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XY charts



I will say this one more time - you guys are building a fantastic product. Thanks again.


And I will add a request to the many I have made, for a (semi-)unique feature:


please add a new chart type to plot Instrument X vs. Instrument Y.


Removing the time dimension enables the analysis of the relationship between two instruments: you get insights unavailable by just looking at an instrument's time history.


Example: a single stock's price vs. that of its sector ETF 


When plotting data, the user should be able to specify: 

  • dots or blobs for each data point (dot for last vs. last, blob for hi-lo vs hi-lo).
  • whether to connect data points with a line.
  • a sub-sampling multiplier so that if data is stored at, say, 5s intervals, it may be plotted at any integer multiple of that interval (e.g. 10s, 20s, etc.)
  • starting and ending date/time for plot, with sliders for each endpoint


A note: to make this work at the intraday level you may need an auxiliary time-consolidated database, where data points (hi-lo-last) are stored at specified sample intervals, e.g. 5s, 1min, or 5min. 



PS I realize this is not a trivial addition - but I consider it a highly-desirable feature that would further distinguish MT from the pack.


Thanks again for your consideration.

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