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  1. Thanks, that would explain it.
  2. I have a question, where would I find the symbols for the following indices using TD Ameritrade for the quote source? Shanghai SE Composite Index (China) Heng Seng (Hong Kong) Nikkei 225 (Japan) I have tried logging into tdameritrade.com but they don't show the symbols for the indices anywhere. Thanks!
  3. That's awesome since didn't want to do a portfolio specifically for TD Ameritrade to watch. The 1500 symbols is for streaming quotes correct? Thanks as always.
  4. I remember TD Ameritrade had some kind of limit for # of symbols when there was QT for streaming quotes as I just installed MT with a new account so I am still on the free month of Premium and noticed it can use my full portfolio instead of the one that was for TD Ameritrade which had a lot less. I found it, it's 80 maximum symbols for streaming quotes. https://web.archive.org/web/20080108060027/http://www.quotetracker.com:80/qsources.shtml
  5. Thanks Jerry as usual for the prompt response. Am I correct that TD Ameritrade for the streaming quotes no longer have the 20 symbol limit like they used to?
  6. Thanks, I kept thinking level 2 only meant for stocks, didn't know there was level 2 for other things. Speaking about which, I remember when you guys had QT before it was acquired by TD Ameritrade, you were able to add brokers like Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, etc. when users requested it, is that still possible now since it would seem users who are clients of those brokers can just use the data from those as well, I don't remember if it was for portfolio only or was it for level 2 as well.
  7. I wonder if the regular Ally Invest/Tradeking system will ever get Real time 2 quotes. Discount Trading is listed on the Brokers page except it seems they are a Futures broker, never knew Futures brokers provided Level 2 quotes but apparently, that is one of the listed features. Never realized you can have multiple level 2 windows getting data from different sources. One of my concerns was the opposite of what you had mentioned and that sometimes, different data sources/brokers use different symbols for the same security.
  8. Is MB Trading no longer available for new clients? What about Discount Trading as I know it's listed on the Brokers page. Now I have another question, can I use a different data sources for each of the items in the data sources page with the checkmarks like if Ally Invest doesn't have level 2 quotes but they have news, can I use TD Ameritrade for the level 2 quotes for example?
  9. Thanks, technically it is trading except if it goes up, one can always hold unless the money is needed or if the security isn't performing well long term and only short term, then it would be wise to sell and buy something else. Money parked actually helps them as well because instead of the customer using it, they will borrow from it and actually gain from it.
  10. Thanks Jerry! It's actually cheaper to just put in $500 since the premium access will obviously cost more as it's really just idle cash and the bad part is Ally Invest does not pay interest for cash balances like the other brokerages do. I can always do a small trade with that $500 and try to make it higher over time since the risk is lower with a smaller amount. Just a suggestion, maybe they should really look at the minimum balance requirement with Ally in general so that it can be with the Ally Bank or Ally Invest as a combined balance thing as the bank side is paying 1.20% in interest. When opening a account, I noticed that there is actually 3 different accounts one can open, one being a Ally Invest, another being a MB Trading and the third one being Trade King. It seems when I talk to Ally Invest, they said Ally Invest is basically the Trade King platform so it does not support Level 2 quotes while MB Trading does so out of the three, would opening it via MB Trading actually provide the most data features? On another topic, there should probably be a About MedvedTracker on the main home page with the history from the beginning of QT so people will know what it is.
  11. Jerry, long time QuoteTracker user here since the beginning. Just realize QT is no more and now MedvedTrader. Anyways, so one has to maintain the $500 minimum all the time or is that only to open the account? Reason I am asking is I will not trade in the account because I still have 1300 free trades annually elsewhere so the money will most likely settle idle in the account.
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