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unable to check/uncheck "supported functionality" for brokers in settings


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I'm unable to get backfill data for IB symbols.  After playing with the settings, I realized in Settings > Data Sources > Configure accounts, I notice that while backfill and hist backfill are checked, I'm unable to check/uncheck any boxes on there. 


I'm using the latest version of MT.  In fact, you might be able to see the issue in the settings file I sent a couple days ago, for another issue.

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As for being unable to get backfill using IB:

1) Historical or Intraday?

2) What is the Intraday Backfill source shown on Dashboard?

3) What is the Historical Backfill source shown on Dashboard?

4) What exact symbols, as entered in MT?
5) are you getting intraday quotes in the portfolio from IB on the same symbols?
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My apologies, I had fooling around with the software, but apparently not quite enough.  Turns out I'm still figuring out how charts choose which datafeed to use, as I use both IQfeed with IB.  I have two porftolios, one for IB and one IQ, and both are linked to the same set of charts.  I assumed that whenever I populated the charts from a symbol in the IQ porfolio, that IQ would be the default feed for that chart until I selected a symbol from the IB porftolio.  And vice versa.


It turns out I was getting backfill futures data from IQ (not subscribed to real-time futures), and real-time data from IB,  which explains the 15min gap in data when I would open the software.


You can delete this threat.  My apologies also for not being more descriptive in the initial post.  I'm just exhausted and had a lazy moment.

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don't really have docs. In general,

1) you never want to get Level I quotes from 2 source at the same time for the same symbol (doesn't matter if both are real-time or not)

2) if you have a source selected explicitly, then that is what MT uses. 

3) if Smart Source is used for backfill, MT tries to best match the source to what is already used. For example, if the same symbol is actively subscribed to a Level I source, and that source supports backfill, it will try to use that. 

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One last question.  I can load all relevant futures/forex into an IB portfolio, but naturally there are too many stocks to load into the IQ portfolio.  Is there a way to ensure that all stocks use IQ by default?

the source is selected on top of each portfolio window, so that is the way to ensure that. If you mean for chart active subscriptions, then if the symbol is in an open portfolio, MT will subscribe the chart to the same source as that portfolio.


If you open a chart on a symbol NOT in any portfolio and you do have both IB and IQFeed active, then there is no way to ensure that it will pick one source and not the other.

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