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Anchored Single Regression Channel



I have had reasonable success in developing high probability trades with Single Regression Channels. Usually that involves major and minor trend changes by combining longer periods (IE as far back as 2008) and medium or short channels that go months to days. With a couple dozen charts and two SRCs each, it doesn't take too long each day to go through each chart and simply increment the Period Parameter for each SRC. While it is only a small amount of time to reset the channel back to where the last trend change occurred, it does get tedious day after day.


It struck me that it would be time saving and more accurate if there was a radio button in the SRC Parameter box that could be selected to "Anchor" the current channel starting date at its present position (the beginning of a price trend) so that each day following would automatically and accurately extend the channel from the last trend change point to the right without daily operator intervention.   (Likely this would even be more valuable for someone using SRCs on intra-day charts.)  If "Anchor" is not selected, the SRC functionality could be exactly as before.


If this was available, a trader would only need to review the chart for a trend change ... and if found, the "Anchor" could be then be deselected and a new Single Regression Channel be initiated.


The speed and accuracy for those using single regression channels would be nicely improved.


Thanks for all your good work guys!



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