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  1. MT only scans stocks on the data that comes in . Which means you have to enter all the symbols you want to scan into a portfolio, then put the scan on the portfolio. The code for the scan in question would be simple: .fctbNone{ color:#000000; } .fctbStyle5{ color:#0000ff; } if (SymbolData.Low52 != SymbolData.High52) { var RangePer = (Close - SymbolData.Low52)/(SymbolData.High52 - SymbolData.High52); SetScanResult(Convert.ToInt32(RangePer)); }
  2. Hm only a couple of providers do (we probably should take it out of L2 for now). Upcoming - dxFeed will be incorporated into MT - it has LULD in the feed.
  3. Two things that may or may not help.. 1. Once you set the date to what you want, use "Set as Default" then any time you add VWAP to another chart it will be set to the same date. 2. You can sync indicators for all charts. Right now there is no way to drag the anchor... But even if there was, you'd still have to do that on every chart.
  4. Use Channels instead of boxes. Make them horizontal. I just checked and there is a bug where extend right also extends them left. Will fix.
  5. Ok it is a bit strange. The ONLY SetColor you have is Red but it still shows Green? Send me the scan - export it and attach to support@
  6. MT does the same thing - the Last price's background in portfolio shows where in the daily range the current price is. You may have turned that off - the option is in Settings / Application / Appearance under "Color LAST According to Range".
  7. When your paintbar detects the condition, the current candle at which it just detected the condition is in the CandleNumber.
  8. Fore/background - no unfortunately not. The line is drawn on the chart "overlay" - a transparent panel over the chart. The reason for this is that the chart has to be allowed to change under the line. For efficiency's sake, MT's charts do not redraw the whole chart unless a new candle is drawn. When the current candle is updated, only the small vertical slice of the chart on the right containing the candle is redrawn. With indicators and regular paintbars that is no problem since whatever changes is also in that vertical slice and gets redrawn. But the SetLine lines may change over the whole chart, there is no restriction for that, so they cannot be drawn on the chart itself. They are instead drawn on the transparent overlay. This efficient drawing algorithm allows MT to handle massive number of simultaneous charts without overloading the computer. As for Shares Outstanding - try I think the shares outstanding is just a number.
  9. Silly me, through a fairly egregious oversight, managed to omit for release one of the better features of the hotkey editor - the autocomplete. We found out about it with the help of one of the users (thank you) and Jerry released a new beta that includes it.
  10. There is "Drop" and "Send" in the hotkey. If "Drop" is true, executing on the trade ticket, it fills in the trade ticket. If "Send" is true, it sends the order. If not, it doesn't.
  11. Email support@medvedtrader.com if you want to try it.
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