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  1. How are trading increments decided for crypto pairs? Is there a doc somewhere?
  2. You can, with some restrictions. The paintbar allows you, instead of painting a color on the chart, to draw a line instead. See the SetYValue function. So you can code your own logic for your indicator, possibly using other indicators as well, and generate the line.
  3. Ok sell half of current position is easy - Pos / 2 The other - the DefaultQty should work
  4. No, seriously. C# doesn't include in its libraries the "AlmostEquals" kind of function for floats. So I had to write it myself. It is a non trivial problem. The most precise method would be of course to decode the IEEE float into its exponent/fraction components and then compare them. I settled for a different method that unfortunately involves calling log functions etc. It is a little slower but I think more clear. But I of course screwed it up. Fixed now. Will be in next ver.
  5. Hm. It is not a trivial thing. If it is a timed chart, you can figure out how many candles it takes to session start by subtracting session start time from current candle timestamp and dividing by the candle size. Then use that number in the Any loop....
  6. .fctbNone{ color:#000000; }CurrentCandle.candlenum is the sequence # of the current candle, 0 based. You can use that for MaxBars.
  7. The problem with that is that in order to create such lists you have to have internal access to the whole universe of stocks' wide pipe. Brokerages do. We don't.
  8. Have you looked at Shift and Ctrl-Shift while moving the mouse?
  9. This is very weird. I can't get this to repeat. If/when happens again, please send us your settings including data (export everything, including data, then use WeTransfer to send it to us) and send us the screenshot of what is happening. Also tell us what brokerage you're using to place the order (although really shouldn't matter).
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