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  1. The more I use MT, the more things I find useful within it...Even the simple line drawing tool can be utilized in ways that help me set up my charts in a manor that suits my personal tastes. In the charts are just a few of the ideas I'm trying 1) vertical lines placed to show at certain times of the day, different colors, types and colors and they can be easily moved (or just create new ones) from the previous placements into the future (the next session's times) by temporarily adjusting the time frame and horizontal scale. Then return to the original time frame. The next day, the times lines will show up at the proper times with no further fussing with them Obviously you'll need to do this once each day). De-select Annotations Unique per Chart (Settings/Charts/General) those line will also print on other similar charts on you layout. 2) If you don't like the standard horizontal lines that come with certain indicators, just draw a line and cover them up. Change the line(s) to the chart's back-ground color...add your own scale lines or add to the existing ones. Remember to use Save As for that tempate or create a new template...Saving saves annotations, color Sets and most of the chart's configurations, including time frame and candle/bar type...
  2. I think I'm having an issue with Timeframes on intraday charts -- Should an open intraday chart retain the Timeframe per symbol? I seem to remember that a timeframe, once selected for a symbol was "remembered" for that symbol... I downloaded Version 1.1.4600.2050 x64 today. My Intraday & Historical Backfill Source is Gain Capital Futures. My charts are linked to a portfolio with e-mini futures symbols @ESH8, @NQH8 and @YMH8. I've selected the CME Globex and set it as default via Application Settings/Charts/Timeframes.(The CBOT YM Mini-Dow Timeframe is used for @YMH8 on the chart). When I switch to any of the above symbols, the Historical chart is fine but the Timeframe on the intraday chart switches to US Equity Markets...I've tried all the Extended Hours choices, tried other Timeframes, tried Smart Source as default and tried making a User Defined Timeframe & set as default. Also tried the Auto Backfill check boxes, closing/restarting MT each time, etc. etc. Am I missing something or is it due to Gain Capital's feed? It's not that big a deal, it just involves some extra clicks each time a symbol is changed.
  3. I should have mentioned I am charting e-mini futures - @YMM7, @ESM7 and @NQM7 I have tried all the Extended Hrs selections and got it to work for Time based charts but it would not work on Tick based charts...This may have something to do with the closed weekend markets...will see what the time-based chart space looks like during session hours starting Sunday evening... Setting the Opacity to 0% or 50% or where-ever , I can see no (or very minor) differences on either Time Based or Tick Based charts. I can understand that the e-mini symbols pose some unique problems of their own because they operate on Sessions, not Pre-Market or Post-Market hours...*** *** The following may not be related to the extra space topic...As an example of a particular issue there is with the YM, I use Time Frame: CME Globex because Time Frame: CBOT YM Mini Dow does not work as well (it leaves blank areas in certain places even though the market is definitely open) and is especially issue prone between Sunday's and Monday's sessions as well as Thursday's session (which runs through Friday evening)... I've tried 24/7, 24/6 and may others, I've tried copies of CBOT, CME and 24/6 and modified the "breaks" and holidays but can't get the charts to display any better than using the default CME Globex...
  4. When using the “Color Set - Gradient” feature, is there a way I can "hide" the Pre-Market/Post Market area? I can do it when using a solid background color by adjusting the percentages and/or colors...I like to move the x-axis to the left and have the current Bar or Candle separated from the y-axis scale by some space... I've tried every combination I could think of with the Gradient color sets but cannot get rid of the Pre-Post Market colored area. Nor can I get that area to invert so as to better blend in with the back ground. Here's a link to a picture to show what I mean...(see the RH chart, it was manipulated using MS Paint). Thx
  5. Awe OSC -- Noticed that the Show Current Value flag doesn't show regardless whether the check box is checked or not... I'm using it on a 3 month daily chart. BETA Version 1.1.3615.346
  6. The on-chart trading is terrific...I'm also hoping bracket orders will eventually be available ...
  7. I'm with ApexFutures broker...clearing via Gain Capital Group... ApexFutures provides ApexTrader (or OEC) software/charting.
  8. Beautiful, I'm up and running. Thank-you Jerry
  9. OK great...Thx for doing it for me Jerry...
  10. I'm trying to setup MT to use GAIN Capital data feed for YM, ES and NQ e-mini futures. When I use the same username and Password that I use for GAIN's OEC Trader software, MT's Site Login doesn't accept them...(BTW, MT Trader is not listed on Gain's website as other software) What am I missing? Pop up box reads "Failed login : User software is not allowed to connect"
  11. I can appreciate that Mike. As a user, I find MT very easy to make it do what I want it to do - I don't need to how you made it so...I remember the amount of work done when you added paint bars to QT, which IMO worked fantastic and were very user friendly...Thx
  12. Thx Jerry, I did notice that sometimes both scales would show up. Now I have a better understanding as to why... I'm also getting a better sense of how difficult it must have been for you to design a program that can handle dual indicators with such diverse scaling. The way it works now is very good - more than likely if you change it you'll get more users like me 'complaining' about the change LOL. I can live with the Stochastic+MACD combination the way it is or I can use Stochastic+PPO instead. (FWIW - Other software I use always shows both scales when MACD is shown with Stochastic in the same study pane...but with their software, it still presents an issue with the EMA lines sometimes disappearing above or below the study boundaries while the histogram stays contained within the boundaries.)
  13. This might be an issue with using YahooFinance as my feed and not with MT...It's really not a big deal but I though you might like to know : When I link Stochastic with MACD on Historical charts, certain chart symbols skew the MACD EMA lines ...that is, the EMAs print along the bottom of the study pane. If I un-link the indicators the skewing goes away. (I tried changing the order of the indicators in the properties box but same issue happens) (This issue happens on some Intraday charts/symbols too) This issue does not seem happen when linking Stochastic with PPO , which is almost the same as MACD... This happens with AMZN and GOOG (both are priced over $600 per share). Also happens with futures symbol @ESZ15 but NOT with @NQZ15 or @YMZ15, The issue does not seem to happen with lower priced stocks - I checked several stocks priced up to $220 per share without the issue... I haven't tried $300,$400 or $500 etc. priced stocks. The Amazon charts show what I mean by "MACD EMA lines are Skewed". The Microsoft and IBM charts below them show the same chart template but without the "skewing"
  14. Yes! I updated MT yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised...Thank-you Also very impressed with the entire program...great work (as always).
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