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  1. vireya

    strange thing happened

    no it does not
  2. vireya

    strange thing happened

    transactions: no symbol staus all open/filled current day BTW, cant send log via file/help/email to support cuz it goes via outlook
  3. I put in an order to buy order was accepted, BUT order did not show up in acct view/transactions order filled cuz I got an email from Atrade order still not in acct view/transactions whether 'filled' or 'open filled" position DOES show up acct view/positions
  4. vireya

    re ALERTS

    terrific!!! thanx much
  5. vireya

    re ALERTS

    I will wait til you add. Spent too much time on this already. The download file does not reveal any sound files I will simply watch the clock thanx anyway I give up
  6. vireya

    re ALERTS

    sorry, but I TOLD ya I was a dummyme So when I set an alert for open, I cant find out how to insert the sound you say is already there
  7. vireya

    re ALERTS

    good for open/close of mkt: https://www.freesound.org/people/ljudman/sounds/33244/ good for a trade notification: https://www.freesound.org/people/suburban%20grilla/sounds/2166/
  8. vireya

    re ALERTS

    so, after searching and finding one, then what do I do? Dont you think that there shud be a choice when we elect a sound alert, rather than doing it this way?
  9. vireya

    re ALERTS

    Sorry, but dummyme cannot find any sound for my alerts Any help for this?
  10. vireya

    I wish for ....

    Sorry Jerry, Dummyme does not understand... I have 2 computers, each with MT I wish that the data (portfolio) can be synced tween the two ie, if I put 'T' into one, then the other puter wud show it when opened are you saying that the settings are synched between the 2 computers also?
  11. vireya

    I wish for ....

    I meant to syncronize the data; not the settings
  12. vireya

    I wish for ....

    the ability to copy my portfolio to paste elsewhere I also wish for the ability to synchronize tween my 2 laptops thats all...not much
  13. vireya

    NEW DASHBOARD User Interface

    I still maintain that it might be best to backup on exiting rather than startup
  14. vireya


    any chance to put bold a line or column on your to do list?
  15. vireya

    Misc. Dumb Questions