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  1. Since the advanced scanner code allows you to look at the value for the indicator N candles back, you can do it that way for any indicator. Including the Single Regression Channel indicator. Let's say you added the Single Regression Channel to the list of variables under the name of SRC. Then the slope would be (SRC-SRC[11])/12
  2. Well... I really didn't want to add another Pivot indicator. So I added TC and BC to Pivot Points. Will be in next beta.
  3. Jason, what I mean is adding the TC and BC option to all pivot indicators, same as they today have R1, S1 etc. Is that a good way of doing this?
  4. As for paintbar drawing a line on the chart - SetYValue sets a point on the chart for each candle, and there is a line drawn through these points.
  5. Well. You know how there is R1, S1, R2, S2.... There could also be TC and BC?
  6. In MT, to add a symbol, you simply start typing it. Somehow one of your keyboard keys thinks it is getting pressed (and stuck).
  7. Yeah, the problem with those patterns is that their definitions are very vague and hard to define in exact terms. What one could do I guess is take the last few (4? 5?) local minima and maxima (which also means you have to define what local minimum/maximum is), run linear regression lines through both sets, and then check that 1. the points on which they are constructed lie close (again, "close" has to be defined) to the lines and 2. they intersect in the future and 3. the slope of the top one is a lot less (1/10th?) than the slope of the bottom one? How does that sound?
  8. Question: are the drawings completely arbitrary - that is, there is no set relationship between the up line and down line, the user can just put the dots of the drawing wherever he wants? Basically, is all you want a multiline-drawing tool?
  9. Note how on the second pic of yours the "jaggies" in the lines are not there.
  10. With AMTD, it is better to backfill "continuous" contracts - for example @ES.
  11. Fixed - go to Dashboard's File menu / Help / Check for Updates
  12. Jason, the problem is the lexical parser we're using does not give the right column for the error sometimes. Correct row though
  13. There are three ways to specify a color. 1. Color.something - like Color.Black, Color.White, Color.Lime etc. - these are absolute colors. 2. SysColor.something - like SysColor.Positive, SysColor.Bid, SysColor.MainIndicator1 - these colors are taken from the current chart's color scheme. 3. the hex format. 0xFF9399FF - the first FF is transparency, just always leave it FF. 93 is the red component, 99 is green, FF is blue. So this color would be a bluish gray. FF is max, so the 0xFF9399FF is a lightish blue. See https://www.color-hex.com/ your 0xFF9399FF would be equivalent to #9399FF there.
  14. Also - in order to scan using several paintbars, you have to combine the several paintbars' code into one scan, and set the scan results or scan result colors differently for the different code's triggers. Only one scan can run on a portfolio at a time.
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