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  1. On the frequency linking if I follow your directions above won't that change every open chart in the layout? I have other charts in the layout with multiple timeframes that I don't want the frequency changed on, I only want the frequency of the thumbnail charts changed. Anyway to only show the watermark on a particular chart? I would rather not have it on every chart on my layout. Thanks for your help and the quick response.
  2. I have several requests but as a new user I am overall really enjoying the platform. These requests would just make it that much better. I hope you will consider implementing some of these requests in the future. Thank you Frequency linking on intraday charts. I have 50 small thumbnail charts that I watch and it would be nice to change the frequency of all the charts at once instead of having to do each one separately I like to capture my trades each day and like to see where I was filled on the chart but the fill arrows are so big they cover the chart itself. A
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