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  1. I am putting Jerry's post into our help file.
  2. There wasn't such a column, but what you CAN do is use the scanner for it. Create a scan that does whatever calculation you want, then do the SetScanResult to that number. Run the scan on the portfolio. The result will show in the ScanResult column.
  3. Works for me for everything. Here it is for 1 min candles...
  4. I am not sure if you're asking how to do this or just mentioning that it is available. If you want to know how to do that - set the Trading tab of the ribbon menu to the account in which the position is held. Then go to the Trading Settings on the right and turn on the Show Positions.
  5. Mike Medved

    NOTES Question

    At some point you made an alert with that note and hit the "Set as default" button on the bottom. Make a default for the alert without the note.
  6. You can hide the indicator legends - that is in the chart's Ribbon menu in the View tab under Options on the left. You can also change the Y scale to pad it so you have empty space added - just click on the scale and drag it up/down to do that.
  7. Take a look how it is implemented now. Same periods are allowed as for pivots.
  8. I guess can implement this in the same way (and ranges) that pivot points are implemented. How would these four lines be labeled? What are they called? I googled and saw them called L1+ L2+ L1- L2-... Since in MT the names, since they can be used in the paintbars, should not contain +-, I could call them L1P L2P L1N L2N --- for positive and negative?
  9. Dr - all online brokerages are increasing their security, thus these extra hoops to jump through.
  10. Ok I looked it up. It will be in next beta.
  11. Will be in next beta. Comments are welcome, as usual.
  12. Doubled it. Will be in next beta.
  13. Well sure... That's what the "crosses up" and "crosses down" is for. Here is one such rule. You can have many rules in one scanner.
  14. On the dashboard, bottom left, on the status bar, there is an exclamation point icon. Click on it - the menu has an option to disable the alert system.
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