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  1. TD Ameritrade changed things last night that broke some stuff. They are working on fixing it, meantime: 1. Please select FILE / HELP => Check for Updates. Let MT Update all files, then restart MT even if nothing updated. or 2. go to https://medvedtrader.com/beta and download the beta. Install it over the current MT and things will somewhat return to normal. Streaming trading account updates still need to be fixed, on Ameritrade server side.
  2. Yes, was returning the wrong value (I think Ask)...
  3. The data source is per-portfolio. So you can have 5 different portfolios with 5 different data sources. What you can't have is the same symbol that appears in several of these portfolios, because each portfolio will store the data for the symbol, interfering with each other.
  4. That is why we are providing for you the session info. So you don't have to convert times. You just do var Info = GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp); if (Timestamp > info.SessionStart.AddHours(1)) <--- this would check if we're past the first hour of the trading session
  5. Yes that is why it's great that our users force us to be up to date
  6. The secret of a good programmer is the ability to remember where to look in the code.
  7. It was not looking at backfilled ticks or ticks where Bid = Ask correctly. Will fix. As for colors - the default for bid is the "Volume Up" color. Ask - "Volume Down" color.
  8. Yes - you can check the time in relation to the current trading session for the candle. Use GetTradingSessionInfo - https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/advanced_timestamp_and_trading.htm Than you can check what the info.SessionStart is and see if your Timestamp is past that.
  9. Mike Medved

    Yahoo News

    Yes. We don't do it for all symbols because the download from yahoo per symbol is substantial.
  10. That one is a bit problematic. It is Volume * 100 / AverageVolume. The problem is that not all sources provide the AverageVolume, so you may not have it. MT either gets it from the sources that do give it or calculates it itself when you open a historical chart.
  11. wendlefly: when you put the scan on the portfolio, do you specify "historical" in the scan? Is the frequency the same? Note that the scan I gave above says "Any Parameters", which for scans means defaults. If you want specifically 14,7 - change it to that. If after that it is still wrong, can you give an example of a symbol or two for which the scan I gave above triggers but when you go to historical chart it doesn't fit the criteria?
  12. I guess I could make it an option that IF it is the same symbol, then just use the price level from the first chart.
  13. I see forgot about that. The reasoning is: on the chart in focus you are in control of where the mouse is so the price of the crosshair is on the chart. On the other chart, who knows what the current scale is, so can't just take the crosshair price from the first chart, it may be completely out of range. Especially if it is a different symbol.
  14. That would take some thinking. I mean the machinery would be there but have been very wary of doing any kind of "autotrading" because just placing orders is not enough. There has to be risk management etc. built in. It would be a lot better to just build an app outside of MT that would use MT's streaming API to get data, get account info and place/manage orders.
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