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    It is a pain to deal with it on intraday charts, and since the scale range on intraday charts is generally so much smaller than on historical ones (with very rare exceptions), log scale is not really needed.
  2. Ok the pulldown is blank because you have not created any named colors yet for this paintbar - that is, you haven't entered a name for a color in this or another rule. Not sure about it switching to pink when you type something as a color name - doesn't happen for me. What are the exact steps?
  3. The N2 parameter was being ignored (was same as N1). I changed that. Maybe that is what was causing it.
  4. ... kinda like a Word doc where you can put in notes and paste chart snapshots?
  5. You're absolutely right. I inverted the last step. Will fix it and it will be in next beta.
  6. Will be in next beta. Not today's - but next one.
  7. Yes. Market data sources for charts and portfolios and trading are separate and independent in MT. The only time the market data source and trading site are related is in places like the Account View's Positions or Transactions - but even for that you can have a separate market data source specified for this trading site n the Settings for the trading site.
  8. The beta Jerry is putting out today has it flashing. Audio would be a bit much.
  9. The beta Jerry is putting out today has it.
  10. Mike Medved


    Not that Math.Round(A) rounds A to an integer. If you want to round to 2 digits after decimal point, do Math.Round(A, 2)
  11. Pressure Bars may have a problem in code that would not make it useable in paintbars. Will look and fix.
  12. Mike Medved


    New beta Jerry put out today should have a "Zerolag" option in MACD indicator.
  13. Mike Medved


    Give us a link to clear descriptions of the algorithms, and we'll add them.
  14. ALMA is already there.
  15. We're in the process of improving our API.
  16. I understand, Vic. We researched this quite extensively and it would require redoing a LOT of MT in order to render things natively in DPI-aware mode. Windows really does not make it easy.
  17. Riker66, can you expand on this a bit. What do you mean by min/max candles? If you just want to show local minima and maxima, that really is not an "indicator" per se, at least not one that MT would do. MT has to be able to calculate the indicator on the last candle being plotted. Having a minimum or a maximum is inherently a backwards-looking calculation.
  18. Mike Medved


    Can you link to a clear explanation of the algorithm?
  19. I am looking. I can implement that, but I would do it as an option inside the VMA - as in "VI type" selection. The current one would be "Efficiency Ratio". Have to find out which one is the one that that LazyBear used
  20. Again, thanks for the report. This is now fixed and will be in next beta.
  21. You're correct. I am looking into it. Basically, you're doing OHLC data and the volume charts apparently developed a bug that stopped splitting a "tick" (and in OHLC data there are 4 "ticks" per minute) across several candles. And that's a problem. Will fix.
  22. So he's using some other kind of Volatility indicator as the input to VMA. I wish I knew what it is called - so if I make it an option inside VMA, I'd know what to put in the selection box.
  23. The definition of the pattern is: two trend-continuing candles, with a low-to-high downside gap between them< The reason the pattern doesn't show is that the two gapping candles are not trend-continuing. If you lower the Trend Length in the parameters of the Candle Patterns window, it will catch it.
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