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Missing Dividend Events


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Congratulations on the release! 

I was reviewing the latest version, and see I still have a problem with historical dividend data.

The dividend event data does not get downloaded for some securities

Example of not getting downloaded:

Dividend data exists, see: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=AZP-PB.TO+Historical+Prices

Example of dividend event working:


Dividend data on yahoo: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=BCE.TO+Historical+Prices

I just realized that the dividend event data is not working if I specify the yahoo format of BCE.TO,

but does work if I use BCE:CA, leading me to believe you do not pull the dividend info from yahoo at all,

but some other source? And maybe the other source does not have dividend info for all securities?

I had noticed that dividend info had stopped coming down with the old QuoteTracker program a couple

of years ago, so assuming something happened withe getting data out of yahoo, and I compensated

by manually adding dividend info, but the ability to edit historical data is not (yet) in the new version.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for the program, it is excellent!


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