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  1. Fixed - go to Dashboard's File menu / Help / Check for Updates
  2. Jason, the problem is the lexical parser we're using does not give the right column for the error sometimes. Correct row though
  3. There are three ways to specify a color. 1. Color.something - like Color.Black, Color.White, Color.Lime etc. - these are absolute colors. 2. SysColor.something - like SysColor.Positive, SysColor.Bid, SysColor.MainIndicator1 - these colors are taken from the current chart's color scheme. 3. the hex format. 0xFF9399FF - the first FF is transparency, just always leave it FF. 93 is the red component, 99 is green, FF is blue. So this color would be a bluish gray. FF is max, so the 0xFF9399FF is a lightish blue. See https://www.color-hex.com/ your 0xFF9399FF would be equivalent to #9399FF there.
  4. Also - in order to scan using several paintbars, you have to combine the several paintbars' code into one scan, and set the scan results or scan result colors differently for the different code's triggers. Only one scan can run on a portfolio at a time.
  5. Scanning is pretty efficient. Past the initial setting up of the scan, as the data comes in, the scan calculation is done only for the last candle. The "problem" with scans is that each symbol has to, initially, recalculate a bit of candle data for itself (how much candle data depends on the indicators in the scan) and keep those candles and the indicator values around while it is running, thus using up some memory. But I know some MT users are running 1500 symbol RT scans with some quite complex code in them and MT seems to handle it ok. Modern computers are pretty amazing in terms of performance. I started programming in the 70s. Computers changed quite a bit during the last 40 years or so. And yes, same code can be used for scans and paintbars. We deliberately made it that way.
  6. The PB's SetColorAndShape sets, unsurprisingly, the color and shape at the particular candle. Where to place that color and shape is not decided at the code level (unless you do SetYValue). At the time you place the paintbar on the chart, in its parameters, you specify where you want that paintbar to appear.
  7. That's the personal service for the complainers. What I meant is it has been fixed and will be pushed out in the next release.
  8. This will work in the beta after the new production that is about to be released.
  9. If you want to overlay and compare two paintbar lines and want to adjust scales, do it in an extra chart (above or below the main one). You can link two indicators to show on the same chart. The linked indicators are usually scaled so that they overlay each other. To do that, if the scales are similar, they do not change, but if they are dissimilar, they are adjusted.
  10. Sorry we missed this post and never answered it. Question: does this happen right away when you run a scan or a long time after the scan starts? Is it some particular scan that causes it? If so, can you export it and send it to us to support email?
  11. TDA is doing a server update for the calculated indexes and it'll be released soon. (Soon = week+).
  12. Well then it should be @BRRU19 in MT as well no? I tried that and it works.
  13. hm. Ok how do you enter it in TWS? I type in BTC, and it gives me no futures option. Same with "Bitcoin"?
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