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  1. That is great and will work! Thanks Jerry
  2. I was hoping to add the leaders together to create one line or bar. AAPL+MSFT+AMZN+FB+BABA+NFLX etc. Essentially creating my own "index". I did this on TradeStation years ago.
  3. Any way to make a chart using multiple symbols added together to create your own personal chart? Also, if the price axis could be made into a percentage change of each symbol added together? Would be great to compare when trading ES. (This was put in the wrong discussion area)
  4. Troder

    Zone areas

    LOL....I should have known better Thank You!!!!
  5. Troder

    Zone areas

    Is it possible to create zone areas. I can draw strait horizontal lines but max width is limited. I'd like to make a zone area that I can set the translucency of the area with the price bars in front (eg. ES zone area of 3091-3094) and have it represented on all charts like the horizontal line. This would be just great if possible. Thank you
  6. Thanks Jerry....great service...I'm back running with your fix.
  7. They just simply don't show....bring up the editor everything is the same as before the update. Hide them unhide them and does nothing. All colors are the same gray on every chart and time period. Any way I can load my previous version?
  8. MT updated to 1.1.8400.2 x64 Spent an hour now trying to get my paintbars to work. Anybody else having this issue or what it could be to fix? Thanks
  9. I increased the font size and it then worked. Thanks
  10. Thanks for response Jerry. The DOM will not let me hide the Vol column. It will only squeeze so far. Any time frame on a MT bracket trade option? Thanks
  11. Any chance of getting a bracket order sent once a trade gets filled. (Once parent trade is filled, the trade would get child orders sent for profit and stop loss.) Like the new DOM but don't care for the "Vol" column where it is at. Thanks
  12. Thanks Mike/Jerry for the quick response. To get the most out of the chart while price is trending hard it would be best to average the high and low of the displayed section of the chart and have no buffer. This way it would only recenter the chart while making a new high or low or old prices drop off the left side. I assume this code you changed will be on the next beta?
  13. Don't like to use the dynamic charts on something I trade every day. The "Sliding Window" is similar to QT except that the whole chart keeps jumping up and down trying to center itself. Is their a setting to give this some buffer? I end up having to use "absolute" to keep the chart steady but then need to keep changing the price on the scaling. Thanks for any help.
  14. Just looking at that chart, why is it printing prices at 49.955 when the print is 49.95? Even when I set the box size to .01 and run it along side a 1 minute chart I'm getting false prints or non prints on the P&F. Also, put a volume indicator on the 2 charts and watch in real time. It displays correctly on time chart but P&F is way off. Range charts are not displaying correctly either. If I set it at .01 range, it will print multiple bars within that 1 penny range when it should only print a new bar when that 1 penny is breached. Thanks for any help.
  15. Any update on this? I noticed the volume on P&F charts are not displaying correctly as well. Thanks
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