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  1. can't really do that. Looked into it before, but requires way too much work to get it to function. Internally we have a 2nd instance build, but that requires me to keep up with the updates for it (make updates). and that is just 2. Cannot do more than that. In general, we do not support multiple instances, or virtual desktops. you could run a 2nd instance in a virtual machine, in which case it would work.
  2. Commsec Australia changed stuff for their Level II. Just updated MT so it works again. If you are a Commsec client, select FILE/HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, and then restart MT, even if nothing was updated.
  3. no not yet. Still on the todo list. Right now we added Fidelity trading and are adding Webull (next beta probably). after that will look at Kraken
  4. You can't be using both TD Ameritrade and Ally. A portfolio can only have one quote source . Has to be one of them. Send me the log please. Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment.
  5. No issues here with either. (I am monitoring both). Which specific source is selected on the portfolio that has the yellow/red?
  6. yes. this month. NOTE: for MT once trading logs in, it doesn't care about the other connections. Quotes however do. If you have an alternate source for quotes you can use that AND change the MT trading config to use "Alternate Quote Source" on SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS. that should help
  7. Yes, well, E*Trade changed stuff. they now restrict to one login
  8. are you logged in to your E*Trade account in multiple locations? be it MT on multiple computers, or via browser, mobile, or their app?
  9. y, this should not impact anything as far as your question goes. And we will update our stuff well before the deadlines.
  10. I removed the link - not accessible to me. Please copy the content. I am familiar with their new API. I don't see any change in it that would effect multiple logins. The trading API should always allow multiple. As for streaming, that never actually was supposed to. The fact that it does is a bit of a loophole and that is not likely to change.
  11. That is not an MT version issue. Windows changed how it handles such minimized charts in the latest Windows update (where the window does not have an icon on the task bar). We don’t have control over that. You can see the MT windows in MT's Dashboard, click on WINDOWS on top right - there, you can double click on any window row to bring that window up. You can go to SETTINGS/APPLICATION/GENERAL and check the box for “Separate Task Bar icon for Child Windows” (and the other “Separate Task Bar Icon….” Checkboxes. Then the chart windows will have their own icons on the task bar and you will just count on Windows Task bar to combine them into one icon….
  12. New MT Beta has support for FIDELITY for trading. If you have a Fidelity account, please give it a try. Make sure that Balances show consistently AND Transactions/positions show OK. Particularly, if you get a Partial fill, we need to make sure that shows OK. Let us know. https://medvedtrader.com/beta NOTE: Fidelity is supported for TRADING ONLY. NOT as a data source. You should use another source for quotes. For quotes on the Account View and trade ticket, I suggest you go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - select Fidelity and specify "Alternate Quote Source" We implemented the integration ourselves without any help from Fidelity. We would need their cooperation to support streaming data.
  13. I didn't have a chance to plug it in, but at first glance, = is an assignment, not a comparison. you want == there if ( (Low[2] < EMA_10) && Close[1] >= PP_S1 && Math.Abs(Close-Open) == Min(2,0, Math.Abs(Close-Open)) ) if ( (Close[2].Crosses(EMA_10) && Close[1] >= PP_S1 && Math.Abs(Close-Open) == Min(2,0, Math.Abs(Close-Open)) )
  14. Options done. 2FA - can't even enable it on Fidelity's site. Fills - got it working for full fill. still waiting to see how they report the partial fills. Margin account balances should look better. Starting to shape up
  15. Is in the context menu. Right click on a caption of any window
  16. cannot lock individual functions. However, you can lock the windows, in which case cannot close unless you first unlock
  17. oops, sorry, should be: SetColorAndShape(Color.Purple, PBShape.Fill);
  18. need to do balances, then will be able to give you a copy to test. Still need to add handling for their 2 factor authentication and options trading/reporting (only did stocks right now). Do you have any executed trades in any of the fido accounts today? I need to get a sample of how they report the fills, particularly if multiple fills per trade.
  19. if you name a color, then the value you specify in the code is just the default and overriden when it is actually used on the chart. Remove the naming parameter. SetColorAndShape(PBShape.Fill, Color.Purple );
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