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  1. originally listed ok in alert log made a change to the % of the alert the alert works and pops up the window but now it does not show up as a line in the alert log. so if you miss the popup you have no idea what alert it was.
  2. Was listed in log then made change to alert and now not listed.
  3. mnewton

    Alerts adjustment arrows

    Add another set of up/down arrows that move on the next multiple of 5 Or relative to the price but on a larger multiple. Or add a + or - that we add a % to the current price set in the setup.
  4. mnewton

    backfill on all data

    ok May be an good option to have next to the clear all data
  5. mnewton

    backfill on all data

    network went down for half and hour all charts have gaps need to do an ALL backfill somehow
  6. mnewton

    Maximize minimized charts

    I have 40 charts open i inadvertently close one, can't remember which stock symbol. Is there any way in the dashboard to 'maximize minimized charts'? From the windows great if just gives me a long list and no icon showing status
  7. mnewton

    add current price to alert list

    thought it may be too big a problem
  8. On left hand side of alerts i.e AMD Prie above at 16 add now 16.2 for AMD Prie above at 16 now 16.2 makes it easier to update all alerts by scanning down list at the beginning of the day
  9. mnewton

    sticky data one stock

    That cleared it and the raw data is now by tick. but still not continuous chart has a spike down when it refreshes
  10. mnewton

    sticky data one stock

    Have one stock where data is not updated and is about 5 mins behind on NASDAQ. there is no bid/ask and vol is total vol not trades. all other stocks are fine. is there a way of deleting intraday data just for that stock. I have quit and restarted still the same and back fill just does a catch up to current time then stops
  11. mnewton

    watchlist note field

    Could you have an optional simple portfolio with no 'Total' row then
  12. mnewton

    watchlist note field

    for watch lists where they have a note field save and then restore it when loading on startup.
  13. mnewton

    add note in watchlist

    Have found a way of getting notes in to the watchlist,thanks
  14. mnewton

    add note in watchlist

    oh well i guess i'll leave them as watchlists
  15. mnewton

    add note in watchlist

    I had them all as portfolios but there is always the total line can we turn off the total row on the "simple portfolio" view?