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    Thank you Jerry update worked
  2. Brynk

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    Charts/Timeframe Double Click To Add won't accept text Thanks Guys
  3. Thanks Jerry all is good youse guys are great
  4. since my update this AM Thanks
  5. green light YaY you guys are amazing do I leave or later retry "select DNS automatically"?
  6. I sent you email w/ a similar problem red stop circle for data streaming greeted me this AM I restarted MT and still no data stream. Red circle still there I saw an update wh/ I installed and MT started fine, but still no streaming data, still red circle what to do? what to do?
  7. Sorry for not being clear, Jerry (oops, and for calling you Gary) I used the old MT by running 2 versions at the same time. This way I could a have a group of charts, like the major indices showing daily charts in one version. The other version would be run to view hourly or minute charts. This way I could sync chart periods and frequencies of one group without changing the other. I have other chart programs where the color coded links would separate groups for syncing time and frequency adjustments, only w/in the color coded link groups. is that any clearer? thanks
  8. Thanks Gary It wasn't activated, but now that it is, it doesn't seem to do what I thought. I'm looking for a group of charts of different symbols to be linked for coordinating chart periods and frequencies Some of my charts have low volume trading and require longer periods to display data meaningfully ?not available? .......and as long as I'm here, I'll renew another call for separate default alert lines for drawing below and above price. This was a feature of the old system. Thanks again
  9. ...........seems to be missing from the window caption
  10. I could have sworn the columns on edit portfolio page was sort-able No?
  11. add me in with ydfah and his ferrets
  12. Dashboard/Edit Portfolios I added a symbol, w/ # shares and cost in the portfolio edit screen I entered OK, the edit screen disappeared and the symbol appeared in the portfolio I sipped some coffee I went back to the portfolio edit screen to change the cost The symbol wasn't there I closed the portfolio edit screen and the symbol was still in the portfolio
  13. I added a symbol to a portfolio in the portfolio edit screen it appears in the portfolio list, but now does not show in the portfolio edit screen Feature or Bug?
  14. Brynk


    QT repeats the sound at every tick. My settings were: Value of Last, Timeout after 0 seconds and trigger only if crossed is blank I think the MT repeat requires a trigger of actual crossing and resetting won't continue the sound till crossed again QT allowed the trigger of just being above or below the price. Yes? If a price crosses my alert and keeps going, I won't know it if I I step away for a while or other sounds in the room block out a single ding.
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