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  1. when browsing in chrome I moved it fairly quickly from left desktop to right and all MT windows went to back ground. Had to open mt dashboard/windows and select all and bring to front to get them all back Strange
  2. mnewton

    daily p&l

    add column in portfolio for daily P&L or change in $ from open
  3. when opening the alert window from a stock click position the stock alerts up to the top close to where we change the values. in most cases move the slider up to the top
  4. On alert form add buttons for +10 +20 +50 cents for above and -ve for below . save a lot of time spent adjusting alerts . also adjust both above/below at same time i.e. a +20 would set above +20 and below -20. Would save a lot of time having to adjust both alerts.
  5. Have the alert form open by a tab by portfolio so you only see alerts for that portfolio maybe have a tab for All. much easier to then check all alerts within that portfolio.
  6. much better
  7. the actual alert has the correct price but the editor does not populate the price for quite some time
  8. exactly, sometimes takes 15 seconds
  9. yup the alert editor form
  10. if i click on a stock in a portfolio and select alert the alert form displays and the stock price is shown instantaneously. If i get an alerrt then the form shows up and there is no stock price until about 10 seconds later
  11. The alert form updates fine when selected form a portfolio but when we get an alert it takes a long time for the stock price to fill, in the order of 10 to 15 secs.
  12. Any way of turning off all alerts when we get this market turmoil
  13. maybe just mark it for an alert on the next number of data points and if it exceeds those points by a factor do not ring the bell.
  14. there is a spike at that time , struck out .
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