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  1. Sounds good to me, so am I correct that I won't be charged until January 1, 2021? Also, is there anyway I can export my portfolio symbols only using the export feature and share with others so they can try MT for the first month free and import the exported file as I tried in the past and my friend said they got the restriction that it's not possible with a free account, I thought that was only a restriction after the first free month.
  2. I asked many years ago with both Discount Trading and Optimus Futures and while it's Free Premium Access, you basically had to pay those brokers a monthly fee for the data feed + you have to trade which make it extremely expensive as it basically works like this, you need $2,000 to open a account which is not the problem. They will provide the credit for free Medved Trader only if you do 200 round turns a month which is basically 400 trades and that depends on which data feed option you choose as you have two options: For the trades: CQG data feed will cost you: CQG has a 0.30 per contract per side routing fee. Example ES trade is 1.23 exchange, 0.02 NFA, 0.49 commission, 0.30 routing = $2.04 per contract per side for ES Rithmic data feed will cost you: Rithmic is 0.40 per filled contract routing fee. Example ES trade is 1.23 exchange, 0.02 NFA, 0.49 commission, 0.40 routing = $2.14 per contract per side for ES so the trading fees alone will easily cost over $800.00 per month. Then you have to pay for the data which works like this: CQG Option $10 CQG connect fee charged once every 30 days You will need to pick what data you need from Rithmic. Below are the data options. DATA- charged once every 30 days CQG charges a $1 data connect fee. Example: Level bundle is $3 + $1 CQG fee = $4 per month Level 1 CME – $1 CBOT – $1 NYMEX – $1 COMEX – $1 Bundle of all markets – $3 Level 2 – depth of market (need to populate price ladder above and below current strike price) CME – $10 CBOT – $10 NYMEX – $10 COMEX – $10 Bundle of all markets – $30 --------- Rithmic Option Rithmic is a great trading solution. It is known for low latency connectivity for professional traders. Rithmic connection is $25 per month. This connection includes full access to Rithmic R Trader Pro (includes Chart, DOM, and bracket orders). If you do 100 round turns in a month we will pay for the connection. This connection is also compatible with all Rithmic supported platforms (Motive Wave, MULTICHARTS, ATAS, BOOKMAP, Jigsaw. MedVed, SierraChart, ATAS, QuantTower, TradeNavigator, etc). You will need to pick what data you need from Rithmic. Below are the data options. Level 1 – This is live data and is a single level. You only see one level of the BID/ASK. You still receive live streaming quotes and last, high, low, and open interest. CME - $1 (ES, NQ) CBOT - $1 (YM) NYMEX - $1 (CL, NG) COMEX - $1 (GC, SI) Bundle of all markets - $4 Level 2 - Depth of market data also known as DOM/Price Ladder data (This data needed to populate the depth in a DOM/Price Ladder/Order Book. It will show 10 levels above and below the current BID and ASK) Level 1 in included with Level 2. Rithmic data will show hundreds of levels for many popular products. CME - $10 (ES, NQ) CBOT - $10 (YM) NYMEX - $10 (CL, NG) COMEX - $10 (GC, SI) Bundle of all markets - $30 So basically you would be paying $800+ month in trading commissions + the connect data fees which I think with CQG will cost $10 monthly connect fee + $1 data connect fee + $1 level one for one of the markets which is already $12 a month which means the real cost is $812+ per month. For Rithmic, it's going to be $25 connect fee per month + $1 level one for one of the markets which is already $26 per month which means the real cost is $826+ per month. It's similar to Tradier which says Free Premium Access but the thing is you either need to make enough trades with them to really get it for free which means you would have paid for it through the trading fees or pay $15 a month with them, but the bottom line is one might as well pay for Premium Access directly instead. So neither of those solutions are cost effective like what Ally Invest either either through the former TradeKing or MB Trader had provided.
  3. Yes, just tried the reverse copying from Notepad++ with symbols that doesn't exist in MT already and it works fine. Ofcourse just as a experiment, trying to copy the 20 symbols from a 1500 symbol portfolio - using a copy of it didn't work other than the 20 symbols as once the 20 symbols are deleted, all the other symbols also got deleted even when seen in portfolio editor. When I initially asked the question, I would have thought it would have been Portfolio Editor that would have the drag/drop function since atleast that way, it wouldn't include the data from the sources which would be something that one should pay for premium access for. As for the subscription, January is just easier for me to remember as basically it's the beginning of a new year without having to look it up on when I started subscribing since I usually remember everything in my head instead of looking things up. The other reason is because my laptop computer broke down so I won't even have time to even use MT as trying to get all the same software and other things installed on the new computer will take some time so I will just share my list of symbols with friends in a text file and also will tell them to use MT.
  4. Grandfather should probably not imply free but maybe for those who were here since the beginning like from the Quotetracker days as it seems like I have used QT since 1999/2000 should maybe get slightly better pricing since we want MT to exist and survive. The other option might be to have ads or something else so it would be still be free to the users but those who pay for the premium access subscription will get it ad free.
