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  1. On this error allow for a timeout say of 5 minutes and then continue. I dont really need to know that there was a data validation error.
  2. perfect great thanks just hard to find
  3. where si that ? can we put it on the context menu?
  4. have the option to lock all close X boxes on charts,portfolios when moving around charts sometimes hit the wrong part and close the chart pain in the neck to have to open a chart again and remember what symbol was on the chart. Unless ctrl z works on actions ?
  5. be able to band a group of charts mine 18 charts in 3 rows of 6 and then right mouse option to 'size to fit' evry time i upgrade windows 10 all my charts sizes get changed and it takes me a while to re do them and they never look that great all slightly different and not quite in the right place never have the time to adjust them all
  6. I have dual monitors that would give me 64 inches but the i need a larger desk for my 5 monitors i guess the next is to go up a level and add on top !
  7. I dont have any more room to make them wider may have to get some 32 inch monitors i guess
  8. when portfolio is pinned the stock name appears behind the pin and is hard to read would be better 1/2 inch to right.
  9. add column to alert log that has the price adjust box saves clicking and opening alert form and adjust from there, too many clicks.
  10. add columns short date and short time columns i.e 26th and 8.13am full date is too wide
  11. It would be helpful at some stage to have the option to show regular price alerts on the charts as when there are many alerts set and stock prices change rapidly it would be handy to see where alerts are set just by looking at the chart and not having to wade thru all alerts and numerically checking values.
  12. Maybe to have the option on an alert to show it on historical or intraday chart as a HL
  13. Maybe handy to have the HL attached to a symbol as that has the actual $ amount and is easier o setup
  14. I dont see horizontal trend line in the indicators?
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