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  1. if an alert and I go to modify the price and close, when I go back to the portfolio and right click on a stock the mouse is very sensitive and opens up a chart without displaying the usual list of commands. If i open a web page in chrome , do a lookup or some activity then go back to the portfolio the right mouse click is fine. so it seems to be super sensitive only after adjusting an alert price.
  2. Cant get it to repeat something happened not sure always seemed to go back to a default will try again.
  3. when the alert fires it resets the notification sound to the default would like to have it keep the setting for the alert.
  4. Add bid/ask size to Detail quote Ask 11.80 size 12 bid 11.73 size 150
  5. Also to be able to unlock/lock chart/portfolio from within the form not just the header.
  6. should unlock portfolio to allow for delete when changing columns too easy to delete column when not wanted.
  7. portfolio didn't check charts all pricing updates in portfolio
  8. volume doesn't update have to delete stock and re add to get volume.
  9. When source limit is exceed and then reduced some stocks that were in the over limit list do not get volume replenished when limits cut back to nominal.
  10. I have a bunch of small charts where the title bar is not wide enough to show the stock symbol. A useful approach would be to have a small water mark central top. maybe size 10 Msft sans serif if possible
  11. Add timer slider for this activity it takes long time and never sure whether it has frozen or not
  12. light green in columns is hard to read even with highlight on. Yellow and light green not good. The best is the green background with black numbers. even bolding doesn't do much. The red/white and the green/black for a complete column would be great, very clear and easy to read.
  13. when setting up new alert set note to 'xx' and set as default. set up new alert gets an original note from before the 'xx' it seems like there is a reference to previous alert notes somewhere if i save note with blank and apply and set default the next new alert get an original default note
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