  5. Thanks, I meant what if one didn't subscribe to MT Premium Access since even though I know it says one can ask for a refund within 48 hours, it just seems like it would create a hassle on your side just to copy the symbols which is more of giving a list to people of what things are on my watchlist so they can copy, edit and paste the symbols into whatever tool they are using as I would subscribe but I will probably do it on January 1, 2021. Can one just copy 20 symbols and then delete the 20 symbols from the portfolio and it will just show the next 20? While on the same subject, assuming one had symbols one per line in a text file and had MT Premium Access, can the file be imported back into MT? I always thought MT only allowed symbols entered comma separated and not one per line? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. That worked, I guess I didn't realize I had to click on other columns besides the symbol column to select and then drag using the symbol column. In your original reply, you did say one can drag/drop into notepad but I have the drag/drop working on EmEditor Pro and Notepad++ and basically it seems that each symbol will be on a line individually by itself and to get to to be separated with commas similar to how it's entered in Medved Trader, one has to replace all "\r\n\" with ",". On a related question since I and probably others went from the Free Premium sponsored by Ally Invest formerly TradeKing.com to the Free version of Medved Trader, what is the best way to extract symbols for portfolios that have a huge amount of symbols, 1500 in my case as it MT will only display 20 symbols? I think one way to do it would be to copy the portfolio in the portfolio editor and then basically drag/drop what is displayed and then delete those symbols in the portfolio and it will show the next set of 20? Am I correct it will always show the 1st 20 symbols based on how it shows up in portfolio editor? Thanks!
  7. I also just tried selecting the symbol(s) in the portfolio and drag/drop it into Notepad but that didn't work as the drag item(s) wil turn into a x once it's outside MT window, this is a video capture of what happens:
  8. Already tried that, as it only allows selecting one row and not more than one row since when I try to drag the SYMBOL column like for example, if I had BA selected, I can drag the BA up or down which has AZZ above it and BABA below it, it will just have the move if I go either up or down but not actually allow me to select the AZZ and/or the BABA in addition to the BA. I meant using the mouse as I can do it fine if I held down the shift key + the up and down arrows. Think it's easier to show what I mean with a video capture: https://youtu.be/7vmuTfY5E9Q
  9. Thanks for confirming, I thought when a portfolio is opened, it has everything unselected by default until one clicks on something, could be wrong. I guess the only problem with always having one row selected is that one can delete something by accident without knowing.
  10. I think people should actually write to Ally about being unhappy for the decision as I am pretty sure a lot of MT users opened a Ally Invest account because of the MT Free Premium Benefit as they do not even interest on uninvested cash unless one had $250k in cash so not they did not really offer anything else for the same or better price from Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade or Fidelity and all of them atleast pays interest. What they should have done was maybe raise the balance requirement for the MT Free Premium Benefit as MT is a excellent program, I just wished it was able to scan the entire market and not just what's in the portfolio.
  11. It is because I haven't been working for the last 10 years so basically all my money is already invested since the selling will cost me 20% which is over $1.6 Million in taxes alone plus I am going to be remodeling so I need to come up with $1 Million just for that without selling the existing assets and only using the remaining cash which pays for the mortgage and everything else to generate that $1 Million needed so available money is tight and everything does add up. I also prefer to pay Month to Month so it's closer to $20/month. I still have to learn how to use the rest of the software first for it to be worthwhile since right now, all I am using it for is for the portfolio for quotes and a level 2 window for quotes so not saying $15 or $20 a month is expensive but when you don't use it, that's where the problem is. If I was actually using it and trading even though I will trade using the broker's website and learn to use the software's scanner for example proficiently, then it would be different since atleast then I would have actual money from trading but right now, it's $8M in the market daily which are long term positions as they can move $150k-$600k daily without doing anything and it's not cash until I sell it. I also don't use MT to monitor or keep track of my portfolio as there is Microsoft Money for that and paying a one time fee of $10 for MS Money Quotes so it will pull the prices, it serves it's purpose of letting me know with a 20 minute delay on how much my portfolio is worth and what the gains/losses are both for the day and lifetime for both current and previously sold positions. The other thing is on the different social media platforms, I tried to get people to use MT but seems like people are using other websites or software to make money as they basically ignored the question or commented about MT. Now if I had $8M or most of it was in cash, then ofcourse it's not a problem as you mentioned but what I am saying is that I no longer depend on it like before since remember that Schwab and Fidelity for example provides their software and even Nasdaq Totalview when one has $1M or higher in assets and TD Ameritrade using Think and Swim also provides Level 2 quotes which is what I am using MT for now so it will serve it's purpose already and ofcourse when I actually need and actually use the other features of MT, then I will ofcourse pay for the subscription. But remember things are all going down in price as trade commissions are now $0 so paying $20/month for software which was free before would actually increase overall costs since it's the Total Cost of everything that matters.
  12. I actually tried that before and tried it again, what happens when I click (and hold down the left mouse button), it would have move and then when I drag up and down, it only moves the symbol up and down the portfolio with the red bar moving to where I want to move it to and not select the other rows.
  13. Thanks Jerry as it was on the find setting, I actually never touched the settings as the only thing I did was import the Quotetracker portfolio. Anyways, how do I un-select a symbol in the portfolio after it's highlighted?
  14. TD Ameritrade for example has a 1500 quote limit per source/portfolio, I have 6 accounts with TD Ameritrade so the other portfolio being #2 would actually use TD Ameritrade but on the second account for example since I am sue the 1500 symbol limit is per account at TD Ameritrade.
  15. I guess COVID-19 and the commissions free trading isn't helping with their bottom line as them paying for the MT Subscription probably became cost prohibitive for them unless they have massive amounts of clients leaving because they no longer covered the cost. I would gladly subscribe except I rarely trade these days since I have other free tools from the brokers as I already have a multi-million dollar portfolio unlike in the 1990s and 2000s when I started trading with little money when Quotetracker was a valuable tool when it was free and even with Ally Invest formerly Tradeking, $500 to get $180-$240 worth in MT per year was worth the price of that $4.95 trade. Does people who have Ally Invest formerly MB Trader still get their MT subscription fees covered? I just hope other brokers will cover the Premium subscription fees for MT in the not too distant future as it's a good way to give them new business and hopefully Schwab does not kill off what we have now as a TD Ameritrade data source either or atleast have a similar replacement.
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