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  1. " instead of having an anchor point on opening price, it would be on previous day opening price."... I am looking at the picture you posted and the thick red line at the beginning of 5/7 does not look to be where the opening price of 5/6 was...
  2. VWAP is a continuously updating indicator - that is, it is recalculated on each candle. What would a previous day's VWAP show - a line across the chart for the day with the value of VWAP on the last candle of the previous day? I could add that to the VWAP indicator as an option I guess. If that what you'd like?
  3. In the last rule you have PivotPointsHist. Make it just PivotPoints.
  4. Those first four rules - you can's just type SMA9 inside the rule, choose SMA and then edit its parameters to be what you want. That's why you have those red Xs - that indicates that the rule is invalid.
  5. The problem here is mixing candle sizes. If you would consider having 45 SMA daily instead of 9SMA weekly (which should be approximately same), etc. then it is fairly easy to do. Also - is your Weekly candle Mo-Fri or just last 5 days?
  6. On the Scan/Paintbar Manager window, in the menu, there are Export and Import buttons.
  7. Ah you're talking about candle patterns. Yes there are a lot of pre-defined candle patterns that can be detected. https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/candle_patterns_on_charts.htm https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/available_candle_patterns.htm Look at Harami or InsideBar patterns
  8. For the scan itself, email us at support@medvedtrader.com, mention this post, I will send it to you Result:
  9. well. We did: 1. make the volume label show up as M K etc. 2. put in an option so that the labels do not overlap It is kinda hard to figure out exactly what to show for indicators. I mean. It is a calculated value so it is not neat like price values. If the SMA is (internally) 2.4765637123 - what should I show? 2.48? 2.476? 2.4766? and what if it is 3025.12318928? Or 0.2387469827. I agree that right now it shows too many digits. But how many and for what values it should show is the question. We can't just use straightforward stuff like "show 6 significant digits". Bec
  10. In Dashboard (or Portfolio window) - File menu, App Login option. Turn off "Remember Password" then log in.
  11. you found a bug Thanks. I will fix the bug. Meantime do this: (add the the 0, at the start) SetColorAndShape(0, 0x4dc4b6FF, PBShape.Fill)
  12. yeah, you found a bug I will fix the bug. Meantime do this: (add the the 0, at the start) SetColorAndShape(0, 0x4dc4b6FF, PBShape.Fill)
  13. stock777 - another one of our heavy users that had the same problem ran the same exact production on his exact same computer today. And no problems. Cosmic rays? Or maybe some kind of bad karma day?
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