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  1. The drawing tool will always revert to the default. The default is set in SETTINGS/ CHARTS / GENERAL
  2. Have to use MT symbol format 19 instead of 9
  3. Yes. Please download and install the beta version. It will fix the issue
  4. yes, 3 times 10 candle average, unless you specify a different amount for RangeAveragePeriod
  5. that is a bit specific. What I can do to solve your problem is just give you the function for StrongLine - you can then put it into your Paintbar after the MainCalculation function, and then modify it however you want: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } .fctbStyle7{ color:#000000; } public Boolean StrongLine(int Ago = 0, int RangeAveragePeriod = 10) { Double RangeAverage = CandlePattern.AverageCandleBody(RangeAveragePeriod); double body = CandlePattern.CandleBody(Ago); if (body >= RangeAverage * 3 && CandlePattern.BottomWick(Ago) <= body && CandlePattern.TopWick(Ago) <= body) { return true; } return false; } You can just copy/paste the above code in its entirety at the end of your paintbar and reference "Strongline" instead of CandlePattern.Strongline in your regular script code
  6. Okay that will work. The caption is unchanged, same as English version of Windows, so it will just work with what I have already
  7. on dashboard, click on SOURCES (top right). Then, you can click on the ETRADEUS entry and then right click and select Force Re-login a few times. that prompt does not come up every time, so may have to do it a few times.
  8. @nasdaqpazzo please post a screenshot of the popup or the exact text shown in the caption, so I can make sure it gets auto closed. I did it for English version "Web Browser" already
  9. that small browser error - unable to download... that is caused by the E*Trade login page. It is intermittent, so it is still there. There is no actual error and you can close the message. Will see if I can close it automatically, though don't know if that will work for non-US systems. Not holding my breath to have E*Trade fix it
  10. NOTE: First version released (last night) had one problem - MT would be locked up until the E*Trade login completed. I fixed that and updated the beta again so if you have that issue, get the beta update again. should be 1.1.8675.3 (or higher)
  11. We fixed E*Trade Login stuff. Please get the BETA version of MT: https://medvedtrader.com/beta Close MT and install this one over the existing setup. Let me know if you encounter any issues.
  12. E*Trade changed the login on their website and that is what we used for quotes. (and for trading if you got this morning's beta) We are working on it but it is not a quick fix.
  13. no, that wont work. those charts are not individually configurable, nor do they have indicators. Don't have something like what you are suggesting. sorry
  14. Just released new BETA version with New E*Trade API and new login setup. For now the main change is the login - no more daily login windows with E*Trade's login page ! It is now handled same as the quotes were done previously - MT login box. Should simplify things. Once we release this stuff to production, we will be able to also add Trailing stops, Bracket orders and other conditional orders. Get the beta at https://medvedtrader.com/beta Just close MT and install the new one right over the top
  15. E*Trade changed their API. Time to switch to Medved Trader.
  16. with single sessioninfo call: public void MainCalculation() { TradingSessionInfo session = GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp); TimeSpan TS = (Timestamp[0] - session.SessionStart); // number of minutes into session int p = (int) TS.TotalMinutes; // convert Timespan to integer if (DateTime.UtcNow<session.DayStart.AddDays(1)) // only plot current day { SetColor(Color.Black); SetYValue(Sum(p,TICK)); //plots a running total using the Sum loop function } } NOTE: this code assumes that the paintbar is running on 1 minute bars. Could be optimized, though that would complicate the code a bit.
  17. Can't really do that without a BIG project. However, something to consider - Maybe just switch the portfolio to TILE View and select the tile display with the charts? for example:
  18. CTRL and shift have a number of key functionalities and cannot be changed. what you are seeing is that it toggles the display of the trace info on the charts. If you have trace set to not show, holding down CTRL+SHIFT will show it and vice versa. trading stuff too... It is very specific key functionality and cannot be changed.
  19. the "fix" in windows 10 was just a guess cause I saw it disappear after one of them on my computer. This happens if you have the chart windows set to not show as separate icons on the task bar and then minimize. A workaround would be to change the setting in MT to allow separate icons for "Child windows" (SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL) and then just let Windows group them together on the task bar.
  20. Though E*Trade re-enabled our access to the old API, we still need to update to the new one, and do so very soon. The latest beta is updated to the new API. I really need some feedback regarding a couple things from you if you have an E*Trade account: 1) make sure positions are showing OK. 2) Option trading - try it, make sure it works, transactions & positions show. Please get the beta at : https://medvedtrader.com/beta close MT and install that one over the existing. For now everything else should be the same. In the future, we will likely add some other features, such as conditional orders.
  21. this is a Windows 10 issue, not MT. One of the updates screwed that up. However, one of the subsequent updates fixed it. Check if there are further updates for your Windows setup
  22. with the new NEWS system we released, may be able to change that a bit. will look
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