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Update program hangs/stalls

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Hi Jerry,


After choosing option to update, i then get a pop up at the end saying something like 'waiting for medved to shutdown'..but it then seems to hang at this point indefinitely...i've left it like this for 2 days before and nothing happens (it doesn't close/restart etc). When i click on the "X" button at top right corner to manually close the pop up, i can't restart Medved program at all. I've tried going into Task Manager within my Windows 7 to see if there might be any lingering processes but nothing i can see related to Medved. This happens each time it prompts me to update - i think i've needed to reboot each time to recover from situation.


Thanks, David.

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MT is not shutting down properly it seems. The process in Task Manager (under PROCESSES) would be MT.EXE

Kill it. Restart MT and please send me the log:

go to FILE / Export Settings.

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.

Export, then email me the exported file please.

Include the URL of this page in the email so I know what it is in reference to.


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