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  1. right now, no. I am looking into how this can be tied in
  2. Jerry Medved


    no. that option is only available on historical charts.
  3. don't know what I am looking at there or what data is missing, and in general - the data issues you are having are ALL IB. for equities data, others are far more reliable. IB throws up restrictions for # of symbols, frequency of backfills, permissions, etc.
  4. my guess is - IB backfill request is failing for historical backfill. In the past we saw it where intraday stuff works but historical returns something about not having subscription. you can send us the log and we can check. If that is the only issue, you can just change the historical backfill source to Yahoo or Webull. for historical, those would be fine.
  5. we are still working on the issue with the OTOCA orders when placed, leaving the phantom "unsent" capsules. it is a timing issue kind of specific to IB and not easy to recreate. but will fix.
  6. not aware of anything of the top of my head that would cause that. If you would like me to check, please send the log.
  7. If you are an Ally Invest client and have had some issues with the datafeed, you can try switching to their new group of servers. I just made the option available. To do it, first make sure you have the update: If you are not already using the latest production version of Medved Trader (or higher), then get that first: https://medvedtrader.com/download After starting Medved Trader, select FILE / HELP => Check for Updates. Then, let MT update all files, and restart MT even if nothing was updated. after restarting, go to SETTINGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS, click on ALLY INVEST and check the box on the right to use BETA servers if you are using it for trading, also click on TRADING / ACCOUNTS, click on your account and check the box for Use BETA Servers there as well.
  8. those look like actual orders - you have the chart set to adjust the scale for transactions. If you don't want that, turn it off. TRADING tab, Trading settings button
  9. we recreated the issue. looking into it. for the moment, if you switch symbols and switch back, it will get rid of the bad capsules.
  10. backfill has always been an issue. not sure about quotes.
  11. Ameritrade datafeed does not work well with the fully qualified symbol. use @ES
  12. ok but just saying order stays on chart doesn't really mean anything without the details. Will check
  13. with the log, I can only half the picture. And, if you have both live and paper trading TWS running, data will only work in the live one. Also, remember that in MT, there are two places for the setup - quotes and trading. Best thing to do is 1) run 2 instances of TWS - one with live login and one with paper trading login. Make sure they are setup to use different ports 2) set MT quotes to connect to the live instance of TWS (SETTINGS / Data Sources / Configure Accounts) 3) Set up both live and paper trading accounts in SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS
  14. Jerry Medved


    you cannot mix frequencies. However, you can just use 50 and 100 EMA on a 1 minute chart instead.
  15. what exactly am I looking at here?
  16. y, just saw and fixed that this morning. will send you update.
  17. the port # is the difference. In TWS, setup different port # in the API settings for the paper account. Then, in MT setup for the paper account, specify the same port #.
  18. as far as using different ports for different accounts, that is up to you. You can change the port used for connecting on a per login basis in TWS settings. in MT, you just specify the same port in the MT settings. Please refer to https://medvedtrader.com/ib - note that the port specified in TWS must match the port specified in MT and you do have to setup TWS API settings for each account, not just once. If you login to TWS with a paper trading account, then when you connect to that account in MT and send orders, those will be paper trading too - it just sends the orders to TWS.
  19. that is not a normal issue with TDA. I think you are getting the charts backfilled from a source other than TDA. Yahoo possibly, and thus the issue
  20. I had @ES streaming here with TDA and did not see any issues. your screenshot did not include many details, like the symbol. Are you streaming @ES or fully qualified symbol with the expiration month?
  21. Jerry Medved

    Spy not work

    since nothing changed our our end, has to be either IB, your IB account, or your MT setup. send me log and I can check
  22. Jerry Medved

    Spy not work

    if I have to guess, you have over 100 symbols being tracked between MT and TWS? IB's limit is 100, so if you go over, some symbols will not be getting quotes
  23. we are aware of the issue and have been in contact with TD Ameritrade about it. There are 2 different issues. 1) why the full relogin is needed in the first place (that is when the security questions/security code prompt comes up) and 2) why the "trusted device" thing is ignored. I know at least one of those is fixed and waiting to be released soon.
  24. you probably have minimum # of shares set to 100 or something like that - SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - click on your trading account, then on the right side, click on the PRICES tab. There you will find the rules used for determining the default QTY. That same screen has a checkbox to default based on your Position. If you uncheck that, then it will not be used in the default calc.
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