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  1. I sure don't want to come across as a nag... but the attached jpg shows the problem using IB data feed after a power glitch. I erased the current day data and reloaded. I can live with the spike, if I could see the rest of the days volume data. I have UNchecked "scale by max(volume)".. so I believe I am seeing 10x the average volume. If I check the box, all volume data almost disappears. It would be nice if we could pick the multiplier that is now set for 10x. For example, if I could input 3x or 4x, I believe the attached chart would be fully usable. Thanks again for thinking of this Jerry!
  2. bigMoose

    IB Spike Issue in Volume

    IB Backfill spike issue after backfill
  3. This photo shows the scaling of the volume indicator with two data reconnects to IB and subsequent automatic backfill. The check box for "Scale by Max" is unchecked. This shows how hard it is to see the "real" volume movement when the scale is forced to be so large. Hopefully there can be an improvement in the visual scaling of the volume indicator as time progresses.
  4. Mike, thanks for the quick reply. When the box is unchecked, and the chart range defaults to 10 X the average volume... it puts the volume trends that I am looking for in only 10%-20% of the vertical window allocated to volume. Perhaps this is something you might reconsider as it puts the signal down in the noise? Perhaps allow the user to set the 10 X the average number to something lower, perhaps 2 or 3 X average volume? Or some other way to allow us to have a meaningful volume display with IB's flakey volume spikes. This may way be a deal breaker for traders who use the volume behaviour as an indicator. Perhaps I am missing something? All the best, Dave
  5. Gents, I read back in January 2015 that volume spike removal would be included in future builds. Does anyone know if it has been implemented, or am I just dense and cannot find it? As a work around, I was trying to manually scale the vertical extent of the volume indicator to give more height to the normal bars and "drive the spikes" through the ceiling. I unclicked "scale by max" on the volume indicator, but it did not seem to change anything. I sure like how this platform is developing! Any insight/help appreciated. All the best, Dave Reference : http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/topic/878-volume-spike-on-mt-start-with-tda-data-feed/
  6. I too would like to right click on the bar to remove it. Particularly for rogue volume bars with IB data feed.
  7. Jerry as a long time QT user is it possible to get the beta to try? All the best, Dave
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