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  1. I guess they're getting close. They now say "Due to unexpected delays the new data for the move will be the Mid-October time-frame". https://iqhelp.dtn.com/firewall-ip-addresses/
  2. Oh, I just realized that this ATIF stock did a reverse split today....1 for 5. That would make the split-adjusted previous closing price about $2.75. Perhaps this has something to do with it. Don't know if you saw that already or not.
  3. Wow....and all this because it was another thing that the SEC wanted to "FIX" in order to "HELP" us. 👿
  4. Yeah, the only way I know for sure that a stock is about to halt is when I see the volume of the top aggregate price level of a Level II window increasing a lot and the price is no longer going higher (for a halt to the upside). At that point it still sits for 2-3 seconds and sometimes lets you get in or out of a position, depending on what you want to do. It's certainly a nice feature and I'm sure many traders appreciate it....I sure do!
  5. OK thanks much....I know its not an exact science.
  6. I know you've been tweaking the LULD indicator for charts in some recent beta updates, but this most recent update looks like its actually made it worse. I have the LULD indicator on a 15-second chart (0.25 minutes) which helps me see a fast moving stock that is about to halt. Take a look at symbol "ATIF" for example today. It never halted at all today, but both the high and low limit lines would indicate otherwise.
  7. So you have this really cool "Zoom" feature that allows you to grab either side of the scroller on a chart window to zoom in and out which changes the time period of the chart. I have some charts with very short frequencies and time periods, so in these cases my scroller is Very narrow (only about 1/4-inch wide). I find myself accidently zooming in and out when I only want to grab the scroller and to move it left or right (past or future). Would it be reasonable to request that when a chart window is locked, that the scroller be locked as well, so that you don't accidently zoom in or out? Or, if that isn't reasonable, then to have a new option to lock the scroller? Thanks, Tim
  8. FYI, it's delayed for a 3rd time....now its supposed to be sometime in September: https://iqhelp.dtn.com/firewall-ip-addresses/
  9. Just a little thing. When you hover over the symbol name in a portfolio, it shows the company name, but the first portion of the name is blocked by the mouse pointer (push pin). Is there a way to move the displayed name about a 1/4-inch further to the right, so the company name shows clearly? See attached video to see what I mean. Thanks, Tim https://vimeo.com/567712893
  10. Info I just noticed for those that use IQFeed: https://iqhelp.dtn.com/firewall-ip-addresses/
  11. Done. And just a suggestion (you can take it or leave it)....when I was looking for various stock related services in the past, the web site that stood out the most for getting their point out was IQFEED.NET. The reason being is that at the top of their home page, they have their own internal scrolling of user reviews. Its an impressive and great selling point to see a bunch of positive user reviews when you get to the main page of a web site you've never seen before. - Tim
  12. FYI, My IQFeed connection has been hanging at nearly every startup of MT since the last Beta version (11/29/2020). I have been having to right-click the IQFeed row in the Dashboard "Sources" tab and select "Force Re-Login" in order for the IQFeed connection to start and begin streaming data.
  13. Yep, that worked for me....thanks much!!! - Tim
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