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  1. Not sure why I recall a higher number. Then its even more crippled than I thought The full feed is not so busy that they couldn't just stream it. Can't complain to them since its free, huh
  2. Getting only 2800 subscriptions , used to be over 4k . did they change the limit ?
  3. Guess Im the only one here that uses news
  4. I am aware that the crypto feed is 27/4 and fast. I did some testing with that disabled already . Did some more testing and apparently the crypto feed and a chart is enough to cause those spikes over 10% usage. I have the chart update setting cranked all the way down. If I raise it up, cpu usage is even higher, as expected. Seemed strange to me, because during the day, the CPU usage is NOT that much higher, even though all the stocks are ticking, and alerts are firing all the time.
  5. Files sent via wetransfer. Seeing 5-7 % spikes with only some crypto quotes active
  6. I just noticed another app with the same issue. Must have been the latest windows update that farked with something. I'll have to track it down.
  7. maybe I just noticing it now. in any case the font is quite small on the screen
  8. on a 4k monitor the menu fonts on the left are very small. something changed in the new release . no other app I use having this issue, so Im assuming its something in MT
  9. Whoops! User Error for a change forgot to press Start !
  10. I know the video alone would not help 😄 Just wanted to show you what I was seeing
  11. Having to SUBSCRIBE to every symbol and then they put a limit on it , so random symbols get dropped off Why don't they just stream the damn feed . As it is , you just miss a bunch of important news items if you are using headline alerts
  12. I sent a screen capture vid (wetransfer) showing the cpu usage spikes im seeing during off hours . Does this look normal to you for the platform ?
  13. Check for updates is saying you have the latest version. so maybe its not looking for the changed URL file . any way to force that ?
  14. not doing anything updated to new version, did the file help thing , says all up to date cboe book still blank
  15. The original post was a screen shot using process explorer, which showed exactly that , the cpu usage per thread Ill create a dump when I get a chance
  16. Did they shut it , or change something ?
  17. sure , turned off all the news . no effect on this
  18. right now at 1030pm theres nothing happ and yet MT spikes to 10% consistently . My other apps use near zero Loading your built in BASIC LAYOUT, its much better behaved, very little usage So something in my layout is causing excessive cpu usage 24/7 I've tried disabling various elements but no luck finding the cause.
  19. Still seeing high cpu usage at all hours, seems between 10-20% all day is a lot . Thinkorswim using 5%
  20. Ignoring blocks during the first X minutes is useful, but you made it depend on REGULAR SESSION ONLY being checked. This means you cant have that feature and scan for blocks after hours Be better to make those options independent.
  21. Markets are already in the hands of . lets just say, folks that are not 100% legit . Without these halts , you would lose even more money .
  22. ps, you have the logs, can you see where the "F" Ford alerts are coming from ??
  23. Thought all you needed was the the high usage thread ID , which I provided. Next day I ran into that occasional memory hog thing I've seen in the past, and reset the quotes data back to zero . The high usage might have been an early warning of some corruption. I saw those news feed errors in the log, but thought it was CNBC . If I see the problem again, Ill try turning off Ally .
  24. Im referring to the quote line when you enter a symbol in the alert editor Fresh , virgin symbols do indeed populate.
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