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  1. MT keeps showing an update available (1.1.8735.1) and it downloads something and restarts, but after the update it keeps showing that I have version 1.1.8730.1, not the new 1.1.8735.1, so still have the same issue.
  2. All 3 are checked now. Its different....now no matter how many windows I minimize, it only shows the outline of one minimized window in the bottom left. When I hover over the MT Icon in the Task Bar, it shows separate windows that can be selected for account view and all of the portfolios....however no charts show there, so if I minimize a chart, it doesn't show, so I can't restore it. I tried restarting MT, but that made no difference.
  3. Here is a screen print of my setting in Application/General:
  4. Yeah, I saw that post before I opened this issue. I already have that setting set. I tried turning on and off several settings in MT related to Task Bar Icons, but none solved this issue.
  5. I've had a problem pop up with minimized windows after installing Microsoft's latest feature update this weekend(Windows 10 Version 1903). The attached image shows a cropped screen print where there are 2 minimized MT windows on the bottom left. It is only showing the outline of the minimized windows and I am unable to restore them....clicking or right-clicking anywhere inside the minimized window does nothing. The work-around is to either right-click the Medved Icon in the system tray and select Restore all windows, or select "windows" from the Dashboard window and double-click the individual item I want restored....the problem persists once the same or another window is minimized once again. I am up to date on the latest Windows updates.....nothing more to download. I saw a similar post like this from June, but I appear to already have the recommended settings turned on. I will email my system settings to you separately in case you want to look at them. No rush on this....its a Holiday weekend and there IS a work-around. Thanks, Tim
  6. First, I Really, Really appreciate the recently added feature of locking windows.....that has prevented me from accidentally closing and moving windows. However, I also sometimes accidentally change the period of a chart when intending to use the scroller at the bottom of a window to scroll back or forward in time. I instead inadvertently grab the left or right edge of the scroller, invoking the zoom function, and end up changing my chart period.....then I have to figure out what the period was or re-create the chart from a template. So, it would be nice if the zoom function on the chart scroller was locked when a chart window is locked, or by adding a chart setting to not use the zoom function on chart scrollers. Thanks for considering, Tim
  7. I have the global trade alert turned on (both a popup window and sound alert), but it doesn't fire (at least on a long position), when the stop is hit. (It works fine when the profit point is reached). It also doesn't show up in the Alert Log. This is for a TD Ameritrade account. One thing I noticed, in case it helps, is that on the Transactions tab of the Account View window, both the Cancelled limit order and the filled Stop order show in the "**Other:" section....so the Filled Stop order does not show in the "**Filled:" section. Please let me know if you need any other information from me. Thanks, Tim
  8. In the most recent Beta release, it states that you've added Scan Alerts. What do I need to do in order to invoke these alerts....can't seem to figure it out. Thanks, Tim
  9. First, I really like the new real-time scanner....It's Great !!! Would it be possible to somehow show all of the portfolio scanner hits in the Alert Log. The reason I'm asking is because I'm using the scanner on a very short time frame, so even though I'm showing both the Scan and ScanDate columns on the portfolio, I sometimes miss seeing them since those fields clear out once a new bar begins....especially when I step away for a bit. So, being able to review the recent hits on the Alert Log would be great. Perhaps adding a portfolio alert on the Scan column? Thanks, Tim
  10. OK thanks for looking into this. The spread showing 5-cents and a quick glance at the Level II window showing everything in 5-cent increments is working fine for me. Perhaps IQFeed will add the Tick increment in the future, but they may not bother until the rule is finalized in October 2018. I wouldn't bother with an edited list....since they update it daily it would constantly be getting out of date. Thanks Much! Tim
  11. Thanks for doing this! I use IQFeed. Symbols "DVAX" and "CALA" would be a couple of examples. You can get the full lists from here (Download links down lower on the page): https://www.nasdaqtrader.com/Trader.aspx?id=TickPilot Unfortunately, these get updated daily. Thanks! Tim
  12. Would it be reasonable to request that the "Spread" column be made available on the Positions tab of the Account View window? The reason I'm asking for this is because I often exit a position by selecting the row with the position and do CTRL-T to open a Trade Ticket window. When I do this AND set the trade as a Limit order, I'm seeing increasing cases where the trade is rejected because the Stock is one of those in that Tick Size pilot program that only trades in 5-cent increments. If I see that the spread is 5-cents, I'll know to glance at the Level II, see every level in 5-cent increments and know its one of these stocks. I do have the spread column on my portfolios, but that's just not where I"m looking when I want to quickly set a Limit order for a position I'm holding. This would be helpful unless you can think of a better solution. Thanks, Tim
  13. I see. I have the filtering on to just show trades....didn't want to see the entries for when the Bid/Ask changes without a trade. If there was a way to only use my IQFeed data for Raw Data, charts and portfolios, that would be ideal. I really only need the TD Ameritrade data for balance information in the Account view window. I believe all portfolio columns are available from IQFeed. I seem to recall you mentioning that MT calculates some of those portfolio columns, but I often see the IQFeed data being overwritten by those calculations, sometimes resulting in different values. That kind of defeats the purpose since IQFeed data is so fast. There's very little data I want from the broker. Thanks, Tim
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