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  1. Hi Mike, Thanks for the code. Is there a way to thicken the part of the indicator joining the hi line to the lo line during the switchover process from hi to lo and lo to high to the same thickness as the hi and lo line to provide more visual clarity? Thanks again for the help you are providing.
  2. Hi friends, Having read Yuri Shramenko's X Factor Day trading course, I am interested to code the following as a single paintbar ( indicator) to display the following three conditions combined into one single line plot. If the closing price of the current bar is above a 8-period simple moving-average of the high, display an 8-prd moving-average of the low If the closing price of the current bar is below a 8-period simple moving-average of the low, display an 8-prd moving-average of the high If the closing price of the current bar is between the high and low moving averages, continue to display the current plot Programming is NOT my forte, and may I request some kind soul to help me out? Here is the code that is found in metastock format: The formula: prd:=8; HLd:=If(CLOSE>Ref(Mov(HIGH,prd,SIMPLE), -1), 1, If(CLOSE<Ref(Mov(LOW,prd,SIMPLE),-1), -1, 0)); HLv:=ValueWhen(1,HLd<>0,HLd); If(HLv=-1, Mov(HIGH,prd,SIMPLE), Mov(LOW,prd,SIMPLE)) Thank you.
  3. Hi Jerry and all fellow members:) Just wondering whether anyone is using intraday data from Medved Trader ported into Timing Solution trading software ( www.timingsolution.com) - for forecasting and neural nets? Is a plugin required or is it even possible to link intraday data over to that software? Thanks Regards,
  4. Hi LW, Thank you for helping with the scans. In the process, I am beginning to understand a little bit on how it is done! Yes, the frequency of the alerts is not often, hence the need for the alerts to ensure their occurences are not missed. I will be testing the scan over a week to see the results. Once again, thanks for helping. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi LW , Thank you very much. That is exactly what I need for the scan to display on the chart. Further to that, how can I get the scan to display the results on the Scan column and Scan Date after each time I have scanned my portfolio stocks? At this present moment, the paintbar can display the occurrence nicely on the bar charts - is there something I need to do to get the results to show once and the scan date or time once I apply the scan on my portfolio? Once again, appreciate your help. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, I'm a complete novice in writing scans or in programming, so will appreciate help on a simple scan. How can I put up a scan showing the occurrence of an outside day bar followed immediately by an inside day bar in Medved Trader? Appreciate all help, many thanks.
  7. Hi Jerry, I wonder whether you still remember me as one of your earlier users of the QT where I first requested the inclusion of the first malaysian stock broker datafeed (SB securities)! That was a long time ago. Now I am in Australia, and I use the Commsec data for ASX stocks. I would love to be a beta tester for the new Medved QT. Thanks.
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