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  1. No. MT is written in C# and is a standalone Windows application, does not run in a browser even on Windows, much less on a Mac. Some of our users run MT in Parallels or another Windows emulator on their Macs though.
  2. Oh in case you wonder where the option is (and for those reading this) it is in the Settings. We added a "Search" in settings that allows you to find the setting by just typing a few letters of it in the search.
  3. Ok I checked the code and traced some things and it seems to work as it should. Note: the one-min volume as used in the alert is not what you see in the volume indicator. That volume is divided on 1 min (if that is the frequency) boundaries. The alert machinery just keeps a queue of all ticks in the last 60 seconds. Then it totals the volumes in those ticks and divides it by the number of seconds between the last tick in the queue and the first tick. Then it multiplies that # by 60 to get the running one-minute-volume. That would skew things a bit for very thinly traded stocks... I did it that way so that if you have a sudden uptick in volume in a stock that may not trade every second, the reaction would be faster. Maybe I could just take the total in the last 60 seconds and NOT scale it by the actual time between the last and first tick...
  4. Will do after the new prod is released.
  5. IB allows OTA (One Triggers Other) orders, which is what you're looking for. On the bottom of the trade ticket you will see some "Conditionals" orders. Pick OTA.
  6. Even when they converge, the "trace" values should not overlap. The right side values may. So if you move the cursor all the way to the right, the trace values would show you what the indicator values are.
  7. Once we're done with a small avalanche of things here...
  8. I researched this. What MT is using right now is the Windows compatibility mode, which, on the >100% basically renders to a behind-the-scenes bitmap, then stretches the bitmap. If you look really closely, that blurs things a little. Usually, since on a 4K display pixels are so close together, you really don't notice it. (I had to run high-DPI on a regular display in order to see the effect). It is possible to change things in MT to run in "DPI-aware" mode, I experimented with it, which would automatically change all font sizes and eliminate stretching. It will take redoing things on almost every window in MT, creating new graphics etc. Right now we have a bit on our plate. Maybe at some point, during a "quiet period"...
  9. Yes, Jerry released the beta where I didn't finish this yet Will be in next one.
  10. Drawing = annotations And hm I just put it in for completeness didn't know no one else is doing it.
  11. You mean in annotations, right? Always happy to please.
  12. We have investigated this and going forward we definitely have to make MT a "DPI-aware" application, meaning it would scale nicely and sharply instead of the default scaling that Windows subjects it to, which fuzzes it out (for scales more than 100%). Not sure when that would happen. We will fit it in when we can.
  13. Pivot Points now have TC and BC lines that can be shown.
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