GREEN (instead of RED) color in the "Scan Result" column. The "Engulfing" pattern function is used for both positive engulfing (== 1) and negative engulfing (== -1).
  6. Yeah, I get it. Maybe I'll just save SDATA.BIN to SDATA.BIN_BACKTEST once I hit close to 120 days of saved futures data, then subsequently reduce the # of saved days in Chart Config, save that current state of SDATA.BIN_CURRENT, and restore old SDATA.BIN_BACKTEST only when I do backtesting. I could then restore current SDATA.BIN_CURRENT to SDATA.BIN when I go back to normal trading, and backfill to bring it up to date for # of days specified in Config. I realize that I'll need to shut MT down, when doing these SDATA.BIN copying. See any snags with that, other than mucking with SDATA.BIN? Alternatively, would it be difficult or feasible to introduce a Settings switch that says to only buffer current day data for charts, even if there is more data for a ticker? Thanks again.
  7. Further to last post, I'm looking to make this more efficient, without losing functionality. Is there a way for me to continue to collect 120 days of data as I'm currently doing, but to force charts to only display last day or 2 only for example, so that MT doesn't have to buffer data for the full 120 days? I guess I'm asking for a smart display filter where MT wouldn't have have to buffer all this data, but all the data is still there.
  8. The only problem with using % is that I cannot easily anticipate the addition of the next bar (and hence, the next trade). Also, using % can/does reduce the # of bars, but also reduces the # of potential trading opportunities for me as well.
  9. Certainly not a major big deal. Just wanted to report it. I’ve seen this for a long while, and finally decided to let you know.
  10. OK Jerry, I wetransfer'd it over . About 600 MB MTExport file. Thanks for looking into this.
  11. Yes, I restart every day. I should have stated above, when I stay with same symbol, memory footprint reduces to below 1GB. I also removed all "hidden" indicators from my charts, so I'm pretty much running bare bones, and still high mem utilization.
  12. I lowered my tick data to lowest value (1), and that has not made a difference. Is there any suggestion that you might have that would allow me to "archive" intraday data for above symbols periodically (for later back testing retrieval), so that I could then lower the # of intraday days for charts? I'm consistently using 3.5GB - 4.0GB+ of memory when I switch between symbols (which currently have about 90 days of intraday data currently). If I stick with a specific ticker symbol for a period of time (that is, no switching between symbols), the memory footprint goes down after awhile (I'm guessing due to garbage collection). Thanks in advance.
  13. Yes, DOM linked to Portfolio screen, and problem can occur when switching between symbols on Portfolio. Both Portfolio screen and DOM focused to IB quote source. Doesn't happen all the time, but if you switch back and forth between symbols enough, you should be able to re-create issue, and by switching back/forth once problem occurs, it fixes itself.
  14. This has been an issue for awhile, on MT. I trade @MESU21, @MYMU21, and @MNQU21 during trading day. When toggling between them on Portfolio screen during day, Volume from trading day on DOM may disappear at times for given ticker, and I will need to re-toggle from/to affected instrument, to have the day's volume refresh accurately for the trading day.
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