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  1. portfolio didn't check charts all pricing updates in portfolio
  2. volume doesn't update have to delete stock and re add to get volume.
  3. When source limit is exceed and then reduced some stocks that were in the over limit list do not get volume replenished when limits cut back to nominal.
  4. I have a bunch of small charts where the title bar is not wide enough to show the stock symbol. A useful approach would be to have a small water mark central top. maybe size 10 Msft sans serif if possible
  5. Add timer slider for this activity it takes long time and never sure whether it has frozen or not
  6. light green in columns is hard to read even with highlight on. Yellow and light green not good. The best is the green background with black numbers. even bolding doesn't do much. The red/white and the green/black for a complete column would be great, very clear and easy to read.
  7. when setting up new alert set note to 'xx' and set as default. set up new alert gets an original note from before the 'xx' it seems like there is a reference to previous alert notes somewhere if i save note with blank and apply and set default the next new alert get an original default note
  8. I dont have it now but is was something like validation error Mt found problems with the data for these stocks MXX,YYY and needs to correct the database OK thats probably not even close i should have snipped it
  9. MT when it boots up has a message that data needs to be validated, I want it to validate it and continue to boot but it waits for an OK to be clicked. I dont need to know that it needs validating just go ahead without the message. In settings have the option to proceed automatically with validation then
  10. on the data validation set the timeout to 5 minutes or less so MT continues to boot up I have a lot of code that populates portfolios that depend on MT being up
  11. Didnt quite understand what you were saying ok thanks will do
  12. Ctrl A is already used for select all maybe Ctrl D for Add and Ctrl E for edit
  13. add the ctrl+E to the portfolio options to open Edit Alerts
  14. need to change all sound file for below alerts only I could rename the new sound mp3 file to the one in the alert box . any way of exporting/import alert table ?
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