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Paintbars and Custom Indicators



Hi Jerry and Mike


Saw a post that Paintbars and custom indicators would be released soon in maybe a production version.


Are you looking to release a beta version with both in, as the feedback from users would be very useful for MT's development. Depending on how powerful the code is it could really put MT on the map, I currently do all kinds of workarounds to Auto-trade with QT and internal MT code would be very useful.  So if you want some field testing done before you release, please sign me up.


Also when you tell me NO  :) could you let me know what the MT symbol for the FTSE100 contract is, (Symbol Z) current month IB symbol ZZ5, trades on ICEEU.  


To offer a bug report as a token of my gratitude, circles are missing on the "Clear annotations" button in the charts.


With Best Regards


QT Fan


Hopefully soon to be MT Fan !

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the FTSE100 contract using standard MT notation would be @ZZ15:ICEEU


Clear circles will be added in the next build


Paintbars and custom indicators - that will be added after production release. The current version though is basically production level. The website is what is missing :(.  We will definitely go through a bunch of beta versions when we do add that functionality

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