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Hi Jerry,


Open MT pre market, news is fetched, read it and so marked read, close MT.

Reopen MT once market is open news is fetched. However, the premarket

news item marked as read are refetched.  


Happens with to either/both ASX and Commsec.



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The bulbs will turn on if something about the news item changed, but not so much that it would be shown as a new headline.


Is the issue that the bulb is turned on for the already read in news, OR that the same item is added again so you now have old and new?


If the 2nd, then is the DATE/TIME on the new item different?


I just tried with ASX and was unable to reproduce. I just had it get news on a batch of symbols in a portfolio, cleared all bulbs, then had it update the news again. I have a feeling the issue happens on new date based on UTC time, which  


If you are able to recreate and have a chance to deal with it, maybe you could do this:

1) turn off everything including ALL NEWS , quotes, Level II, ec.

2) Clear all bulbs (can easily do that on the All News window)

3) create a single test portfolio/watchlist that has the symbols that you saw the issue with the bulbs.

4) on bottom right of the Dashboard (on status bar), change Logging Level to 100
5) turn NEWS on for just the TEST portfolio from step 3

6) After it finishes updating all the news for the symbols in the portfolio, Export Log and settings:

go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.

Export, then email me the exported file. indicate FIRST BATCH in the email


(Can turn news off and log level back now until step 7)


7) Later on, do steps 4 through 6 again, and send me the exported file indicating SECOND BATCH..Indicate which exact symbols, news headlines had the problem.





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the bulb for the symbol will turn off simply if you view the headlines for the symbol. Even if you do not view the headlines directly.   The read flag on each headline will turn off if you view the actual details (or if there are no details). 


Based on your description, I don't think I see any problem.  If I misunderstood, please clarify what you are expecting to see.

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