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  1. transactions: no symbol staus all open/filled current day BTW, cant send log via file/help/email to support cuz it goes via outlook
  2. I put in an order to buy order was accepted, BUT order did not show up in acct view/transactions order filled cuz I got an email from Atrade order still not in acct view/transactions whether 'filled' or 'open filled" position DOES show up acct view/positions
  3. vireya

    re ALERTS

    terrific!!! thanx much
  4. vireya

    re ALERTS

    I will wait til you add. Spent too much time on this already. The download file does not reveal any sound files I will simply watch the clock thanx anyway I give up
  5. vireya

    re ALERTS

    sorry, but I TOLD ya I was a dummyme So when I set an alert for open, I cant find out how to insert the sound you say is already there
  6. vireya

    re ALERTS

    good for open/close of mkt: https://www.freesound.org/people/ljudman/sounds/33244/ good for a trade notification: https://www.freesound.org/people/suburban%20grilla/sounds/2166/
  7. vireya

    re ALERTS

    so, after searching and finding one, then what do I do? Dont you think that there shud be a choice when we elect a sound alert, rather than doing it this way?
  8. vireya

    re ALERTS

    Sorry, but dummyme cannot find any sound for my alerts Any help for this?
  9. Sorry Jerry, Dummyme does not understand... I have 2 computers, each with MT I wish that the data (portfolio) can be synced tween the two ie, if I put 'T' into one, then the other puter wud show it when opened are you saying that the settings are synched between the 2 computers also?
  10. I meant to syncronize the data; not the settings
  11. the ability to copy my portfolio to paste elsewhere I also wish for the ability to synchronize tween my 2 laptops thats all...not much
  12. I still maintain that it might be best to backup on exiting rather than startup
  13. vireya


    any chance to put bold a line or column on your to do list?
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