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  1. Hmm. Will have to have Mike check on this - could most likely do it with a Hotkey
  2. Fixed. Select FILE / HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, then restart, even if nothing was updated. (or just get the latest beta again)
  3. OK it is something in MT since older MT version does not have the problem. will fix.
  4. we didn't change anything. Maybe webull did. will check
  5. it sounds like your quotes are not on. What datafeed? on top of the portfolio, is the datafeed in question selected? does the button above the selection say START or STOP?
  6. you can get streaming price changes via API. Indicator values you would need to compute yourself. as for orders, yes, they would show up in MT GUI
  7. right now the news window is not setup for filtering (would have to change the way we handle the display of the data). However, once we do add the filtering, it will not have access to the filters that you asked for. For that you would want to filter in a portfolio by modifying scans etc and then just looking at the news for the result symbols. Or, you can do it using our API.
  8. Hmm, I need to get the quote data file to see what the problem is. Please do the following: go to FILE / Export/Backup menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) Select “To share with others” export file protection option on top right Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE and QUOTE DATA boxes. Export (note the location of the file – it is shown in center of the right side of that screen) The file will be too large to email. Please send it to us using https://wetransfer.com/ Or one of the other cloud storage sites (dropbox, google drive, etc)
  9. sure the properties for it have extend left/right checkboxes.
  10. the alert was triggered at 1:34:16 PM (Eastern). Showed notification, played sound. Cleared at 1:36:15 NOTE: you can see that in the alert log too
  11. was the symbol in the portfolio getting quotes?
  12. if the alert was already triggered previously and you never cleared the alert, it was still "Triggered" and thus would not trigger again
  13. select FILE / HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, then restart MT, even if nothing was updated.
  14. do you have a task manager that lets you see individual threads and their CPU utilization? If not, can you get something like https://www.anvir.com/ then, when the issue occurs, view the threads for MT sorted by CPU usage in order to identify which one is using the high CPU. Take a screenshot, then also "Create a DUMP File" - in regular task manager, right click on MT.EXE and select that menu item. note were it saves it, zip it and send it to us NOTE: The file will be too large to email. Please send it to us using https://wetransfer.com/ Or one of the other cloud storage sites (dropbox, google drive, etc) Send a log as well just to be sure. Make sure you are running the latest beta or prod at the time. will make it easier to track down.
  15. we have a drawing tool that will do what you want. Select the channel. Draw a horizontal channel. in the settings, specify FILL color and set it to extent left/right as needed.
  16. I guess not sure what "full width" means and what is stopping you from drawing that now? width of the chart is kind of dynamic
  17. that is not how it works. the check for whether backfill is needed or not looks at the general code and occurs before any evaluation is done. So since you have code there looking at candle data, it means the scan requires backfill.
  18. Oliver, you said "In my scan I do this" but then there was a gap and nothing - so I think whatever you planned to post, did not come through. Please post or email the entire scan, not just portions that you think are relevant.
  19. MT does check the code first and does not do the backfill if there is nothing in it to require it. Also, if the data is already backfilled for a given symbol, it should skip it. Does your code reference any indicators?
  20. I emailed you last time but didn't hear back from you. did you do the stuff in the email
  21. candle size, in seconds - 60 on 1 minute charts, 600 on 10 minute charts, etc. lets you know inside the paintbar or scan what frequency the scan is being run with.
  22. Position will not work for Crypto, since it is not nearly as clear cut. I can buy BTC.USD, but then can also sell ETH.BTC for example, etc. I have no way to tell what the price paid for BTC is in that situation in a common currency
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