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Paintbar having issues printing on chart with specific symbols

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Hi Jerry and Mike,

So, I am having an issue where the paintbar i use is kind of having some serious issues printing on only a very small fraction of stocks that I have. Normally, it looks like this:image.thumb.png.8fec3bab74e3c2897619dc3f593876ae.png


That is the image for a stock called "ROKU". It works very well for the majority of stocks on my watchlists, however, when I run this paintbar on the stock MTCH the result is this:


Note that this screenshot occurs at the beginning of the data for "MTCH". These are the only markings that get printed on the chart - there is no later data for more recent candlesticks. 

On another note, if I clear the data for the historical chart, and choose a different source to backfill "MTCH" with, the end result of the paintbar changes dramatically. Here's an example using Webull as a backfill source instead for the same stock (MTCH):


Another thing I notice as im pasting these chart in, is that the final result of the paintbar (Orange P --> Green Circle) seems to be consistent no matter which source I use to backfill. So probably something wrong with the paintbar itself. I'll look into that I guess.

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That's really weird. All I did was comment out the Piercing function (Orange P) and then saved the paintbar and it was fixed. But, I then proceeded to uncomment the piercing function and... it still worked.

I suspect this error has something to do with the weird candlestick data at the beginning of the historical data. Once I cleared the data, and changed the backfill source, and then saved the program over again the error disappeared. I didn't change anything with the code. So at least I know now.

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