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  1. same today 308 deleted 12 stuck at 306 after re booot now 297
  2. don't have room for a row# I had 303 symbols , I deleted 17 symbols the count was still at 303 I rebooted and the count was 286 which is correct. I did it yesterday same problem
  3. had 303 symbols in total opened sources shows the 303 deleted a bunch , went down to 301 and stuck rebooted MT and now at 286 symbols would be good to have symbol count somewhere on portfolio maybe shorten market closes in h m sec to sym= 300 mkt closes in HH:MM
  4. it triggered at 1.09 it never triggered again after that it was above the 1.09 trigger level after 5 minute restart. So if it restarts above 1.09 it will never trigger again it has to cross the line again to retrigger. On this one I never saw the initial trigger as about 15 went off at 9.30 so I missed the run up. I guess I'll make adjustments to my alert prog to check for UP lines below current price that should fix it.
  5. opened at 1.08 triggered at 1.09 went to 1.17 at 9.47 no trigger does it have to move a certain % to re trigger
  6. That was from open at 9.30 triggered once and never again
  7. have clear after 30 secs restart after 5 minutes up trend line did not trigger line was at 1.00 stock was at 1.17
  8. If there is a straight alert line it is possible when moving it up/down that you hit one of the mid points and it becomes unlocked and no longer straight. Add an option to lock the line so this is not possible
  9. add an alert log with options alert type up or down
  10. Or change the color of the trendline green up red down something else for up/down
  11. If there is an alert set, add the up/down/both setting to the popup saves clicking just to see the setting of the alert .
  12. It looks like it's not straight. How do I straighten it? Could you add the option to make the line horizontal To the right of the show value on y axis. Would help thanks
  13. one problem the alert line set up this way doe not show the price set on line on the popup as in line1.jpg is there a way to show ( and change) the value for the alert line in 2?
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