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  1. Mike Medved

    Suggestions for videos...

    As you may know, we do have a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9KD0V7T62Y29i1YYw9-jQ I'd like to entertain suggestions on the videos you think should be added to it. Ranging from beginners' to experts', but with emphasis on beginners, since experts usually take care of themselves
  2. Yes, that's correct. There is really no other way to do that, since the indicators are set up and calculated prior to any scan/paintbar code being executed.
  3. I don't know what you mean by doesn't have this as a feature when code is produced. If you are talking about Advanced mode, In the Param column if you click on it, it shows the bid only/ask only param and remembers it if you set it, no? It may not show it in that column, but that's because it is not shown on the chart legend either (the chart legend is what is shown in the column).
  4. They raised it since then.
  5. Mike Medved

    Slow Stochastics

    https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/05/062405.asp That's a good resource. Some traders find that this indicator is too responsive to price changes, which ultimately leads to being taken out of positions prematurely. To solve this problem, the slow stochastic was invented by applying a three-period moving average to the %K of the fast calculation. Taking a three-period moving average of the fast stochastic's %K has proved to be an effective way to increase the quality of transaction signals; it also reduces the number of false crossovers. After the first moving average is applied to the fast stochastic's %K, an additional three-period moving average is then applied - making what is known as the slow stochastic's %D. Close inspection will reveal that the %K of the slow stochastic is the same as the %D (signal line) on the fast stochastic.
  6. Jason, all that stuff can be done using the advanced code with tracking session-variables as we did in other examples on this forum before. You can look at session info, any time you get new session, record the price as "open" (for both the core symbol and compare-to symbol), then for all subsequent values you can get percentage from open as (Close-SessionOpen)*100/SessionOpen, and compare them. Same with session high/lows - we discussed this before.
  7. Mike Medved

    52 week high on historical charts

    I know right? But out of almost 7.5 billion of people on the planet so relatively few know that!
  8. Mike Medved

    52 week high on historical charts

    Ok it will be in next beta (Jerry will email you to get the pre-beta install so you could try it now).
  9. Mike Medved

    52 week high on historical charts

    Like this (it's 252 because there are 252 trading days a year)?
  10. Mike Medved

    52 week high on historical charts

    Ok so - indicator that would take a period, and would track a rolling high and low of the period - would suffice?
  11. Mike Medved

    52 week high on historical charts

    I guess I could make a rolling 52 week high indicator. Wouldn't be a horizontal line. Or you could do it with a paintbar if you wanted. Do you know enough about advanced paintbars to try?
  12. Mike Medved

    Broker/MT VWAP discrepancies...

    Live data feed is usually tick-data or close to it.
  13. Mike Medved

    Broker/MT VWAP discrepancies...

    VWAP is a tick indicator - that is, it is calculated from tick data, not from candle data. So, if your chart is backfilled with OHLC data, its VWAP calculation will not exactly match someone else's calculation that uses true tick data. Especially if you specify the minimum trade size (which for OHLC would almost always be satisfied, vs tick data).
  14. Ok, the problem is that the line if (Timestamp <= SessionInformation.SessionStart.AddMinutes(5)) should be if (Timestamp < SessionInformation.SessionStart.AddMinutes(5))
  15. "CrossUp" means previous candle's EMA is lower than the current candle's high and the current candle's EMA is higher than the high. Is that what you meant to do? If you remove the "crossUp" - do you see a stretch in the chart where the paintbar's condition is satisfied? If there is, and you add the CrossUp, and the CrossUp condition is within that stretch, it should work.