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I'm getting some strange behavior with a couple of indices.  I have a portfolio setup that contains just indices ($DJI, $SPX.X, $COMPX, $NDX.X, $TRINQ and $TICKQ) that have been setup to display as Tiles.  I use TD Ameritrade data feed and am able to backfill all except $TRINQ and $TICKQ, but that maybe a function of the data feed.  If I click on the $TRINQ tile a chart opens and displays the data that has accumulated thru out the day.  If I do the same for $TICKQ only a few recent bars display correctly and the accumulated data is gone, although if the chart is scrolled some random points/bars display but the data appears to be corrupted.

I then added 2 "Compare Symbol" indicators to the lower or separate chart panel of an open chart and added $TRINQ and $TICKQ as Stock Symbols.  The Compare Symbol edit window offers up both Symbol and Index fields as in QT but the Index field is non-functional and the drop down selection list is not populated as in QT.

Both compare symbols will accumulated and display values over time.  If I click the tile and open a chart for $TICKQ again only the most recent few bars display while the compare chart continues to show all of the accumulated data, however the data stops accumulating, the line stops displaying any new data.  When the chart opened from the tile is closed the compare symbol line will begin to update again but a gap exists in the line for the period of time that the tile chart was open.  BUT, shortly after closing the tile chart the compare chart flat lines and all accumulated data is gone and then it begins to display/update and starts to accumulate data again.  The $TRINQ does not have this behavior and continues to display the accumulated data correctly in both the Tile activated chart and the compare symbol chart.

MT rev: 1.0.9354.542

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Compare Symbol indicator parameters - the index functionality is not done yet.

$TICKQ data - if you look at the raw data for the symbol, are the rows there? are they marked as filtered? (strike through font)

as for the data not accumulating when you open the chart for the $TICKQ symbol, please open the main dashboard. On it, switch it to display SOURCES (tab on top).  Note which datafeeds are listed with the values in the L1 column and the # shown there.  Now open the $TICKQ chart.  Did any of the datafeeds change?

Please export and send me your settings so I can try it out here.


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Settings file sent.

Raw data: recent lines not filtered, about 50 or so, then the balance are mostly filtered, although intermixed are lines that are not struck thru.  Would account for the scattered data points on the chart.

Sources:  Remained stable, L1 did not change but bandwidth moved around then stable.  Opened and closed $TICKQ and $TRINQ charts several times, L1 not changed.


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what happens is you found a hole in the spike filtering routine :).  If you open a chart on $TICKQ, SpikeFiltering is started for that symbol. If you have $TICKQ only as a compare to symbol on the chart, then it is not started. with $TICKQ, spike filter would filter out legit values.  When you opened a separate chart for $TICKQ, that started the spike filter which stopped the updates on both charts

We have an Exclusion list for spike filtering, but there was a bug with that. I will have it fixed in next update. After that, you will want to add both $TICKQ and $TRINQ to the Spike Filtering exclusion list in settings.


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