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  1. Hi Jerry and all fellow members:) Just wondering whether anyone is using intraday data from Medved Trader ported into Timing Solution trading software ( www.timingsolution.com) - for forecasting and neural nets? Is a plugin required or is it even possible to link intraday data over to that software? Thanks Regards,
  2. Hi LW, Thank you for helping with the scans. In the process, I am beginning to understand a little bit on how it is done! Yes, the frequency of the alerts is not often, hence the need for the alerts to ensure their occurences are not missed. I will be testing the scan over a week to see the results. Once again, thanks for helping. Much appreciated!
  3. Hi LW , Thank you very much. That is exactly what I need for the scan to display on the chart. Further to that, how can I get the scan to display the results on the Scan column and Scan Date after each time I have scanned my portfolio stocks? At this present moment, the paintbar can display the occurrence nicely on the bar charts - is there something I need to do to get the results to show once and the scan date or time once I apply the scan on my portfolio? Once again, appreciate your help. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I'm a complete novice in writing scans or in programming, so will appreciate help on a simple scan. How can I put up a scan showing the occurrence of an outside day bar followed immediately by an inside day bar in Medved Trader? Appreciate all help, many thanks.
  5. Hi Jerry, I wonder whether you still remember me as one of your earlier users of the QT where I first requested the inclusion of the first malaysian stock broker datafeed (SB securities)! That was a long time ago. Now I am in Australia, and I use the Commsec data for ASX stocks. I would love to be a beta tester for the new Medved QT. Thanks.
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